Angelina Jolie Voight was born in Los Angeles, June 4, 1975. His father - actor Jon Voight, her mother - the young, an unknown actress Marcheline Bertrand of French origin. The father of Angelina Jolie often cheated her mother. So her parents divorced a year after her birth. However, the divorce was formalized only in 1978. Marcheline Bertrand took away Angelina and her brother James Haven to New York. She gave up the dream of becoming a great actress and began raising a family.

In six years, Jolie has starred in his father's "In search of a way." In the shootings took part the whole family: father Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand's mother.

Difficult childhood
As a child, Angelina different eccentric character in the nine years she decided to open their own funeral home. At school she was attending therapist. Teachers also considered it a sociopath. At age 11, she returned to her father's house in Hollywood. There she attended this film school Lee Strasberg and high school Beverly Hills.

At age 14, Angelina Jolie began working as a model in American cities, as well as in England. At the same time she took part in the filming of a few music videos. In 1989, she got the first young man who lived with her for two years in the house of the girl's father. The cause of quarrel was her fascination with knives - her body was dotted with many scars. At 16, she was in the hospital, cutting his carotid artery. During these years, Angelina Jolie has met with many well known drug and is free lifestyle. In her bed, there are both men and women. At the same age she had an aversion to his father, who for years did not prevent them from communicating.

CAREER of Angelina Jolie
At age 18, she begins to act in films and her children's affection go by the wayside, though Jolie and continue to further shock the public. In 1993, the light exits the picture "Cyborg 2", in which she received a prominent role cyborg lover. After the film's release Angelina Jolie ordered a hitman to kill myself - because she did not like what happened in the end. And in 1995 she starred in her first major project, the film "Hackers", which became a partner Jonny Lee Miller, later became her husband. In 1997 he was released the film "Playing God", where her partners were Timothy Hutton and David Duchovny. Jolie chooses for himself the most diverse roles - wife chained disease to the bed of the governor of Alabama in the movie "George Wallace" and died of AIDS drug addict, a fashion model in the film "Gia", a female police officer in the film "The Bone Collector" and a contentious woman in the comedy "Managing Flight ", Wild Child-ugonschitsa in the movie" Gone in 60 Seconds "and violent patient psychiatric clinic in the film-drama" Girl, Interrupted "...

Just last film with Angelina Jolie came to the recognition. For the work in which she won the "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actress, and "Golden Globe" in the same category (would be the third in her career). During the award ceremony "Oscar" she confessed his love for his brother. Immediately there was talk about their incest. But they publicly refuted this, however, only a year after the ceremony. Now the actress fell down a whole series of invitations to the shooting in a very successful films. In 2001, Jolie has chosen for the lead role for the filming of the first movie "Lara Croft - Tomb Raider". This picture grossed $ 270 million. Unfortunately, the following picture about the courageous Tomb Raider did not have the same success.

The most popular Angelina Jolie won after filming the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," which was released in 2005. This tape has collected in world hire more than 480 million dollars.

PERSONAL LIFE of Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has been married twice, but both marriages ended in divorce. The 20-year-old actress married partner in the film "Hackers" from Britain actor Jonny Lee Miller. They married in 1996, but quickly fled, he went to live in England, and Jolie in the United States. Divorce was issued in 1999 alone. Until now, Angelina Jolie and Miller continue to communicate well. His marriage they call a mistake of youth.

However, while Angelina Jolie still be with her husband, the press reported about her relationship with another actor, a partner in the 1996 film "Playing God" Timothy Hutton. To this period belongs her sexual relationship with actress Jenny Shimizu, her former partner on the films "False Fire". Second husband Adzheliny Jolie became an actor Billy Bob Thornton. They married in 2000. But marriage, like the first, will not appear happy. They will live together for about three years and then divorced. After that both have to reduce the tattoo with the name of the partner, which they did before the wedding.

In 2004, Jolie starred in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." On set between her and co-star Brad Pitt flashes novel that complicate what the actor at the time was still married to actress Jennifer Aniston.

The origin of relations can be considered the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," although a couple for a long time denied any rumors about their closeness, but the tabloids will dapple their shared photos. But later she says Jolie, "Not all children have the opportunity to watch a movie in which the mother and father fell in love."

In 2005, Brad Pitt separated from his wife Jennifer Aniston, and as a reason for divorce, they indicated "insoluble contradictions." After that, a couple of Jolie and Pitt have become increasingly watch together, they came up with the public, even one name for two - "Brandzhelina." The couple did not comment on their relationship, but it was like a little friendship.

In January 2006, Angelina Jolie told the magazine «People» said that waiting for the child from Brad Pitt. In the spring of actor Angelina's adopted children Maddox and Zahara, and they got a double surname Jolie-Pitt. May 27, 2006 the actor was born daughter Shiloh - their first biological child. Photos of the girls were sold for 10 million dollars all the same magazine «People».

In 2007, a pair of stellar adopted Vietnamese boy named Pax Thien. In early 2008, the actress made a sensational message - she is pregnant and expecting a baby from Breda, this time it turned out that the twins. July 12 in Nice, and they had a boy and a girl Vivienne Knox. Photos of Star Children were sold for $ 14 million and broke world records. All the money was transferred to the account of the charity fund established star couple.

During all this time around the actors are constantly rumors of impending marriage and divorce the same fleeting. But the couple does not support them. In January 2012, Brad Pitt said that he and Angelina Jolie "would like to get married." He noted that their children no longer want this wedding than parents, and keep asking about when the same and they will be like a beautiful wedding on TV. The exact date is not known yet, but the whole world already in anticipation. Now their family of six children, three of them adopted. All the children are the names of their parents.

Angelina Jolie NOW
In May 2013 Angelina Jolie made a sensational confession - because of the high risk of cancer, she decided to remove both breasts themselves. In 2007, the actress's mother died of ovarian cancer - it was the reason for the survey itself Jolie. The first surgery to remove the breast Angelina suffered in February, four months, but this event is held in secret.

However, health problems do not interfere with the actress to lead his former life. Most recently, she made her debut as a director with the film "In the Land of Blood and Honey". She is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and is actively involved in charity work. In 2013, Angelina Jolie topped the latest rating of Forbes «The most highly paid actresses in Hollywood." The magazine calculated that from June 2012 to June 2013. actress earned $ 33 million.

Interesting facts about Angelina Jolie
During her career, Jolie starred in over 40 films, considering those that a child shot her brother. Jolie is among the hundred most influential people in the world by the magazine «Time». The publication has made it to the list in 2006. The actress is one of the most tattooed woman. Her body there are more tattoos, and old, have lost value Jolie removes or "overwrites" the new.

All of Angelina Jolie tattoos have meaning and all - different. So, on the left shoulder of her - the geographical coordinates of the birth of her children, including adopted, in the palm of the letter "m" in memory of the dead mother. There are quotes on the skin and even sages birthdate Churchill. However, the exact number of tattoos is not known - it changes.

Angelina Jolie


Wiki info

Jolie first attended Beverly Hills High School, where she felt isolated among the children of some of the area's affluent families because her mother survived on a more modest income. She was teased by other students, who targeted her for being extremely thin and for wearing glasses and braces. Her early attempts at modeling, at her mother's insistence, proved unsuccessful. She then transferred to Moreno High School, an alternative school, where she became a "punk outsider," wearing all-black clothing, going out moshing, and experimenting with knife play with her live-in boyfriend. She dropped out of her acting classes and aspired to become a funeral director, taking at-home courses to study embalming. At age 16, after the relationship had ended, Jolie graduated from high school and rented her own apartment, before returning to theater studies, though in 2004 she referred to this period with the observation, "I am still at heart—and always will be—just a punk kid with tattoos. "