Colin was the fourth child in the family. He was born with a professional football player. In his youth, Farrell is quite different from the obstinate character. He, instead of school classes, hanging out with friends to bars, besides sometimes shoplifting. So on the eve of the release in 17 years, Colin was expelled from school. The last straw was a fight with a teacher who saw Farrell asleep during the lesson. After the incident, the future actor had gone for a year in Australia with friends. On his return to Dublin, Farrell went to acting school, on the advice of his brother. And in 1996, he made his film debut. Colin played in the drama "The Disappearance of Finbar," but he got the role of such small that the name Farrell did not even hit the titles. Another small role was followed a year later, Colin appeared in low-budget film "Swallowing oil." A little later, the actor appeared in the miniseries "Falling in love with a dancer," where the plot of action takes place in the 30s in Ireland. The young girl became pregnant after a brief romance with actor and married a man she did not love, to save his reputation.

Ordinary Decent Criminal
Soon, Colin Farrell resigned from acting school and began to earn a living, acting in commercials. Over the shoulders of a young man at that time already had experience on stage, Colin appeared in the London theater productions «Donmar Warehouse». In particular, he played an autistic teenager Richard, but this role is remembered because it helped reduce Farrell and Kevin Spacey. The latter like the game Colin, and he invited the young actor in his movie "Ordinary Decent Criminal" on the role of the second plan.

In 1999, Colin celebrated his first notable appearance on the screen. He participated in Tim Roth's directorial debut, "The War Zone." The main role in the psychological thriller got Ray Winston and Tilda Swinton. At the same time the actor started to appear on television in an episode of «Ballykissangel» about the life of a priest. Later came the TV series "Midsomer Murders", "David Copperfield" and "Love in the XXI century." But in 2000, Kevin Spacey did Colin Farrell patronage and helped get the role in the gangster comedy "Ordinary Decent Criminal". The picture, by the way, failed at the box office, more than that, she received negative reviews from critics.

In 2000, Colin was an anti-war film sample to Schumacher, "Tigerland." This is a film about the training camp in Louisiana, where the recruits undergoing military training before flying to Vietnam. Farrell played ordinary Roland, who was a rebel and a pacifist. This work has received good reviews from critics, who claimed that the actor has a great future. In addition, the award went to Colin London Film Critics and Boston.

Like hot cakes
A year later, Colin Farrell reappeared in the war drama "Hart's Vine." And before that it was the work in the comedy "American heroes". Acting career quickly began to gain momentum. Already in 2002, he starred in two successful films. First lit in the thriller "Minority Report" by Steven Spielberg. This tape was the main cinema event of the year, and has been popular with audiences and critics. The film grossed 358 million dollars worldwide, and in addition, has received a huge number of film awards and nominations. Yet it is work - a role in the thriller "Phone Booth," Joel Schumacher. Here the hero Farrell hit the rifle sight maniac.

In 2003, the actor became insanely popular. He immediately called in five projects. Among them: the spy thriller with Al Pacino, "The Recruit", then the comic book adaptation of "Daredevil" with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Another work - nameless role in the drama "Veronica Hunting", as well as the gunman «SWAT SWAT "and tragicomedy already at home" gap. " In Ireland, by the way, the last work has earned 7 nominations and 4 awards. A year later, the actor once again nominated for IFTA. At this time for his role in the melodrama "A Home at the End of the World." Behind the actor appeared in the first starring role in an expensive Hollywood project "Alexander" by Oliver Stone. It is true in spite of the scale of the picture and the number of celebrities involved, the picture is hardly cover the costs of production, and it is $ 155 million. Moreover, the director was accused of distorting the image of Alexander the Great. At the end of all Colin Farrell antipremiyu nominated for "Golden Raspberry".

Another historical drama with the actor, this time in 2005, was in the film "The New World." This is the story of colonization by Europeans in India in the early 17th century. The film was released in a limited box office and became very successful. A little later, followed by work in the melodrama "Ask the Dust" about the love story of a beautiful Mexican and Italian writer. Well, then Colin starred in the blockbuster "Miami Vice. Department of manners "based on the series of 80-ies.

The status of star
In 2006, Farrell finished work in the film "Pride and Glory." This is a crime drama about a police scandal. Roles got as Noah Emmerich and Edward Norton. The film is told only in 2008, as there were delays in post-production. Also, the actor starred in the film "Cassandra's Dream" by Woody Allen. This is the story of two brothers who took the path of murder. Later presented arthouse audience tragicomedy called "In Bruges" with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as well and Ralph Fiennes. Almost simultaneously finished shooting pictures "Sort" Danza Tanovic on the war in Bosnia. By the way, especially for this picture Colin much to lose weight and become quite unlike yourself.

In addition, the actor finished work on the set pattern "Ondine" Neil Jordan. The film was shot in the southwest of Ireland, was the story of the fisherman who once found in the networks of the mermaid, then was a local prostitute. Life in mid-2001 Colin Farrell married actress Amelia Warner. But the marriage was not sustained in the fall of that year, the couple separated. In September 2002, the Canadian model Kim Bordneyv gave birth to the actor's son James. Baby suffers from Angelman syndrome. Couple, incidentally, also broke up. In late 2005, the actor wanted to go on a rehab clinic to get rid of the addiction to recreational substances and painkillers. According to the official, Colin Farrell took drugs because of frequent back pain. In 2003, the publication «People» Actor included in a list of 50 most beautiful people. And then the magazine Company gave Colin sixth place in the list of the sexiest men of the world.

Colin Farrell


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Farrell had roles in television shows and films, including Ballykissangel and Falling for a Dancer in 1998 and 1999. He made his feature film debut in English actor Tim Roth's directorial debut The War Zone, a drama about an incident of child abuse, starring Ray Winstone and Tilda Swinton as parents of a girl Farrell's character (Nick) dates. Farrell also appeared in Ordinary Decent Criminal with Kevin Spacey and Linda Fiorentino, a film loosely based on the life of Martin Cahill. In 2000, Farrell was cast in the lead role of Private Roland Bozz in Tigerland, an under-released film directed by American Joel Schumacher. He reportedly got the part on the basis of his charm. Emanuel Levy of Variety said that Farrell "shines as the subversive yet basically decent lad whose cynicism may be the only sane reaction to a situation". Michael Holden of The Guardian wrote that Farrell was "too much the hero" to fit the classic rebel archetype properly, but he did not mind. Tigerland earned $139,500.