Ashley, along with her twin sister Mary-Kate, raised his father - a mortgage banker and mother - manager. Parents except them grow older son Trent and younger daughter Elizabeth. However, the family broke up when the twins were just nine years old. Dad married a second time, but with the children from his first marriage relationships are always maintained. In a pair of Ashley and Mary-Kate has always been the first business side, and the second - the creative. In addition, Ashley childhood differed health, temperament and activity.

Infant casting
Ashley made her debut in the television series "Full House." Casting for the role was given very hard, because it was not easy to cry at the request of the director when the baby just 9 months. Ashley, along with twin sister after the first roles became celebrities. According to the American labor law, the sisters played a role in succession. Ashley "play" complex scenes, and Mary-Kate - funny. However, after the first season of the baby almost lost their jobs. My mother did not want to deprive twin girls a normal childhood, and wanted to give up shooting. But the attitude towards work has changed as soon as Ashley and Mary-Kate raised the fee. In addition to "Full House" Olsen sisters played well in the video "Brother for Sale" and "I - the prettiest." Disks have sold 325 million copies.

Earnings on children
After a successful debut, daughters father hired manager. They made a family friend Robert Thorne. He became further promote young actresses, and also founded his own company «Dualstar Intertainment Group», which is owned by Ashley and Mary-Kate.

Behind the girls brilliantly played sisters in Christmas Adventure "Hide, Grandma, we're on our way," Jeff Franklin. Immediately directed by Stuart Margolin, who struck talent Olsen, adopted the role of twins babies Lynn and Kelly in 1993 romantic comedy "The Passion-cheeky in the second degree." Then opened the "Agency of Investigation and Olsen Olsen", where the sisters played a private investigator who revealed mysteries in the series "The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley." Olsen proved themselves as professionals, so often battered as twins without casting. In 1994 he began the series "You are invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley," who loved by critics and audiences. Then the sisters successfully worked on the set at the Stuart Margolin in the comedy "Happy days of the Wild West." As always - they played sisters. The 9-year-old Olsen played in the movie "Both I and My Shadow" girls alike as two drops of water, but with different fates. This heroine tape did not know, but when met by chance, decided to change places, to reunite the two lonely hearts - a guardian and the father of another.

In 1995, the TV series "Full House" closed. At the time, everyone thought that the Olsen sisters suffer the fate of many star children who could not continue the film career. However, this could not prevent a producer babies. Significant girls began in 1998. Then came two CDs with the "parties" as well as "Our music video." Another significant event - the broadcasting channel ABC series "Two of a Kind." The company «Dualstar», which released the series, got what is called "in desyatochku." The dangerous age of 12, when most of the stars fade kinodetey, Olsen sisters successfully went on. The series, however, was not popular in theaters, but was snapped up on the video.

This film and opened the way for the rest of the tapes with Ashley and Mary-Kate to Europe and Russia. After the release of "Two of a Kind" to the sisters came international acclaim. And then the girls starring in the role of twins, who are trying to make a life of his father, in polnometrazhki "Billboard Dad" Alan Metter. In 1999, Ashley moved to 8th grade, and despite the constant shooting, bad studied. By the way, after school, she enrolled in the «California Department of Motor Vehicles». But, in addition, in the same 1999 he opened the site Olsen «», the first time the girls were in Europe, and also played at the same site with Peter White and Matt Winston in the film "Passport to Paris". By the way, in the tape for the first time on the set of sisters kissed boys.

The next notable work again with her sister, melodramatic comedy "I am the gate" by David Steinberg. The work required a great emotional impact, but Ashley has done with the director's task. Do not disappoint their criticism of the Olsen sisters and work in the film "The mouth of the castle" in 2000. Ashley's sister played so convincingly that strict critics appreciated the impeccable craftsmanship girls. In this picture, Ashley and Mary-Kate accidentally prevented the robbery, after which the FBI with their family managed to hide from the criminals on the witness protection program. Each year, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen replenish their kinokopilku vibrant and diverse roles. Heroes of the sisters made the audience cry, you laugh till you drop. At age 14, Ashley played back twin sister and showed how much fun our world in the film "Winning London". With the sisters played Brandon Tyler, Rachel Roth and Jesse Spencer. Further more. As a rule, Olsen had time to appear in two films a year. So, in 2001, schoolgirl starred in the TV series "So Little Time", where the sisters remade under her own parents, and the comedy "Holiday in the Sun" with the adventures of a water fun and cute guys in the tropical nature. In 2002, the girls rushed to the set of "merry trip." 16-year-olds playing with Heather Lindell and Billy Aaron Brown. In parallel, work is in full swing on the film "When in Rome."

But the next year was rather unfortunate. Sisters lit, though not for long, in the frame ribbon "Call" and an episode of the film "Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle." In 2004, reminded of his talent in the fascinating history of the game, "New York Minute." Again, the role of twins.

Interesting Facts
Ashley, along with Mary-Kate became the youngest millionaire in American history. The sisters were only 10 years old. Twins have earned huge amounts, even though they were given spending money rather modest. In 3-6 years, the girl obtained on pocket $ 5 a week, 9 years old - is already $ 10, 4 years later increase was $ 40, and on the 16th anniversary of Ashley received a credit card with a $ 500, as well as the car "Range Rover" . The 7-year-old with her sister Ashley became the youngest producers. They created the project "Double Star". Interested fans saw albums, movies and video clips.

Ashley prefers to deal with the affairs of the company than acting. She loves football, golf, yoga, dance, ballet, hip-hop. In 2006, Ashley filed a lawsuit in the amount of $ 40 million in a lawsuit against the publication «National Enquirer». The magazine published a photograph of a failed actress with half-closed eyes. The headline read: "Ashley Olsen was involved in a scandal with drugs." The lawsuit has been written that the photo used to create a negative and distorted image of Ashley Olsen. The actress insisted that he had never tried drugs, and does not apply.

Ashley Olsen


Wiki info

Olsen began her career at the age of nine months old when she and Mary-Kate were hired to share the role of Michelle Tanner on the popular television series Full House in 1987. Later on in the series, they were both seen together revealing that they were in fact twins. Following the end of Full House, Olsen released a string of successful straight-to-video movies and became a popular figure in the preteen market during the late 1990s and early 2000s. She became a household name, with her likeness seen in clothes, books, fragrances, magazines, movies, and posters, among others. There were fashion dolls of her made by Mattel from 2000 to 2005. She starred in the video series The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, the ABC show Two of a Kind, and ABC Family's So Little Time. She and her sister were jointly ranked number three on the VH1 program 100 Greatest Child Stars. In 2004, the twins appeared in the theatrical light-hearted romantic comedy, New York Minute. In 2007, when Mary-Kate and Ashley were 21, they said that if they got involved in movies together again it would be as producers. When asked about acting again in 2009 Ashley said, "Never say never. " In 2009, Olsen contemplated returning to acting. She changed her mind, and in 2012, the sisters decided to quit acting permanently and focus on fashion. In October 2013, Olsen appeared in the music video for "City of Angels" by Thirty Seconds to Mars.