American pop singer Britney Spears was born December 2, 1981 in the town of McComb Mississippi. However, the actress childhood passed in Kentwood Louisiana. Family celebrity more than ordinary: my mother - a teacher in elementary school, and my father - a builder and a cook. Britney's family, except for her, a sister Jamie Lynn. Up to 9 years, Britney Spears professionally engaged in artistic gymnastics, and even participated in regional competitions. Britney was singing since childhood. In kindergarten to graduation girl she made a Christian song called "What is this child." Spears singing career began with a choir in the Baptist church. At meetings of believers in Kentwood, where regular parishioners were her parents, Britney sang different hymns. Mom future star Lynn's daughter saw the talent and decided to help her to build a career. Britney Spears constantly went to the tutor dancing and singing, mother encouraged "home performance" little daughter, as well as a baby carrier for various competitions of young talents. After a little Britney Spears won in all local competitions, which only can be, Lynn took away his daughter to Atlanta in the casting for the remake of the famous in the 50s TV show "The Mickey Mouse Club." At the age of 8 years, Britney hit the "New Mickey Mouse Club" channel "Disney", and this despite the fact that the producers thought she was too young. Over the next three years, Britney attended the New York acting school Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan and took part in various productions, including the 1991 «Ruthless!» («Ruthless»).

In 1992, when the singer was 10 years old, Britney Spears took part and won the competition for the title «Star Search» («In search of stars"). The girl sang the song «Love can build a bridge», which the jury liked, but still gave the victory to another contestant. After that, Britney hit the second time, "Shaw Mickey Mouse" and 11-year-old girl became MYShketerom. Spears, by the way, he was the youngest participant in the show, which met future stars Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake.

Began his career BRITNEY SPEARS - a resounding success in 1994, the show ended and returned Spears to Louisiana, where he enrolled in a regular secondary school. During her studies she sang in the girl group Innosense. However, soon he decided to start a solo career, left the band and recorded demodisk. Songs Lynn sent to various record labels. Disc producers liked the company Jive Records, and they have entered into a contract with the singer. The debut single of Britney Spears «... Baby One More Time» was released in 1998. She, by the way, the singer wrote to Max Martin, who at the time ensured the success of Backstreet Boys. The song instantly became popular and topped the charts. The self-titled disc with the song went multi-platinum in Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Japan and Taiwan, worldwide sales of the single exceeded 9 million copies. In the UK, for example, in the history of music only three performers in the first week sold more records than Spears (among them «The Beatles»), however, among the youngest champions Britney. On the first day in the country of Albion bought 124 000 cassettes and CDs of the singer.

After the first album was followed by no less successful second album entitled «Oops! ... I Did It Again». In summer 2000, the singer with the album went on their first world tour. In the same year, Britney Spears won two awards Billboards Music Awards and became the nominee of "Grammy" in the category "Best Pop Album" and "Best Live Act".

In the meantime, around the world erupted fever behalf of Britney Spears. On the market of production goods fall with the image of the singer. T-shirts, dolls, calendars, mugs disperse immediately. Parallel to this, Britney becomes a party to the advertising company PEPSI. In 2001 she released their third album, Britney «Briyney» and immediately got on the top of the rankings. Along with Lynn Britney wrote a book «Heart to Heart» («Heart to Heart"). In it she describes his whole life to the popularity and talks about his first successes. In parallel with the writing of the book Britney Spears organizing a charity event, which is named after themselves, and each year arranges talented children from poor families in the camp. However, in this charitable work does not end with the singer. She regularly donates huge sums. For example, victims of Sept. 11, 2001, or the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Around the same time, followed by a scandalous performance at the Award MTV Video Music Awards. Britney performed on stage with Madonna and Christina Aguilera. Kiss three singers fans still remembered.

Again Britney Spears appeared on the scene in the summer of 2003 and a few months later released fourth studio album «In The Zone», which acts as a songwriter and producer. The album again conquers the top of the charts. After the fourth drive our heroine leaves the stage and returned only in 2007, and writes disk «Blackout». This album was deemed the worst in the career of the singer. After a year with the album «Circus» returns popularity. Since 2010, she is preparing a new album «Femme Fatale».

In addition to her singing career she has shown itself in cinema. The first serious role for Britney was in 2002 in the movie "Crossroads". For her, Spears received a "Razzie" in the category "Worst Actress" and "Worst song from the movie." In 2006, she played a cameo role in the TV series "Will & Grace." In 2009, it broadcast a documentary about the life of the world famous "Britney Spears. Life behind the glass. " The singer herself offered to journalists to make a film about it.

