Ciara, whose full name is Ciara Princess Harris - one of the most charming and successful American R & B singer, dancer and model, conquered the audience with his vocals, stunning choreography and beautiful dresses. Already her first studio album Goodies (2004) was awarded three times in the United States the status of "Platinum" from the RIAA (ie, the number of copies sold has exceeded 3 million), and is certified as a "silver" in Britain. The album included three hit singles - the same name (Goodies), 1, 2 Step and Oh - Ciara and brought the award in four categories of the annual award of the American Recording Academy "Grammy" in 2005.

Born future r'n'b star October 25, 1985 in Austin. She spent her childhood traveling the world and living in the locations of military bases in the United States, being the only child of parents of the military. In adolescence, Ciara saw on TV the performance of pop group Destiny from Sweden and was so impressed that she decided to devote his life to music. After another family move, this time in Atlanta, Ciara joined a girl group Hearsay.

Like many a child, Ciara wrote poetry, but in the past did not take this seriously. In the new collective girl with inspiration start to hone their creative skills - as a performer and songwriter. Despite the fact that the group soon disbanded, it has played a positive role in the life of the actress. She noticed a prominent music producer of the capital of Georgia Jesi Faye (Jazze Pha). He helped Ciara signed a recording contract with LaFace Records in Atlanta in 2003, and a year later came her debut album.

Musical career
The first album Goodies ("plus") was a milestone for the singer. In the first week after its release in the United States it has sold 125,000 copies. It was written by her in collaboration with rapper / producer John Lilom (Lil Jon), and immediately reached the highest positions in the charts in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Complementary album single, 1, 2 Step, written in collaboration with Missy Elliott (Missy Elliott), and Oh, created with the participation of the rapper Ludacris (Ludacris) were so successful that you were number 2 in the "hot hundred Billboard» most popular in the United States of songs and We received many other awards. The second artist album, released in December 2006 under the title - Ciara: The Evolution («Ciara: The Evolution"), became the leader of the official charts of the country. He received the status of "Platinum" (according to the certification RIAA). On its basis it was created at least three popular singles - Get Up («Arise»), Promise («Promise»), Like a Boy («As a boy"). According to the singer, his name implies not only her personal growth, but also the evolution of the musical accompaniment occurred, own songs and dance. During the first week of sales were sold 338 000 copies of the album, but only on a global scale - about 2 million. Get Up composition was used as a soundtrack in the youth musical melodrama Step Up («Step Up"). However, the singer's third album, 2009 Fantasy Ride, despite the presence in it hit songs Love Sex Magic, followed by a fairly candid video featuring singer superstar Justin Timberlake, was less successful than the previous one (in the first week - 193,000 copies sold). But he brought the nomination "Grammy" in the category "Best pop vocal collaboration." The single Love Sex Magic entered the top 10 in twenty countries around the world, became a "platinum" in Australia and "gold" in New Zealand. In support of the album Ciara toured seventeen cities and clubs in the United States. Music critics praised the dancing and the general choreography of her speeches, full of energy and drive, the ability to feel the music of the singer thinly and Jets in its flow.

The next studio album Ciara was Basic Instinct ("Basic Instinct"). The level of its sales and was far from triumphant. In 2011, she signed a new contract with record label Epic Records. In 2013 came the fifth studio album by singer named Ciara, lyrics of which Body Party entered the top-10 hit parade the US R & B / Hip-Hop (works in the genres of rhythm and blues and hip-hop), published magazine Billboard.

Ciara Pictures, owner of perfect figures, perfect taste, perfectly slim and flexible body dancer, became permanently present on the covers of fashion magazines, a positive effect on their ratings and sales. Siyar, cooperating with the agency Wilhelmina Models, participating in the auditions, photo shoots and commercials proved to be in the fashion industry as a great and successful model. The singer posed nude for the magazine Vibe (though the star claims that her clothing was removed with the help of Photoshop).

Film debut of the singer took place in 2006, when she starred in the film All You've Got («Everything that is you") as a teenager in the volleyball tournament. Then, in 2012, it was the musical Mama, I Want to Sing! ("Mom, I want to sing!") And That's My Boy (in Russian interpretation of "That's My Boy"), as well as TV series Idols South Africa («Idols South Africa") and The Game («The Game") with the participation of stars. Ciara songs eight times fall into the top ten rating in the Billboard Hot 100, the singer has been honored with awards MTV Video Music, BET, Grammy, MOBO Awards, was the author or co-author of songs for other artists. Since 2004 the world has sold more than seven million albums of the singer, including in the US - about 4 million albums and 7 million singles.

Ciara is not married. Since 2013, she lived in a civil marriage with rapper Fut (Future). In May 2014 they had a son, Zahir Wilburn. Young parents were going to get married, but broke off the engagement because of the betrayal of the groom. Attempts to reconciliation situation has not changed. She had got rid of tattoos, made in honor of a former boyfriend and father of her child, which is the letter N, which begins the real name of the singer - Nayvadius.

Previously, from 2003 to 2006, Ciara met with actor and rapper Shedom Gregory Moss, having a stage name Lil Bow Wow or simply Bow Wow. They remained friends. In particular, we sang together for a charity single song Just Stand Up! during the telethon to raise funds to support cancer research. Ciara also participated in the programs of the International Fund Make-A-Wish Foundation («realize a dream"), designed to fulfill the wishes of terminally ill children. It is known that in his youth had been a supporter of Ciara classic r'n'b-style clothes, grew up began to choose more elegant outfits, and more recently - sexy and luxury. Among her favorite designers - Givenchy, Alexandre Vauthier, Emilo Pucci, Versace.



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Goodies' lead single, the title track, featuring Petey Pablo, was released on June 8, 2004. Conceived as a crunk female counterpart to Usher's "Yeah!", the lyrical content goes against the grain, speaking of abstinence, rejecting advances because "the goodies will stay in the jar. " Critics hailed it as an "anthem of the summer" and one of the best singles of the year, complementing its dance-feel and beat, and the irony of the "clever" lyrics. The single performed well worldwide, topping the charts in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, and charting in the top ten of other charts, receiving Platinum certification in the United States. "1, 2 Step" featuring Missy Elliott was released as the album's second single. The song peaked in the top ten of many countries, topping the charts in Canada, and went on to become Platinum or Gold in many countries. "Oh" featuring Ludacris was released as the third single on March 5, 2005. The song performed well worldwide, appearing in the top ten of seven charts, and certified either Platinum or Gold in multiple regions.