Ashley was born Michelle and Joe Green. Mother of actress working in the insurance industry, and the Pope is the owner of your own business. The girl grew up in Middleburg and Jacksonville. And at the age of eighteen years, Ashley moved to California, to Los Angeles. Here she recovered specifically in order to start his acting career. By the way, Ashley Greene has an older brother. Despite his age, he still lives under the same roof with their parents in Jacksonville.

For his film career Ashley Greene approached responsibly. She graduated from the acting classes Lee Strasberg. By the way, originally she planned to go to the business model, but due to a short, green growth has not got on the podium. So, on the advice of friends, Ashley delve into the basics of acting and advertising business. And over time, Greene realized that this activity is its vocation. So back to the modeling career she did not even try. While waiting for proposals from the first roles Ashley Greene starred in music videos, and occasionally she has appeared in various television programs. Debut on the same screen role was in the television series "The investigation Dzhorzhan." Then she appeared in the "Framed" and "Shark." And the first role in the movie Green played only in 2007, when she appeared in the comedy "My dad is crazy," Michael Cahill, she was entrusted with the role of the second plan. The main role played incomparable Michael Douglas.

The second work - and success. Breakthrough may be considered for the second role of Ashley Greene in a big movie. In 2008, she appeared in the frame of mystical melodrama "Twilight." This picture of the world at the box office has collected nearly $ 400 million. All participants of the crew "Twilight" brought success, including hit and Green, who played a supporting role in the film vampire Alice Cullen.

And in 2009 and 2011, the actress appeared in the continuation of the acclaimed vampire saga - "Twilight. Saga. New Moon, "as well as" Twilight. Saga. Eclipse "and" Twilight. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 ". By the way, Ashley Greene was overjoyed role in the saga. In the first place because the girl herself a fan of the story. "I remember how to read the first book. In just a day and a half, and immediately fell in love with the characters, and then took up the second and third. That is only after that I realized why many people are so imbued with this product. And when I finally adopted for this role I was in such ecstasy that even cried. I did not think to get such an ambitious project, this realization came only when the shooting began in Portland. Then my mom asked: "Have you already started a page for fans?". I said, "Come on, people did not know who I am." Now everywhere around us screaming fans, "- says Ashley. And in late 2009, it was reported that Ashley Greene was offered to star in a new mystical painting called "phenomenon." There also were called and well-known actor of "Potteriana" Tom Felton. Above the band started to work in early February 2010.

At the beginning of 2010 in the United States presented the painting "Skeytlend" Film Festival "Sundance". In this film, Ashley played the title role. However, the prime minister of employment on the set for the film "Bringing" actress did not visit. In the summer of that year, when it is time to sign a new contract to participate in the continuation of the already legendary saga "Twilight. Saga. Dawn "managers Ashley Greene, and the actress refused the role. It happened because of the very small fee. Celebrity demanded for their work $ 4 million. Then the company "Summit Entertainment" said easily replace any other girl. But after a couple of weeks, there was an official confirmation that the Green in "Breaking Dawn" still appears. But the game will receive a total of two million dollars. However, much work was worth actress just one of the two parts.

It is worth noting that some of the money Ashley pulled down on expensive and fashionable outfits, because after joining a popular actress became well versed in fashion. Besides, she loved casinos in Vegas, restaurants and all the bohemian life. Now all this is considered as the property of "the girl from Florida with roots in the south," as she calls herself an actress.

The status of star
In 2012, Ashley Greene was entrusted to one of the capital role in the television series "American reality" channel ABC. In the multi picture it comes to competition between fashion designers. In the same year she appeared in the box office painting "Summer. Classmates. Love". Here, the actress appeared in the image of a girl Ashley. And then there is information that celebrity role entrusted to the young designer Alice drama «Americana» channel ABC. In addition, in 2012, Ashley Greene is scheduled to appear on the set of "Twilight. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ".

Personal life
In one of his interviews, the actress admitted that her mother dreams of a young man for his daughter, but opposed by managers Ashley Greene. Still, the girl's personal life develops normally. After the award ceremony «Teen Choice Awards» paparazzi spotted the actress in the car along with actor Chace Crawford. The couple kissed, not paying any attention to anybody. Neither Ashley nor Chase does such information and observations have not commented. And after this incident colleagues never seen together.

And in the early spring of 2011 Green divorced her beloved Joe Jonas. Agents actor suggest that a possible reason for the gap could become the operating voltage of the graphics Ashley and Joe, according to which the couple simply could not be together. But a little later, the actress noticed in one of the friendly parties in society Jared Followill. This musician is part of the American rock band called «Kings of Leon». Before the new year 2012 Green began a relationship with fellow actors Reeve Carney.

Interesting Facts
In an interview with Ashley Greene has repeatedly noticed that a football fan. The actress is a fan of the team «Florida Gators». In 2009, the Internet got photos of the girl intimate nature. Nude photographs on display have forced Ashley to contact their lawyers for help. They threatened to websites lawsuits if the photos will not be removed. In mid-2010, well-known cosmetics company AVON announced that Ashley Greene became the face of the line of decorative cosmetics called Mark Cosmeticss. A year later a Woman chosen as the face of the brand DKNY.

Ashley Greene