After the second world tour, Britney announced a break in his career and broke up with her boyfriend Justin Timberlake, which met for 4 years.

Incidentally, Timberlake at break behaved very unworthy. He always publicly stated that Britney him somehow betrayed and told the world that Britney deprived of innocence (she is a singer at that time exploited the image of "the last virgin of America" ​​and claimed that he wanted to "wait until marriage"). In early 2004, Britney was first married in a small chapel in Las Vegas for his longtime friend Jason Alexander. However, the marriage lasted only 55 hours. Then the star said: "Yes, it was crazy, but I just wanted to know what it means to be married!".

Here, the singer went to the third round, where she met Kevin Federline. Three months later, the couple announced a wedding and signed in autumn 2004. In autumn 2005, the light appears first son Spears - Sean Preston Spears Federline. A year later she became a mother for the second time. Son Britney named Jayden James.

Scandals surrounding BRITNEY SPEARS By this time, Britney had the ability to parent questioned twice. Once I noticed it while driving with Sean Preston on her lap, and the second time she went with her son on the one hand and the other holding a glass of water. The boy almost fell from his mother. Clumsiness Spears paparazzi camera recorded.

A few weeks after the birth of the second son of Britney Spears files for divorce. It starts difficult, controversial and painful divorce. During his Spears notice in the company known party girl Paris Hilton. The singer starts wild life - her notice without underwear, she goes through with alcohol and drugs.

After coaxing relatives Britney to go into rehab. The analysis showed that the blood pure and Britney decided to release her from under supervision. Children are already under the supervision of Kevin, who, by the way, forbids them to see Britney. After the end of the divorce proceedings arguing about with whom the children will not be terminated. In 2007, Britney Spears returns to the stage with the single «Gimme more» from the album «Blackout». Fans on "Cheers" star took, however, critics have called the song the singer failed. Also in 2007 the Court of Los Angeles took the Spears custody of his sons, and then Britney breakdowns occur again she behaves inappropriately and threatened to commit suicide. Life takes control of the singer's father Jamie Spears. She refuses to riotous living and re-starts.

In 2008, the court not only forbidden Britney from seeing their children, but even admitted her temporarily incapacitated. At that time, custody of her and of her sons established for the singer's father, James Spears. In the same year, Britney twice treated in a psychiatric hospital.

In 2009 Britney Spears seems to be beginning to get out of the pit, which has slipped. She starred in a joint project with Madonna and even record new albums. In 2009 she released her drive Circus. The truth is on tour in support of the disc the singer was accused that she was singing to the soundtrack. In 2010 he recorded the album Femme Fatale. But his "leaked" to the Internet two weeks before the start of official sales. Despite this new career took off. In 2011, Spears has even won MTV Video Music Awards. It was presented by Lady Gaga.

Now Britney continues to work actively. In 2013, she recorded a song for the cartoon "The Smurfs" and released a single together with Will I Am.

In the summer of 2013 the singer has announced the launch of a fan of his new album in the fall presented a new song and clip «Work Bitch», where she appears in a rather explicit images and boasts an excellent figure. The release of the new album is scheduled for early December. And while Britney Spears is preparing for the show in support of the album.

Britney Spears is engaged not only creativity, and the income it brings not only concerts and CD sales. The girl was found excellent commercial vein: it produces its own reality show and has written four books. But her triumph as the businessman walked on perfume.

Perfume Circus, released in support of the self-titled album brought the singer $ 14 million. This fragrance even became the best selling in the US in 2009. In 2013, Britney has released yet another perfume Island Fantasy. Total branded the singer left for 7 flavors.

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Spears is regarded as a pop icon and credited with influencing the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s. She became the best-selling teenage artist of all time and garnered honorific titles including the "Princess of Pop". Her work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including a Grammy Award, six MTV Video Music Awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award, seven Billboard Music Awards including the Millennium Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2009, Billboard ranked her as the 8th overall Artist of the Decade, and also recognized her as the best-selling female artist of the 2000s, as well as the fifth overall. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lists Spears as the eighth top-selling female artist in the United States, with 34 million certified albums. She has sold over 150 million records worldwide making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. According to Billboard Spears has sold about 22. 38 million singles in digital downloads in US and is the fourth best-selling female artist since Nielsen SoundScan began.