Self-made movie
Ben was born in a family of actors, comedians. Father of the actor Jerry worked as entertainers humorist, and his mother Anne Meara worked on television. Since childhood bin with her sister Amy imitated their parents and learn about show business in the narrow family circle. On day 10 of birth parents gave Ben an 8-millimeter camera. The boy immediately began to shoot your own movie, acted as an assistant nurse. A year later Stiller first appeared in the movie. He played a guest role in the TV series called "Kate McShane." There is a major role to play Ben's mother. After high school, Ben went to study at the Department of Cinematography at the University of California. A year later, the student decided not learned anything new for themselves and returned to New York, where he went to acting class. The first attention from spectators Ben perepalo after starring in the play John Guara "The House of Blue Leaves." The play was successful in confirming what had already four award "Tony". This helped to gain a reputation Stiller promising actor. However, even then, Ben has not decided on a trail him go, actor or director.

Parody of Scorsese
Ben played in the movie, and in parallel shot polulyubitelsky shorts. Success came to one of the paintings - a 10-minute parody of the film "The Color of Money" Scorsese. There Stiller starred Tom Cruise. Creation of beginner director bought a TV channel NBC. And then Ben began to receive offers to play in the movies and on television. Later, the actor was invited to a permanent job in the transfer of "Live on Saturday night."

Bullying of show business
In 1990, Stiller went to work for MTV and put there the show "Back to Brooklyn." The comedy project was successful, then Ben offered to do a weekly music shows.

The actor agreed, but show only a year there, exactly as long as the cooperation by Stiller refused. Laughter immediately picked up the channel «Fox». Here, the actor continued to mock the world of show business. But creativity Ben liked not for everyone. Critics immediately brought down the wrath of the flow onto the star, they called him "an upstart, assigned the right to establish criteria for the ridiculous." The show was closed, and Stiller and his co-author received the prize for best screenplay work "Emmy." This award was for Ben ticket to Hollywood.

Reality Bites
In 1994 he became director Ben Stiller. He released his debut work - biting satirical film "Reality Bites." The film tells the story of students who do not want to accept the world as it is. Ben, of course got the main role, and the secondary, he invited my mother and sister. Another actress became a celebrity then girlfriend - Genie Tripplhon. In the box "Reality Bites" did not bring good income to the creators, but later the picture has become a hit on video. This allowed Stiller to release its second director's work. Two years later, there was a black comedy "The Cable Guy", where starring Jim Carrey. Ben Grim humor critics clearly do not understand. Despite the good box office, called the tape a commercial failure.

Film career
Returning to Ben as an actor, it is worth remembering that the first role on the big screen, he played in 1987 - in the film "Empire of the Sun" by Steven Spielberg Stiller went to a secondary job. In 1996, the actor had played the title role in a tragicomedy "Let sleeping dogs lie," and two years later appeared on the set of the comedy "There's Something About Mary," which was incredibly successful. So Stiller rose to stardom - Ben began to call it the actor. And this determination to fully describe a celebrity - in recent years he has played brilliantly in the film "Your Friends & Neighbors," "Mystery Men," "Black and White", "Keeping the Faith".

Ben Stiller tried on numerous roles and genres. But a born comedian were yet humorous works. Comedy with the actor coming out every year, they are usually the most cash Hollywood.

Perhaps the most popular movie - "Meet the Parents." It got the role of Ben unlucky Greg Focker, who got to everything possible to become his beloved spouse. The cast got stronger - Teri Polo, Robert De Niro. Only in the US box office film has collected a hundred million dollars and became a sensation. Therefore, there was a sequel - "Meet the Fockers." There were Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman. Successful was another role - Alex Rose in the movie 2003 "Duplex." A year later, the actor appeared in two tapes, "Along Came Polly" and "black record".

Night at the Museum
The painting "Night at the Museum" was released in 2006, a few years later came "Night at the Museum 2". This comedy about an inventor, Larry, who was on guard at the museum site and tamer exhibits that come to life every night. Critics applauded Ben. Spectators - worshiped. Movie Star in the breaks between filming appeared in the episode "School for Scoundrels" and "Experienced guys." And then he starred in "The Heartbreak Kid" and the film "The Marc Pease Experience". Following came the film "Tropic Thunder," which Stiller got the role of jovial.

Personal life
Ben Stiller's girlfriend at various times been an actress Janeane Garofalo, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Janine Calista Flokhat, Amanda Peet.

And with his wife Christine Taylor Ben met in 1999 while working on the TV show. The project has not appeared on the air, but it has helped to connect the two hearts. Kristin and Ben were married in 2000. The wedding attracted a huge number of journalists. In 2002, the couple had a daughter, Ella actors Olivia, and three years later - the son Kvinli Dempsey.

Interesting Facts
Stiller was the only actor who was nominated for antipremiyu "Golden Raspberry" as the worst actor of the five films he has produced in just one year. Actor lit in many videos, including «Rolling», «Limp Bizkit».

Ben is the Democratic Party, and actively involved in charity work. Stiller is one of the most popular kinokomikov on the planet. Paintings from his participation in the world have gathered 1.38 billion dollars.

Ben Stiller


Wiki info

When he was approximately 15, Stiller obtained a small part with one line on the television soap opera Guiding Light, although in an interview he characterized his performance as poor. He was later cast in a role in the 1986 Broadway revival of John Guare's The House of Blue Leaves, alongside John Mahoney; the production would garner four Tony Awards. During its run, Stiller produced a satirical mockumentary whose principal was fellow actor Mahoney. His comedic work was well received by the cast and crew of the play, and he followed up with a 10-minute short called The Hustler of Money, a parody of the Martin Scorsese film The Color of Money. The film featured him in a send-up of Tom Cruise's character and Mahoney in the Paul Newman role, only this time as a bowling hustler instead of a pool shark. The short got the attention of Saturday Night Live, which aired it in 1987, and two years later offered him a spot as a writer. In the meantime, he also had a bit part in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun.