Amy grew up in a family of a militaryman. When she was 8 years old, he moved with his parents in Castres Rock. All childhood little girl was in a creative atmosphere, the pope was fond of Amy singing and constantly played in restaurants and nightclubs. Adams was Mormon, so my daughter was raised with respect to religion. However, when Amy was 12 years old mom and dad all of a sudden they left the church. In high school, Amy Adams stood in the school choir, regularly take part in theatrical performances, went to the ballet, and also cut out a moment for art and sculpture. The girl was fond of humanities, especially literature. This helped her to the theater.

Sportswoman and simply beautiful
Since childhood, Amy served big sports expectations. Her poems were athletics.

Parents are encouraged to exercise, because it is thanks to them that the college girl began to pay scholarships. A little later, Amy has thrown for sport dances, which greatly upset relatives. However, the 18-year-old Adams understood what a good dancer from it will not work, so over to the musical theater, which, in her opinion, had plenty of opportunities for self-expression. Adams dreamed of becoming a world star and made for the realization of their dreams maximum possible. One day she was asked to urgently replace a sick actor in the theater «Boulder's Dinner». Amy learned all the songs and dance numbers, a thousand times reviewed video of the play, resulting in "excellent" coped with the task. For Adams, the reputation of a reliable employee.

However, after-school artistic career girl had no luck. So she was forced to go to work. Her choice fell on the job at the store barker «The Gap in Atlanta». A parallel she moonlighted as a waitress.

Joined the troupe of the theater of the prestigious «Chanhassen Dinner Theater» came only in the middle 90s. The director, Michael Brindisi saw Amy Adams unusual girl and decided to take part in her career. In the theater, the young actress was delayed for three years, and every day gave her food for creative development. And it is on the stage «Chanhassen Dinner Theater» Amy noticed producer Michael Nelson. Later, Amy moved to Los Angeles and realized that the idea of ​​Hollywood it had nothing to do. She was sure that in a movie shot only "special". But these "special" and showed her that she was born to play. Amy first appeared on television in 1997, she starred in the TV series "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer", which went up to 2003. Adams got here only a supporting role. Then from 1998 to 2006, and captured the world series "Charmed" where Amy also appeared in episodes. In parallel with the small jobs Adams attended auditions, but could not find a job. But soon the luck turned to face the girl, and she was offered a small role.

Big Screen
The debut on the big screen came in 1999. Then Amy starred in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" and played by Leslie Miller. Following work has appeared in episodes of the beloved star of the show "The West Wing." And it ended in 1999 a small role in "Providence."

In Los Angeles, Amy Adams presented the manager Stacey Bonilla. Young actress auditioned for the television series, which tells about the events in front of "violent games". Actress Katherine played, but due to conflicts between the companies «Columbia TriStar» and «Fox Broadcasting» shoot had to be suspended. As a result, the picture came out in the format of a full-length movie "Cruel Intentions - 2". However, the fun of this work Amy has not received. But critics were not bad. After that, the critics started talking excitedly about Amy, and then the actress began to crumble offers of cooperation. In 2001, Adams worked in the comedy "Beach Season", was followed by painting "Smallville," which screened at various film festivals. Career Amy went in the right direction, and in a short time the actress has achieved considerable success. Adams continued to work, and after taking part in some of the "high-profile" projects gained notoriety throughout the country. In 2002, she worked in the American films "Pumpkin" and "Law of the massacre." In the next picture "Cheaters" actress has appeared with famous colleagues, Elizabeth Hurley, Matthew Perry, Vincent Pastore, and Bruce Campbell.

Catch Me If You Can
Amy notable was the work of the famous Steven Spielberg in the comedy "Catch Me If You Can," where the actress won the role of luxury brands. Actress shone with Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen. However, after almost a year of triumph actress was left without a role - it offers nothing.

But in 2004, Adams played a minor role in the film "The Last Race", and then voiced characters in the animated film "King of the hill" and also was cast in the TV series "Dr. Vegas", where later she was fired because of the disputed contract. In 2005, Amy all impressed with his work in the comedy "Something Borrowed." But the real breakthrough was the role of Ashley in the drama "Junebug," Phil Morrison. For her, the actress received a prize of the festival «SunDance» and a nomination for "Oscar". Then Adams confidence increased significantly. Following "The June bug" got the picture "Office" in the style of a documentary that tells about the life of employees of the companies. I remember everything and work in the film "Without a backward glance." At this time the actress has been in demand as never before, she starred in the mass of paintings, and in 2006 worked with the brilliance of the title role in the film "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby."

Cinema olimp
Hereby Star Olympus Amy Adams was the family film "Enchanted," where she played a girl from a fairy tale Giselle, which came to a brutal Manhattan. In kinoskazki girl and danced and sang, and this won the hearts of audiences around the world. The film was very successful, and in addition, Amy has received rave reviews from critics. The following works in the life of Amy, too, left a significant mark. So, she starred in the comedy "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day," and was followed by work in the drama "Doubt". In 2009, a star with Meryl Streep worked in the comedy "Julie & Julia" and the next role was in a duet with Ben Stiller in the film "Night at the Museum 2".

Personal life
Amy Adams nearly six years met with a colleague Darren La Gallo. The young man was very caring and devoted continuously arranged beloved romantic surprises, in short, doing everything to make Amy happy.

And during the filming of the picture "Julie and Julia" Darren Amy made a proposal, why she came to the indescribable delight. But the actress felt that the young man has to make a proposal again because the previous time Amy was strongly absorbed in the script. In 2010 the couple had a daughter - Aviana Olea Le Gallo.

Amy Adams


Wiki info

Adams began working professionally as a dancer at Boulder's Dinner Theatre, Country Dinner Playhouse and Heritage Square Music Hall. There, she was spotted by a Minneapolis dinner theater director, Michael Brindisi, in 1995. Adams relocated to Chanhassen, Minnesota, and worked at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres for the next three years. While she was off work nursing a pulled muscle, she auditioned for the satirical 1999 comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous, which was being filmed in Minnesota, and was cast in her first film role. Adams moved to Los Angeles in January 1999. Describing her first year there as her "dark year" and "bleak," she recalled that she would "pine for that time" at Chanhassen because she "really loved that security and schedule," and said, "The people I worked with there were also a great family to me. " Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, she was cast in Fox Network's television series spin-off of Cruel Intentions, Manchester Prep, in the role of Kathryn Merteuil. The series did not live up to the network's expectations and following numerous script revisions and two production shutdowns, it was canceled. The filmed episodes were then re-edited to be released as the direct-to-video film, Cruel Intentions 2.