Currently, Bradley Cooper is one of the most exciting actors in Hollywood. Sparkling acting, attractive appearance, and quite a bit of luck - all of these terms are determined the artistic success of the American actor. He started with small roles on television, but soon began to appear in more serious dramatic films. His work in film critics have noted, and the audience (especially the female half of them) and not chayali it soul. Today, his career is on the thumb. But can we say that it has always been? Of course not. After all, in the life of a popular actor, as well as in the life of an ordinary person, it was a lot of difficulties and obstacles.

Childhood and adolescence of Bradley Cooper
The future idol of millions born in the multinational family of Gloria and Charlie Cooper. The actor tricky veins form mixed American, Irish and Italian blood. Perhaps this is the "explosive mixture" and later became the basis for the sparkling play of the actor?

As he says Bradley Cooper, the desire to become a serious dramatic actor he has appeared in twelve years after watching a cult film by David Lynch's "The Elephant Man." This tape made him such a strong impression that the man then could not imagine my life without cinema. Clearly state the decision to become an actor, a teenager began to attend various acting classes. In school, he studied the "Expanded Programme of Art." However, I never forget about the "secular" education. After graduating from secondary school, he successfully enrolled in renowned Villanova University, from which, however, a year later transferred to Georgetown University. Then some time later, the actor took a student loan in the amount of seventy thousand dollars. The money allowed him to move to New York and enrolled in the local drama school. It is noteworthy that, as the debut work of Bradley Cooper chose the same "Elephant Man". His playing was marked by many teachers, and later a young guy was one of the most famous graduates of the school.

Bradley Cooper began his career and development as a professional actor
Careers of the future nominees for the Academy Award began with a small bit parts. So he appeared in a sensational series "Sex and the City", which played the role of one of the numerous boyfriend of Carrie Bradshaw. This was followed by shooting in the movie "Law & Order," "one eye." His first crop of popularity Bradley Cooper received after filming the TV series "Alias," which was warmly received by audiences and critics, and even won several prestigious film awards (including the "Golden Globe").

The next step in the professional formation of the actor became low-budget movies. Thus, in his filmography there were tapes "Wet Hot American Summer," "The Last Cowboy", "Carnival of Love." Then came the turn of the more popular films. Actor battered small roles in such Hollywood hits as "The Naked Drummer", "Always say" yes, "" Failure to Launch. " In the words of Bradley Cooper, his first serious work in the movie actor considers the role of the heroine's boyfriend Rachel McAdams in the romantic comedy "Wedding Crashers." After these roles, the actor began to get more playing time. His characters become more interesting and more impressive acting fees. Happy in some way for the actor has become the year of 2009. During this period, it was noted in the TV series "Body Parts" and also received a role in "The Promise - Not That Into You," "New York, I Love You", "Case number 39", "All About Steve". In the same year the actor's filmography supplemented comedy film "The Hangover," which would later become one of his most recognizable works.

RISE of Bradley Cooper
As mentioned above determined the success of Bradley Cooper, and made him one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. Girls all over the world went crazy over it. Directed filled up his new proposals.

In the period from 2010 to 2012 he became the first actor to star in the most serious dramatic films, leaving behind the romantic comedy genre. Filmography actor enlarged pictures "Limitless", "Word", "The Place Beyond the Pines." In each of these paintings Bradley Cooper getting any major role. In 2012 saw the release of "My boyfriend - crazy" in which Bradley Cooper starred as a former teacher by the name of Pat Solitano suffering from complex mental disorder. This film was a turning point in the career of a celebrity and put forward Bradley Cooper in the number of strong dramatic actors. For his reincarnation actor was nominated for BAFTA, «Oscar" and "Golden Globe".

Bradley Cooper NOW
Currently, the actor is working on several new bands. In 2013, the screens have to go out three new films with his participation. One of the most notable bands promises to be the film "Serena", which tells about the difficult relations between the two spouses during the Great Depression.

PERSONAL LIFE of Bradley Cooper
Due to its attractive appearance Bradley Cooper always easy to find the key to the hearts of the greatest beauties of America. So, in 2006, he married the American actress Jennifer Esposito, with which, however, divorced four months later. New sonorous novel was also marked by the appearance of Bradley Cooper in the movie "Case №39». After shooting in the tape I became an actor often appear in public with his partner on the sets of Renee Zellweger. Soon the couple officially announced their relationship. The union of two celebrities lasted until March 2011.

Then the media began to appear more and more reports of novel Bradley Cooper on the other Hollywood beauty Zoe Saldana. Some time later, the veracity of these rumors are true lovers themselves. However, long lasting and durable, these relationships are not steel. To date, the chosen one last loving actor is British model Suki Waterhouse, which is under Bradley Cooper for 18 years.

Bradley Cooper


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In the television series Alias (2001–06), Cooper achieved some success for the role of Will Tippin, a local reporter for a newspaper and the best friend of Jennifer Garner's character, Sydney Bristow. Garner was one of the first people he met in Los Angeles and was, in Cooper's words, "very maternal . . . She wanted to take care of me, make sure I was okay all the time. " He acted in the 2002 psychological thriller Changing Lanes. The scenes in which he appeared were edited out of the final cut of the film, but are featured on the film's DVD and Blu-ray releases. Also in 2002, he played a man involved in a love triangle in the romantic drama Bending All the Rules. He guest-starred in the short-lived TV series Miss Match and played the part of cowboy and race horse trainer Morgan Murphy in the television film The Last Cowboy, which aired on the Hallmark Channel in January 2003. He later appeared in the television film I Want to Marry Ryan Banks (2004) with Jason Priestley and as a regular guest star in the WB series Jack & Bobby (2004–05).