Surrounding argue that future celebrity as a child was very reserved and shy. Besides Beyonce grew up in a family has one daughter - Solange. My mother was Beyonce own business - she sewed clothes. But in the school about the welfare of the family I was not even aware. The girl did her best not to be different from their peers and not to cause envy. Habit almost ruined Beyonce posture, but a 7-year-old schoolgirl suddenly fond of dancing. Choreographer girls and pushed a future star on the way to the actress, Miss Knowles Darlet convinced that she has a gift. As a result, Beyoncé began to participate in various competitions. On one of them she sang «Imagine» John Lennon than stunned, not only parents, but also of others.

Support for mom and dad instilled confidence in the little actress and the year they won 30 contests, becoming confident and well-known.

Musical career
After the first success of Beyonce's father decided to create a girl group. As a result, girls 8-11 years old came home to audition for Knowles. One of the potential team member has a relative Kelly Rowland family. She sang the hit «I am your baby tonight» Whitney Houston and Beyonce and struck her father. The girl, along with four other young talents, were in the group «Girls Tyme» under the direction of Matthew Knowles. We rehearsed the girl right at home, and then studied singing and dancing. And in his spare time played in front of visitors the beauty salon «Liner's Hair Salon». In addition, girls are constantly involved in talent contests and gained popularity in Texas. Later, the singer went on to All-American TV show «Star Search» hip-hop song, but lost the country group. The defeat was a blow, but Matthew Knowles encouraged singers and conclude that the group format should be changed. As a result, in the group of 4 girls there: Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, La Tavia Roberson, La Tonya Lakket.

In 1995, representatives of «Electra records» decided to sign a contract with the girl group. But the company did not like the name of the group, as a result it had to be changed to «Destiny's Child». Changing names is the second birth of the group, the girls began to work even harder. Later they wanted to cooperate with the producer Dwayne Wiggins, who represented «Columbia records». With him the singer, and started working on their debut album. By the way, in many of the group is obliged to contract Beyonce. Representatives of the company like its exotic appearance. In 1998, the album saw the light «Destiny's Child». Pervyysingl - «No No No». It was a ballad, but the remix of the song topped the US charts and was certified platinum. The first album sold around the world with a circulation of 33 million copies. The second album «Writings On The Wall» appeared a year later, and immediately fell to sixth place in the American charts. Creativity Group received two awards "Grammy." A year later the group went Luckett and Roberson because of financial disagreements with Knowles, who, according to allegations, paid attention only daughter.

In 2000, Destiny's Child released the single «Say My Name». It was a real breakthrough. Before the song the team was known only in the US but not in Europe. «Say My Name» Destiny's Child brought to a new level. At this time Beyonce has become the leader of the team and songwriter. The next single «Independent Women», a song for the "Charlie's Angels", recorded in late 2000. 11 weeks song was in first place of the US charts. In the trio appeared cult status groups. In 2001, Destiny's Child received 2 statues "Grammy". Further, the trio presented to fans a Christmas album "8 Days of Christmas». And after the singer decided to stop there, and went solo. An impressive film career success was waiting for Beyonce and more. The singer began to try himself in film. She received a minor role in the film «HBO: First Look" in 1992, "Mad TV" in 1995, she starred in the TV series "Police officers on bicycles" from 1996 to 2000 and from 1998 to 2001, worked on the series "Famous Jet Jackson ". Film career began to gain momentum. In 2002 he published a picture of "Goldmember" of Austin Powers. They starred Beyoncé, Austin's girlfriend. Critics considered the work of a successful singer.

In late 2003, it appears on the screen film "The Fighting Temptations." The romantic comedy by Jonathan Lynn, Beyonce starred talented and bright. Surrounding note that for every job is suitable singer responsibly. This trait was a girl. In the same year she starred in the documentary «Beyonce: declassified" Reya Newman. After a lull in 2006, she became a pop singer in the comedy "The Pink Panther" Shawn Levy. Beyonce colleagues on the set became Daniel Sauli and Henri Garcin. Immediately I went into the world rolled tape "Dreamgirls." There Beyonce played the main character Dean Jones. The picture was filmed on the history of the collective «The Supremes». Here, the audience saw the vocal and external data, and, of course, acting talent. In 2008, the singer impressed with his work in the film "Cadillac Records," Darnell Martin. In 2009, the brilliant actors were chosen for the role in the film "Obsession" by Paul McGuigan. Heroes become Josh Hartnett and Rose Byrne. But Knowles got also one of the main roles. She became a producer and tape. The painting was a success largely thanks to Beyonce.

Personal life
Personal life and relationships with men Beyonce hidden from prying eyes. The singer romance with musician Jay-Z. However, when he began, no one knows. His first musical composition, "03 Bonnie and Clyde» colleagues wrote in 2002. Jay-Z and Beyonce are among the most influential people in the entertainment business. They can not stand the questions about his personal life and communicate only with a few friends and neighbors.

Interesting Facts
In 2003 solo album received 5 awards "Grammy." At that time it was a record for a debut solo album of the singer. In 2005, a girl with her mother launched her brand «House of Dereon» and opened 1,100 points of sales. According to legend, the actress grandmother Agnes Dereon once worked wonders with fabric and is decorated and adorned by hand.

Then her daughter became a designer at Beyonce, so it was decided to turn the family business success. In the collection of the famous family of sportswear, bags, gloves, shoes, hats and things denim. Beyonce starred in a commercial for «L'oreal» and «Pepsi». The singer likes to eat well, travel and go to the ocean. Friends and acquaintances call Beyonce Bee.



Wiki info

Following the break-up of Destiny's Child in 2006, she released her second solo album, B'Day (2006), which contained the top-ten singles "Déjà Vu", "Irreplaceable", and "Beautiful Liar". Beyoncé also continued her acting career, with starring roles in The Pink Panther (2006), Dreamgirls (2006), and Obsessed (2009). Her marriage to rapper Jay-Z and portrayal of Etta James in Cadillac Records (2008) influenced her third album, I Am. . . Sasha Fierce (2008), which saw the introduction of her alter-ego Sasha Fierce and earned a record-setting six Grammy Awards in 2010, including Song of the Year for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". Beyoncé took a hiatus from music in 2010 and took over management of her career; her fourth album 4 (2011) was subsequently mellower in tone, exploring 1970s funk, 1980s pop, and 1990s soul. Her critically acclaimed fifth album, Beyoncé (2013), was distinguished from previous releases by its experimental production and exploration of darker themes. With the release of the widely acclaimed Lemonade (2016), Beyoncé became the first artist to have their first six studio albums debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.