Chloe Grace Moretz is completely unique actress. Despite her young age, she has achieved in the film is almost total. She has worked with the best directors of the world, starred in blockbusters and repeatedly honored with a variety of film awards. Someone to such success takes a lifetime. But our heroine today successfully demonstrated that this success should be quite a bit of time.

Star Chloe Moretz lit on our Earth February 10, 1997. The girl was born in Atlanta, but in the age of five moved with his parents and four older brothers in a large and bustling New York City. As for her parents, they were both closely connected with medicine and had no relation to the cinema. My mother was a nurse and his father fought with imperfections appearance as a recognized plastic surgeon. Perhaps our current heroine would be tried on the one doctor's gown, but the fate of Chloe, fortunately, there was a little different.

Fatal in this regard was that same year 2002. During this period, her older brother Trevor admitted to the prestigious School of Performing Arts. Since then, the guy started to methodically build a career film star, but great strides in this field have not reached. It is quite another thing - the heroine of our today. Seeing as her older brother is trying to break into Hollywood, she also became interested in cinema. And very soon also became, like him, to be engaged in the acting class. This small step, ultimately, changed her life. Young blond beauty become frequent invitations to various auditions and castings. And very soon Chloe Moretz came the first success ...

Career, filmography
His first role young actress received in 2004, in the TV series "Defender." In this project, Chloe performed a small role, appearing only two episodes. However, this later became a local success for her brilliant beginning of a long career. Chloe acquired its own agent, and subsequently new roles began to come to her much more often. Also in 2004, the year our current heroine sang one of the supporting roles in the TV series "Desperate Housewives," and the following year appeared in the projects of "American Dad," "Family Plan", "My Name is Earl" and played their the first cinematic role. The first movie in her career started drama "Heart Beholder", "horror", "Room 6" as well as Steven Seagal action movie "Today you will die." In addition, in 2005, the year Chloe played in some other projects, among which is particularly noted a remake of the classic horror film "Terror Amitivilya." This movie film actress starred as Chelsea Girls, which later earned her the first of her life Award nomination for "The young actor."

Running a little ahead, we note that in the following years, Chloe Grace Moretz become a regular at this show. To date, it has a track record of six nominations for this prestigious award. Even despite the fact that none of her statue in the end did not get the fact of multiple nominations in itself can be considered a great success. Continuing to act in some previous TV projects already in 2006, the actress appeared in a new TV series - "Studio 30" (aka - "30 Rock"). In addition, during this period, our heroine today to participate in voicing the animated series "The Emperor's New School", to try myself in a completely new quality. Subsequently, the role of the actor voicing Chloe also took part in the project "My friends Tigger and Pooh", giving his voice a character named Darby. In 2006, the year of his career happened Chloe's new successes and cinematic career. First, she played a role in the comedy "Big Momma's House 2", and appeared before the audience in the form of one of the central characters of "horror" - "House of zombies." Similar works brought her great success, but because at the end of the year she appeared as a guest star on the Los Angeles Film Festival, during which announced several nominations. In 2007, the actress received a fairly large role in the series "Dirty Sexy Money," and appeared in several new projects. Her career has been steadily moving up the hill, but because the new proposals received about the shooting of a young sprocket one after the other. In the period from 2007 to 2010 was performed as an actress in several bright films. Among these distinguished film "Poker House", "The Eye", "500 Days of Summer", as well as some others. Through these and many other roles, Chloe Moretz has fourteen years has become a real Hollywood star. However, this success was yet to come ...

A kind of a turning point in the life of an actress was "Superhero" comedy "Kick-Ass", which was made by producer Brad Pitt. Having played in the tape co-star Chloe Moretz has received at once two awards MTV Movie Awards, including a nomination "Breakthrough of the Year." After this film, the actress's career took a new height. Also in 2011, the year she starred in the vampire film "Let me in" (Saturn Award), and in later years appeared in such blockbusters as "Hugo", "Dark Shadows", "Fields", "Provincial". In each of these films she played a central role, and because very soon began to talk about it as one of the most ambitious actresses of our time.

And really - going from the category of children and adolescents "adult league 'of world cinema, the actress not only has not lost its charm, but has become even more attractive. That is why in the last couple of years, the real action in her filmography are found more and more often. Notable examples of this - the comedy "Kick-Ass 2", and a mystical film "Telekinesis," in which the actress played the central characters again. According to some rumors the last of these bands for a long time, including in an expanded list of candidates for the award "Oscar", but in the end still left out of the TV show. However, the huge box office with more than outweighed everything else. Currently, Chloe Grace Moretz is in the status of a full-fledged star. She often gives interviews, is removed for various magazines and works part-time as a model.

In 2014, the screens should come six more films with the participation of the young actress. High Rating expectations of all tapes have thriller "Great Equalizer", which will be a partner Chloe Denzel Washington and heartfelt drama "The Devil and the deep blue sea."

In everyday life, Chloe is interested in fashion, and likes to "sit" in social networks. However, despite an active social life, her novels almost nothing is known. Actress studiously divides his career and personal life. And in every way trying to distance itself from a variety of rumors that linked her with the actor Eddie Redmayne, then with a colleague in the film "Kick-Ass" Aeron Johnson.

Chloe Grace Moretz