Ariana Grande - American singer and actress, has an unusual tone of voice. Despite her young age, she managed to conquer the hearts of thousands of teenage fans all over the world, due to its immediacy and pretty "doll" appearance. He started his career as a child, to date, record albums, play movies, TV shows and theater.

CHILDHOOD of Ariana Grande
Butera Ariana Grande was born in a small town on the east coast of Florida - Boca Raton 26 June 1993. Parents Joan Grande and Edward Butera childhood instilled in children a love for art. The elder brother Frankie Ariana Grande is currently a successful actor and producer. By the way, he also produces and younger sister.

The first steps to high art Ariana began to make even at a tender age. Once the baby has learned to speak fluent, parents took her to a local children's theater «Little Palm Theatre». There, she showed good progress, and eventually moved to another theater «Fort Lauderdale», which is also located in the hometown of Ariana.

Tighten vocals Ariana went to the famous Hollywood teacher Eric Vetro, which put the voice of many American stars such as Pink, Katy Perry, Jason Derulo and others. After the workshops, Eric gave positive recommendations Ariana and her older brother took up a career.

In 2008, Ariane has successfully passed the casting for the role of Charlotte in the Broadway musical of Jason Robert Brown's "13". Acting debut Grande praised the critics and awarded it the prize of the National Youth Theatre Association. Participation in the formulation prevented Arians continue their education in the North Broward Preparatory School. Therefore, stationary training had to leave, but instead the young actress received educational materials at home and worked with teachers.

Made a successful debut on Broadway, Ariana came under the scope casting directors and producers. In 2010, she received a role in the television series "Victorious", directed by Dan Schneider. For the role of Cat Valentine Arians had to dramatically change the appearance. From petite pretty brown-haired actress is transformed into the fiery beauty with purple hair. Then Ariana feared that because of these changes in appearance will turn away from her fans, however, a new image of the actress took fans to cheer. In the same year, Ariana began to perform on a par with Colleen Ballinger, known online as Miranda Singz, a nightclub in New York Birdland. Also participating in the TV game show Brain Surge. The following year, fans were able to see Ariana in the video for the song Greyson Chance «Unfriend You». In the story, Grande played the ex-lover of the singer. The music industry has long attracted Ariana in the same year, 18-year-old actress released her debut album, «Put Your Hearts Up». As soon as possible drive found its audience and has become extremely popular among American youth. After not a long period of time out and self-titled debut video Ariana Grande.

In addition, she continues to act in serials. So, in the sitcom "Winx Club" played the role of Princess Ariana Diaspro. In 2012, Ariana returns to the stage. Grande was the next role of Miriam in the musical Desmond Child «Cuba Libre». In the same year successfully Ariana Grande transforms into Snow White in the production of "Snow White Christmas." Another television actress has become the work of the same Cat Valentine. However, this time in the series' Sam & Cat ", which is a continuation of the sitcom" Victorious "and" Ay Carly. " Available in the new series, as before, on the channel Nickelodeon.

Ariana Grande NOW
2013 became a shock for a young performer - she released two new studio albums: «Yours Truly» and «Christmas Kisses». Critics point out that the voice Grande is becoming deeper and more "adult". By the way, Ariana is able to imitate the voices of other famous artists, such as Shakira and Britney Spears.

Ariana Grande is now working on a new studio album and participates in charity events and projects. So, she is an activist of the project «Broadway in South Africa». In the framework of an annual Artist Visits South Africa, where he gives free workshops on singing and choreography local children.

PERSONAL LIFE of Ariana Grande
At the moment, all his spare time she gives creativity and self-realization. Music in the first place! Ariana says his musical activities meaning of his life. Therefore, on any serious intimate relationship with the guys until they reflect.

However, since she claimed in an interview with the media. However, for a long time and persistent rumors about her affair with Netanom Sykes, British band The Wanted.

Interesting facts about Arianna GRANDE
Height girl very tiny, only 155 centimeters, so often she wears shoes with high heels. Ariana teased at school because of the small size of the breast. However, this was not an occasion for complexes - actress loves outdoor outfits.

The biggest fear Ariana - red carpet. However, the girl has to get used to, because they can be seen more often. Favorite Fiction Grande saga of Harry Potter. These books she likes to re-read from time to time. Ariana Grande account on Twitter named one of the most visited - on average, it has about 3.1 million subscribers.

Ariana Grande


Wiki info

Grande auditioned for the Nickelodeon television show Victorious along with 13 co-star Elizabeth Gillies in 2009. In this sitcom, set in a performing arts high school, Grande was cast as Cat Valentine. Grande had to dye her hair red every other week for the role because the executive producer, Dan Schneider, did not want all cast members to be brunettes, and the red hair was also a feature that the network felt would fit the personality of Cat. The show premiered in March 2010 to the second largest audience for a live-action series in Nickelodeon history with 5. 7 million viewers. The role helped propel Grande to teen idol status, but she was more interested in a music career, stating that acting is "fun, but music has always been first and foremost with me. " Her character was compared to "Brittany Murphy's performance as the hapless Tai in Clueless" (1995) and described as being "very impressionable and easily swayed" but "generally sweet". The second season premiered in April 2011 to 6. 2 million viewers, becoming the highest rated episode of Victorious. In 2010, she played the role of Miriam in the musical Cuba Libre, which was written and produced by songwriter Desmond Child.