Bruno Mars (full real name is Peter Gene Hernandez) was born and raised in a musical family in Honolulu. The family of Filipino and Puerto Ricans - parents Peter - had five children. And Peter was the only boy in the family. His father played the drums, his mother sang well. Father Peter had the idea to organize a "family" revue. The structure includes all members of the family and Peter as well. By the time his father had nicknamed her plump son, Bruno, in honor of the famous wrestler wrestler Bruno Samartino. And the name of Bruno Mars 'invented' himself. According to him, many of the girls, telling him that he had a very strange, just like people from another planet. To which the young man replied, "Yes, I'm from Mars." And "born" alias Bruno Mars, known to all fans of pop, hip-pop, soul and rock music genres, which writes and performs his works popular singer. Bruno recalls that liked to wear flannel shirts, so it was teased at school "Babes in the cage." Even very fond of wearing a shirt with a wide collar, which was fashionable in the 70s of XX century.

Start of music career
In four years, Bruno appeared before the public as a singer. Then there is the famous high bouffant Bruno Mars, because the baby made his debut on stage, portraying himself Elvis Presley. During family trips with musical performances by the boy began to write his first compositions.

Music from childhood included in the boy's life, determined its future destiny. By listening and then singing songs Presley and Michael Jackson, Bruno wanted to become as well-known and famous as his idols. Wait for the "star" had an hour long. In 1992, the song sounded in his performance in the legendary film "Honeymoon in Vegas." After graduating from school in 2003, Bruno Mars leaves Hawaii and sent to Los Angeles to start a career as a professional singer.

Bruno began his professional career as a songwriter for artists like Sean Kingston, Adam Levine, Alexandra Burke, Travis McCoy et al. First participation as an artist took place during the recording of the album «Animal» the group «Far East Movement». Popularity Mars came when he and Travis McCoy played the song «BoB « Nothin 'on You » and « Billionaire ».

In 2010, the debut album of Bruno. The album received positive critical acclaim and won second place in the American music charts. The song «Just the Way You Are», published in the same year, led the hit parade songs USA.

Is paparazzi can leave alone, more or less popular person? Because of Bruno Mars, journalists managed to find out the following. Before, Bruno became a famous singer and songwriter, he met with a professional dancer and actress Chanel Malvar. The reason why the Bruno broke up with girlfriend, reporters find out it was not possible, but the tabloids claim that Chanel was inspired by the singer to create songs «Just The Way You Are» and «Nothin On You». In 2009, the paparazzi have noticed Bruno Mars holidaymakers on a yacht in a society with a model Julia Lukashkin. Later, the singer said that he and Julia only friendships.

In the spring of 2011, all discussed the affair with Bruno actress and singer Rita Ora. In an interview, she admitted that it was love at first sight. However, young people were happy, but as soon as both became famous, stood in the way of feelings work. Although the relationship ended, but according to Rita, she and Bruno maintain a good relationship. In August 2011 it was reported due to Bruno model and actress Jessica Kebeney from Puerto Rico. According to some reports, the young are still together and Jessica even moved into a house recently purchased by Bruno Mars.

Bruno almost everywhere and always appears in the hats of the type which carried Frank Sinatra. According to the singer, this is due to the fact that as a child on his head was a whole shock of curls, and when they are trimmed, it felt naked. Hats rescued him from this feeling. So even though he is very fond of Sinatra's work, but his headgear great singer is irrelevant. In 19 years, Mars made his first tattoo in the form of the sacred heart. Mother Bruno did not like it. She ceased to please in the end, the singer himself. And the second he made a tattoo with the name of the mother. Against such a tattoo is not the mother objected.

Generally Bruno with his mother were very close and cordial relations. Singer heavily experienced the death of his mother Bernadette Ernandez. She died at age 55 in June 2013 in his home country. Bruno still remembers the taste of the chicken sauce, which my mother cooked, and likes "Spanish rice" - signature dish grandmother.

Bruno Mars TODAY
Today Bruno author of two platinum albums, winner of "Grammy" award and MTV "The smallest star." Gradually moving away from the rhythm of blues and a lot of experimenting with sound. His songs have become more sexual. Bruno even changed his hairstyle. Several years ago, I was caught on cocaine possession. Sam thought the episode "stupid", the more that had never dabbled in drugs.

Bruno Mars


Wiki info

In 2009, he co-founded the production team The Smeezingtons, responsible for the singles "Nothin' on You" by B. o. B and "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy. He featured on the hooks for both singles, becoming recognized as a solo artist. His debut studio album Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010) included the U. S. Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping singles "Just the Way You Are" and "Grenade", as well as the number-four single "The Lazy Song". His second album, Unorthodox Jukebox (2012), peaked at number one in the United States. The album spawned the international singles "Locked Out of Heaven", "When I Was Your Man" and "Treasure". In 2014, Mars lent his vocals to Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk", a single which topped many charts worldwide, including the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK. In 2016, he released his third studio album 24K Magic with the lead single of the same title released on October 7, 2016. To date, he has sold over 115 million singles and 9 million albums worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time. Mars has landed seven number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 since his career launched in 2010, attaining his first five faster than any male artist since Elvis Presley.