Chris appeared in the union of dancer-mother and father a dentist. Young man and poluirlandets poluitalyanets. As, however, and his two sisters and a brother.

Escape to New York
In 1999, the future actor graduated from high school regional Lincoln. And then I went to New York, where he began to translate into reality his childhood dream of a creative career. The young man began to walk on to the television series auditions. Almost immediately, Chris was lucky, and he was on the set of the series "Beginners." He got there a small role Man Jada. This was followed by a whole series of works in the episodes. Thus, the actor appeared in the frames of paintings "The Fugitive: The Chase Continues" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 2". Career gradually gaining momentum. After several notable roles early in his career, in the film "Not Another Teen Movie" 2001, "Eastwick" in 2003 and "Skin" in 2003, he became quite "Opera" and the actor received an offer from director David Ellis. Evans in partnership with Jessica Biel and Kim Basinger played the role of savior of the protagonist only picture that the kidnappers were locked in the attic, and it remained the only hope for salvation is defective, almost broken phone.

Innate modesty
All their movie characters Chris Evans gave an unusual sincerity. This is something he has earned the attention of critics, audiences and filmmakers. But natural modesty prevented tear to the top of Hollywood, so he just worked and lived, but for his work treated with great affection. This has not gone unnoticed by the kinokruga, and it was appreciated. On the actor fell starring roles. At first, Chris Evans played the leader of a group of senior pupils who are developing a plan to circumvent the entrance examination in the crime comedy "The Perfect Score." Follow the addict in a low-budget melodrama, 2005 "London". Here, a young man played with Jessica Biel, her character broke the heart of the character of Chris. The actor revealed a dramatic talent and confirmed it in 2005 in the drama "Fierce People" with Anton Yelchin, Dayar Lane and Donald Sutherland.

Well spectator popularity came to Chris Evans after the execution of the role of Johnny in the film "Fantastic Four" in the same 2005. In kinotrio participated Jessica Alba and yoga Griffith. 2007 for Chris Evans became very fruitful. The actor played several supporting roles. It is a member of the crew of the spaceship in "Icarus 2" and handsome thriller-adventure called "Sunshine" but this was still a work in melodrama "Nanny." By the way, in the last film starring Donna Murphy went, Scarlett Johansson and John Henry Cox. In 2008, Chris Evans has appeared in the films "Street Kings" and "Loss Diamond" tears. " In the crime drama "Street Kings" played by actor Paul colleagues Chris steel Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie and Keanu Reeves. All of them were trying to solve one problem associated with the struggle of man for his own place in the world. Chris then have turned out to be at the level of demand, and most importantly, knowing the price, the actor. He began to avoid serial roles as film roles were more interesting to him than on television. So, in 2009, Evans has pleased fans with his appearance in the melodrama "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," fi thriller "The Fifth Dimension".

And the following three years, Chris did not disappoint fans, he has worked professionally in 2010 in a drama-detective "Losers." There he played Jake Jensen. A year later, the actor appeared in the sci-fi thriller called "The First Avenger". On the set of pictures he showed himself at the highest level, he became an actor, which can manifest their creativity and at the same time does not work to the detriment of the whole team.

How many do you have?
In 2011, at the box office there was a melodrama with elements of comedy, "How do you ...?". Chris Evans played a duet with Anna Faris. Then the actor said that just loves romantic comedies, which can bring laughter to tears.

"I starred in numerous action films. Their creators have always demanded from me jokes and fun. And this despite the fact that some of the episodes were severe. I had never worked in a full-fledged comedies such as "How do you ...?", When all come to work for the sake of jokes. Therefore, the shooting was like being at summer camp. And every day, I went home with a smile. Therefore, this comedy brings the audience joy and light. And working in a comedy - is the best way to spend time. The film is full of funny things that happen in the life of each and every person ", - said Chris Evans. In the same year the actor received an offer to play in the crime thriller "Motor City," the title role. According to the scenario, Evans was the hero of turning petty criminals who wanted revenge after being released from prison.

And besides
Chris has not paid attention to advertisers. Together with his colleague, Evan Rachel Wood, handsome in 2010 advertised brand «Gucci». A pleasant voice actor Chris did a great worker of the animation genre. Evans' voice talking cartoon characters of "Robot Chicken" in 2005, and two years later, and the characters "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Battle for Terra 3D».

Personal life
Chris Evans, the following principles: "To blame anyone from the surrounding: let all still live as they wish. But most importantly - to be a good person, not to cause pain to others. And that makes a man - it is absolutely normal, even if he wants in 18 years to marry or have sex with thousands of women. In fact, you can do anything you want, just not to cause outrage in society. "

Chris - the middle, but the support of homosexuals. That's because his younger brother Scott is openly gay. The actor believes that women and men are not really radically different, as it seems at first glance. Chris Evans catch myself thinking that during a conversation with friends believes that talking about the weaker sex the same as men. Moreover, Evans says that even women have the right to go to the bar, have a beer and talk about sex.

Interesting Facts
Chris is a vegetarian with the experience. He does not smoke, she is afraid of flying and heights. The actor likes to play basketball and drawing. He has five tattoos.

Chris Evans