Ashlee - the second daughter of a former priest - Baptist Traeta Joe and Tina Ann housewife. Now Dad actress is her manager. As a child, the girl went to the elementary school «Prairie Creek Elementary». Until then started practicing classical ballet. As a result, by the eleven years the baby was invited to the New York School of American Ballet. There Ashley was the smallest student. Three years later, a schoolgirl could already dancing professionally. And after the big sister Ashley, Jessica started to record the songs, the whole family moved to Los Angeles. It found a job and the younger Simpson - Ashley has appeared in television commercials advertising.

After Jessica Simpson released her debut album - she suddenly became popular. Ashley everywhere beginning to accompany the star's sister, 14-year-old girl she danced on stage during performances. And since 1999, and until 2001, Ashley went with Jessica in the musical tour.

Underage glory
Ashlee Simpson his film career began in 2001, its debut was a recurring role in the television series "Malcolm in the Middle." This situational comedy series talked about the average American family. Himself series more than once nominated for various awards, including the "Golden Globe". In "Malcolm in the Middle," starring Steve Welch and Cloris Leachman, he became director Todd Holland and Alex Reid wrote the script. After his 18th birthday Ashley seriously pursue a career. In 2002, the young actress took up a secondary role in the film "The Hot Chick", where starring Rob Schneider, Anna Faris, Rachel McAdams and Matthew Lawrence. Tape narrated the story of the most popular girls in school by the name of Jessica. Schoolgirl saw in an antique shop beautiful earrings, shamelessly stole your favorite jewel. However, she did not know about the curse of earrings: but the point is that if one of a pair of earrings provided in another person, the owners have changed bodies. Learn so that Jessica dropped an earring, it, in turn, found the thief, and now the girl would have to find a way to get back into his body. And it was the day before the prom...

On the seventh sky
After the "Chicks" Ashley agreed to take part in the filming of the series "Seventh Heaven", which was from 2002 and 2004. Young actress brilliantly coped with its task. But in 2005 she received the weight and bright, though a small supporting role of aspiring actress in the film "Unsolved". This work brought Simpson nomination "Golden Raspberry" as "Worst Actress". And the critics appreciated the role of Ashley unsatisfactory.

However, Ashley Simpson had millions of fans around the world. They then, as well as relatives and managers did not allow the girl to stay there and support her in every way. Another success was not long in coming. The actress starred in the TV series «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation New York." There's a reincarnated Ashley Lyle Yigfild. This series, by the way, was a spin-offom another series «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Miami." The latter, in turn, was a spin-offom original «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." Along with Ashley on the set worked Melina Kanakaredes, Gary Sinise, Carmine Giovinazzo. In New York, as well as in "Sin City" Las Vegas and Miami in Paradise, worked professional criminologists, armed to the teeth for the most modern developments in solving crimes.

Another notable role of a young actress - is Violet Foster in the American TV series, which aired in 2009 - 2010, the "Melrose Place." This is a continuation of the cult series 90-ies of the last century. This time, the main steel producers Darren Suimmer and Todd Slavkin. In the well-known apartment of the original series, this time lived completely new characters, but the atmosphere left much to be desired: sex, intrigue, betrayal, yes, moreover, the mysterious death of the mistress of the complex of apartments, whose body was found in the pool. Ashley worked with Katie Cassidy.

And more ...
In 2003, Ashlee Simpson recorded a song «Just Let Me Cry», which became the soundtrack for the film "Freaky Friday." After that, the singer signed a contract with «Geffen Records».

Actress, singer, dancer in one person, Ashlee Simpson became famous thanks to the success of his debut musical album titled "Autobiography." He left in 2004 and was accompanied by a reality show «The Ashlee Simpson Show Autobiography». And in the fall of that year, the album was certified platinum three times, but its sales only in the first week almost reached 400 thousand copies. It is worth noting that Ashley was involved in the writing of virtually every song. However, criticism was ambiguous. For example, the publication of «Rolling Stone» called the record as "secular mixture of boyish pop Avril with rock Sheryl Crow," but the magazine «E! Online» has published the following: "Even if you are not a sensational event,« Autobiography »can surprise you. " The single «Pieces of Me», which appeared before the release of the famous plate has become almost the main hit of the summer in the United States, moreover, are sold well in other countries. However, the following tracks «La La» and «Shadow» were not so successful. However, Ashley began precisely the career of the star, which she always dreamed. Singer and actress often appeared in the TV show "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica", the protagonists of which were her sister Jessica and her husband, while Nick Lachey. And then, to draw attention to his own person, Ashley released her show «The Ashlee Simpson Show».

Personal life
In his song titled «Autobiography» from the first album, Ashlee sings: "I am an ordinary girl in a complex world." And like all of the girls, the singer started to build family relationships. In 2008, she married bassist «Fall Out Boy» Pete Wentz and took the surname of her husband. And in November 2008 Ashley bore her husband a son named Bronx Mowgli Wentz.

Interesting Facts
In 2004, Ashley was awarded «Fresh Face» for the song «Pieces of Me» at the awards ceremony «Teen Choice Awards». And in the same year he was awarded the Artist of «Billboard Music Awards» as "new singer of the year."

In addition, the publication «Entertainment Weekly Magazine» Ashlee Simpson announced "Breakthrough 2004". Together with Regis Philbin Ashley led the New Year's program «Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin 'Eve» and performed three songs there. In 2005, the magazine «Cosmopolitan» published a photo on its cover and named Ashley Simpson "Fearless Woman of the Year."

Ashlee Simpson


Wiki info

In 2006, Simpson began a relationship with Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz, which gained much media attention. Following her appearance as Roxie Hart in the West End production of Chicago, Simpson announced that she had begun working on her third studio album. The album differed from the pop-rock sound of her previous efforts, featuring a dance-pop and 1980s themed sound. Bittersweet World (2008) was released to positive critical reception, but saw a decline in sales for Simpson. The effort reached number 4 on the Billboard 200, and went on to sell 126,000 copies by 2009. Simpson announced her engagement to Wentz in April 2008, with the pair wedding the following month. Two weeks after the wedding Simpson announced her pregnancy, thus ending promotion of Bittersweet World. Simpson and Wentz welcomed a son in November 2008. The following year, Simpson joined the main cast of the Melrose Place revamp, though was met with harsh critical reception. She later portrayed Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway.