Christina was born in the family of the former models of Ford, later a realtor and a lawyer, and was the fourth child in the family. But before becoming a practicing lawyer, Christina Dad was home psychoanalyst. In his own home, he took patients, and youngest daughter sometimes heard his sessions, which were held in the next room. Later, the girl's father and parodied his clients simply reciting dialogues. When she was eight years old, the whole family moved to Santa Monica in New York. And then the younger Ricci was waiting for the road to the starry future. Christina started acting in commercials. And her debut on the big screen - the role of the heroine's daughter Cher in the film directed by Richard Benjamin "Mermaid".

There she started working at the age of 9. Christina worked on the set side by side with Winona Ryder and Bob Hoskins.

The Addams Family
The film "Mermaid" was very popular. After the release of his screens Christina was invited to play in the dark comedy "The Addams Family" in 1991. Little actress got the role Vensdi Addams. The role of the sad and unemotional girl Ricci made from one of the most popular actresses of adolescent. Two years later, Christina even played in the continuation of the successful from a commercial point of view of the show. So, on the screens out the picture of the "Addams Family Values". And Christina gained invaluable experience of playing a negative character. And while Christina Ricci's career developed rapidly in the girl's family has been brewing family tragedy. Parents of young celebrities were divorced when the actress was thirteen years old. Christina Ricci is one of the few kinovunderkindov that after a successful debut and early fame, was able to grow to a popular actress and standing.

After several films, both successful and not, for example, "Here and Now", where the actress reincarnated as a young girl by the name of Rosie O'Donnell, or commercially successful "Casper", Ricci began work on the role of precocious sexually Plan Wendy Hood in the film "The Ice Storm," directed by Ang Lee. And as such, Christina Ricci was fixed in such films as "Buffalo 66," where she played the girlfriend of Vincent Gallo, a tape of John Waters '"Photographer" picture Don Roos' opposite sexes "in which Christina got the role of Didi. By the way, the last work of Christina even nominated for the "Golden Globe". After working everyday on the films "Buffalo 66," "The Opposite of Sex" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" actress appears professionalka underground reputation and that is why Christina becomes the object of adoration among youth. Ricci are starting to call in many independent projects, some critics say, Christina Ricci draws only by their participation. Christina begins to mature and gradually turns into a new sex symbol, at this time the number of its fans is growing exponentially. Today, the internet pages as an actress that even difficult to calculate. Any day now all conceivable ratings of international celebrities can be beaten by a Christina.

Well, after all the first mature work of the actress was the role in the movie Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm". There Christina played maturing girl who surely tempt the two neighboring brothers. Then, just follow a series of paintings that focused on issues of sexuality, growing up, identity. Besides other notable were biographical writer Elizabeth Vurtsel work in the film "Prozac Nation", the role of the cynical and manipulative Didi in comedy, as well as work in the mystical film "Sleepy Hollow" by Tim Burton. Counterpart Cristina became the last film Johnny Depp, a close friend of the actress in real life. The girl played the role of a Gothic princess. In 2000, Ricci appeared in the film "The Man Who Cried" Sally Potter. There she got the role of a young Jewish woman who flees to Paris from Germany during the Second World War, and was followed by work in the thriller "Bless the Child" with Kim Basinger and Rufus Saveliev. Another notable work of Ricci in 2003 - is a lover of the heroine Charlize Theron in "Monster." At the peak of popularity of Christina Ricci was reported that the release of the drama "Renaissance Man" is delayed. However, the actress worked actively in the "Laramie Project" and the romantic comedy called "Pumpkin". The next couple of films with the actress, is "Miranda ice" and "Date" suffered a commercial failure. Christina did not upset and began to appear in the TV show «Fox». The following roles in Woody Allen's "Anything Else," Ricci was charming as ever. And then he followed a brilliant role, however minor, and, in the drama "Two lives Gray Evans." In 2004, the actress got the main role in the film "Werewolves." Further, every year comes out a few movies with Christina Ricci, the only exception was in 2007, when the rental has not left any game tape of the actress. Total Ricci played in more than fifty films.

Personal life
Christina Ricci has never been seen in a candid photoshoot. But the actress's personal life is not as rich as an actor. In 2009, Christina broke up with her boyfriend Owen Benjamin after several years spent together. After that the girl was in a severe depression. But after a while Christina began to meet with Curtis Buchanan.

Interesting Facts
Christina Ricci never studied acting. Now the actress has a private kinoprodyuserskaya company. For example, she produced the painting "The Nation" Prozac, "which was dedicated to women every day trying to commit suicide. The actress said that "in this film tried to use the whole personal experience." Christina wanted to show how women go so far that they are beginning to turn away from you.

Christina Ricci