Bella Thorne (full name Annabella Avery Thorne) - a rising star in Hollywood, model, actress, singer. Best known for her role in the drama series "My Own Worst Enemy" (Ruth Spivey), "Big Love" (Tenshi Henrikson), as well as comedy project "Dance Fever" (Sissy Jones). In 2014 she made her debut in a big movie, playing with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in the comedy "Mixed" as Hilary.

Anabella was born Oct. 8, 1997 in the city of Pembroke Pines in the south-east of Florida, and was the fourth child in a family of Tamara Thorne Eini - known American professional photographer. She has two sisters, Kylie (1992) and Daniel (1993), and the brother of Remy (1995). She is Irish, Italian and Cuban roots - his father's side, Delancey Ray, who died in a car accident when she was only 9 years old.

Always dreamed of becoming an actress, it's no wonder, because thanks to her mother's modeling career started literally from the cradle - in the age of two months she has already filmed for the famous magazine Parents Magazine. Later, in an interview with Thorn he acknowledged that it could become a painter, because he loved to draw. Since childhood, Bella suffers from dyslexia, that is, specific learning disabilities, difficulties in the perception of written information. Because of this, on the road to success, she had to work hard especially forming answered by a serious will and determination. For example, one day, in spite of the illness, she was able to two days to read the book in five hundred pages, and when it is approved for the lead role in the series Dancers Shake It Up !, every night took just three dance lessons, achieving the necessary clarity of movement, plasticity and passion.

FIRST ROLE of Bella Thorne
The beginning of an acting career Thorne became a bit part in the comedy film "Stuck on You" (2003), whose main characters are conjoined twins played by Matt Deymonai Greg Kinnear. Since then, she appeared in many film and television projects, including "Beauty", "OS - Lonely hearts "(in the role of the famous tennis player Taylor Townsend).

In 2007, Thorne joined the crew of the second season of the series "Dirty Sexy Money," where the image of Margaux Darling became her first major television role. In 2008, in partnership with Christian Slater ("Name of the Rose," "Heathers") and Taylor Lautner ("Twilight") Thorne starred in a short series "My Own Worst Enemy", for the presentation of the image Ruthy Spivey where she won "The young actor» (Young Artist's Award). In the same year Bell (together with his brother Remi) starred in the TV series "October Road," and in 2009 - in the horror film "Forget-Me" and the family drama "Crimson Magic," which premiered at the Manhattan Short Film Festival in 2010.

FILMOGRAPHY of Bella Thorne
In 2010, Thorne was involved in on HBO drama series about polygamy in America, "Big Love", replacing actress Dzholian Vezhbe as the youngest daughter of the protagonists. In addition to the Disney Channel, she starred in a leading role - full of ambition dancer - in the comedy "Dance Fever". Together with her in the film starred actress Zenden Coleman, with whom they became friends and later became popular in the United States and the creative tandem of "persons" of the channel. In subsequent years, the actress continues to appear in the youth series and commercials known brands - dolls Barbie, dress JLO by Jennifer Lopez, children's shoes ALDO K! DS, leather Tommy Hilfiger, sexy lingerie LaSenza Girl. April 23, 2013 Bell announced his first album Call It Whatever («Call it whatever you like"), which included 11 songs of various musical styles and genres, which has already earned a "Gold Award» RIAA for sales (over 500,000 copies).

Bella Thorne NOW
One of the most famous works of Bella in cinema believe comedy "Mixed", where she played the daughter of Adam Sandler character. The premiere of the film in Russia was held June 19, 2014. Thorne also be seen in the horror film "Breaking» (Home Invasion) in the role of Jamie, as well as in the movie "Big skies» (Big Sky), where in partnership with Kyra Sedgwick plays the role of a teenager Hazel, who is afraid of open spaces and never It comes out of the bedroom. In 2014, the actress also starred in the title role in the sequel to "Little Ghost: You are familiar with my other ghoul?" In the film "Alexander and the Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" for the product of Judith Viorst, in an episode of the CBS in the popular crime series CSI, and he wrote his first novel "Autumn» (Autumn Falls) of a planned series of books. In 2015, there will also premiere Bella starring comedy "simpleton" and the thriller "The Amityville Horror: The lost records."

It should be noted that as a model Bella Thorne, has a truly fighting spirit, achieved equally impressive results than in the musical creativity and cinema. She was the "face" of world famous brands Target, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, advertised fashionable clothes, swimwear and accessories brand by Jennifer Lopez. In cooperation with the American designer Sherri Hill is working on a new collection of evening dresses. PERSONAL LIFE Bella Thorne Last year, a young Hollywood star broke up with her boyfriend Tristan Clear. In the summer of 2014 at a ceremony in Los Angeles, she won the "Young Hollywood" in the "most luxurious". Bella loves animals and the house contains a real zoo. She has six cats, a cocker spaniel named Piro, a hybrid wolf Voodoo Senorita Frog and Turtle Buddha. In his young age, the actress is actively involved in charity work, taking part in the relief fund for seriously ill children in Africa Nomad. Under his wing as she took the girl from the Kenyan city Kibvezi. Free time spends with family, he loves to dance, play with the dogs, listening to music, collecting hardcover books. Bell is recognized as one of the most popular stars among US teenagers. She herself among our colleagues really like Natalie Portman ("Leon", "Black Swan"), Christian Slater ("The Forgotten," "hacking"), an American country pop singer-Taylor Swift, as all participants Anglo-Irish boy- band One Direction, with whom she wants to be photographed.

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Thorne's first film appearance was an uncredited role as a sidelines fan in the 2003 film Stuck on You. She has since appeared in film and television projects including Entourage and The O. C. as a younger version of Taylor Townsend. In 2007, she joined the recurring cast of Dirty Sexy Money's second season, her first major television role. She played Margaux Darling. The series revolves around lawyer and family man Nick George when Nick's father mysteriously dies in a plane crash, he agrees to take his position as the Darling family's lawyer, while trying to discover who committed the murder. In 2008, Thorne starred alongside Christian Slater and Taylor Lautner in the short-lived drama series My Own Worst Enemy, for which she won a Young Artist's Award for her portrayal of the character Ruthy Spivey; Thorne described her Enemy casting as a major breakthrough as this was the first recurring role in her career. That same year, she starred in the third-last episode of October Road as Angela Ferilli, the pre-adolescence crush of the main characters. Her older brother Remy also guest-starred in the same episode as a younger Eddie Latekka.