Chris was born in a family of film actors Gwynne Gilfold and Robert Pine. His dad played once celebrated the role of Sergeant in the series "California Highway Patrol." Mum has left his acting career and became a practicing psychotherapist. In addition to Chris's parents brought her daughter Caitlin, an older child in the family. It is worth mentioning that Chris and grandmother on the maternal side shone in front of TV cameras, she was a Hollywood actress. Her husband was elected president of the Association of Lawyers of Hollywood. By the way, Chris Pine in his veins flows the blood of Jewish and Welsh.

The young man said that he had "definitely has its spiritual worldview." However, the actor claims that he was not a religious man, but rather agnostic. After Oakwood School in 2002, Christopher went to continue their education at the University of California at Berkeley. There he received a bachelor's degree in English. And after the mother tongue during the year I studied in England at the University of Leeds. Pine's parents are not able to become world stars, so Christopher knew from childhood that the future will necessarily achieve celebrities to glorify his name.

Talent and charisma
Chris dreamed of a movie, but his career, like many other stars, began with a theatrical stage. The charismatic and talented young man is constantly involved in various productions Vilyamsitoun Theatre Festival, which took place in the Berkshire Hills.

Actor can be seen on the stage of the University of California, where Chris learned. Besides, Pine participated in productions of theater in Los Angeles. And despite the success on the stage, Chris soul sought on the set of films. Later the actor an opportunity to express themselves, and helped him in this ability to stand on the stage with dignity and good looks.

First kinoopyt Chris Pine earned a well-known television series "ER" 1994-2009 years. The actor entrusted to a few bit parts. This was followed by several smaller works in other series such as "Defender," "Six Feet», «CSI: Miami." At this time Pine in the bank began to appear more serious roles and pozametnee, and he not only starred in the soap series, and feature films. The first significant work was the role of Chris youths during acclaimed family comedy. In 2004, Christopher has appeared in the film "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" beloved character actor played Anne Hathaway Nicholas Devereaux. Here the title role went to the actors Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway.

Beginning this popularity Christopher put participate in the filming of the picture directed by Joe Carnahan, "Smokin 'Aces" in 2006. In this comedy thriller criminal on one site with Chris played Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta, Ryan Reynolds. A parallel with the work on the "Smokin 'Aces" Pine actively participated in the shooting of the TV project «Surrender Dorothy», as well as the romantic comedy "Just My Luck". In the last scene, he played with the actress Linsey Lohan. Proposals notable starring Christopher gradually carried to the summit of glory, so at this stage of its fate has become clear that the young man's childhood dream come true.

In addition, in 2006 there was a wide screen romantic comedy "Blind Date" James Keach with Christopher. This painting tells the story of the difficulty of finding the other half completely blind boys. Colleagues Pyne became Susan Dolan and Steve Wellington. It is obvious that Chris Pine luck into good directors and partners. The trend continued in the romantic comedy "Blow bottle," directed by Randall Miller, which appeared in 2008. Pine side by side and worked with Alan Rickman. In the picture a duet displayed the real story of the emergence of a new brand called "California wine", which showed the Paris tasting of 1976.

In 2007, Christopher could well appear in the frame the film adaptation of the book "White Jazz" James Ellroy. However, the role of the actor refused to work for the sake of the character James T. Kirk in "Star Trek." Chris Hero named James Kirk, lost his father a few minutes after birth. Years later, James became a talented rebel, perhaps the best cadet "Enterprise." By the way, the picture came out in rent in 2009 alone. This work Pyne critics have quite high. And after the "Star Trek" Chris, along with Leonard Nimoy partners and Zachary Quinto, appeared on the show «Saturday Night Live». By the way, after the "Star Trek" Chris Pine has appeared a lot of new fans, more fans. And, according to critics, it was only the beginning of the road to success the talented actor. Another picture with Chris, to the delight of the audience, came in 2009. Pine perfectly coped with the task that put director of the film "Carriers". A year later at the MTV VMAs went black comedy "The lieutenant from the island of Inishmore." Following Pine played the role of a young train driver in the film "Unstoppable." This time, his colleague on the set was the actor Denzel Washington. 2011 Chris Pine dedicate the work on the action comedy "This means war." Here, starring Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon. And besides, the actor played the lead role in the drama "Welcome to People" with Elizabeth Banks. Christopher tried his hand in the dubbing. He voiced a character in the animated film "Quantum Quest: A Space Odyssey", as well as the independent character of the painting "Saturday night a small town."

Interesting Facts
In 2008, Chris Pine specially grown long hair like a hippie, to the role in the film "Blow bottle."

In 2011, Christopher was offered to work in the film "Green Lantern", but in the end the role went to actor Ryan Reynolds. In the fall of 2009, according to the company «Paramount Pictures», it became known that the actor is in talks and plans to play a role in the film adaptation of the CIA analyst's novels, "The art of making money," Tom Clancy. Thus, it is the fourth actor, who swung at the role of Jack Ryan, after Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin.

Chris Pine