Dwayne Johnson - American wrestler, a famous Hollywood actor, behind which the work on the set of more than 300 films.

The actor was twice noted in the Guinness Book of Records: for the magnificent fee received for the performance of the title role debut ($ 5.5 million), and an incredible amount of self, made in a very short period of time (105 pictures in 3 minutes).

CHILDHOOD of Dwayne Johnson
Born Dwayne small in the beginning of May 1972 in a family that earned a living wrestling. Father, grandfather, cousins ​​and uncles were professional wrestlers, his mother - a promoter of her husband, and my grandmother made his career as head of the women's wrestling in Polynesia.

The work of his father, associated with constant travel, did not give Johnsons overstay in place. Therefore his secondary education Duane received in three different schools, first in New Zealand, then in Hawaii, and has completed senior year in Pennsylvania. Sport has always been present in the life of Johnson, his father since childhood, Dwayne took with them to the competition and training in the gym. In 12 years on one of these workouts Johnson Jr. decided to test its capabilities on the projectile over the bar. The forces were not equal, Rod Man crushed. This incident did not affect the physical health of Dwayne's father caught himself in time, but significantly influenced his decision to link their future with the sport. From that moment began serious training under his father Dwayne.

In high school, fascinated by American football, Johnson reached quite good results. And by the time of graduation, he chose from a variety of offers from universities in the US and gave their preference to the University of Miami. Dwayne fully lived up to its promise, winning in 1991, winning the national student NCAA championship in the team Miami Harikeyns. In 1995, Johnson received a degree in psychology and criminology, and immediately after the release signed with the Canadian team in American football "Calgary Stampeders."

But severe back injury, received a year later, put an end to the career of a football player. Deprived of the opportunity to play professional football, Duane opened new horizons in the ring.

Wrestler Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson's debut as a wrestler, was held in November 1996 under the stage name Rocky Maive made up of the father's name and the names of his grandfather. And after three months - the first title World Wrestling Federation. But the viewer rather quickly tired of the image of a good, honest guy, do not break the rules. From the stands were increasingly heard shouts of "Die Rocky Die!».

Therefore, Johnson took a timeout, having gone on for some time out of the ring, and returned in the form of bad boy with a new name Scala, earned the unconditional love of the public and became a 17-time champion of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Film career
In 2000, Dwayne Johnson released a bestselling autobiography "The Rock says ..." that sparked much interest in his person, including Hollywood.

"The Rock" was offered first in his life supporting role in the movie "The Mummy Returns", and then a major role in its prequel - "The Scorpion King". In the first film company wrestler on the set made Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz.

Metaes, The Scorpion King, Duane provided a record in the book of Guinness and demand as an actor militants. Since 2011, Dwayne Johnson starred in the series "Fast and Furious" with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Screenwriter fifth of Chris Morgan specifically rewrote the role of an agent Luke Hobbs by Johnson, the viewer can enjoy the brutal Vin Diesel and The Rock in a single frame.

In addition to the militants Dwayne Johnson established himself as a good comic actor (films "Tooth Fairy," "The Game Plan").

PERSONAL LIFE of Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson met his wife, a Cuban Dani Garcia at age 20, when he was at the University of Miami. In 1999, seven years later, the couple legalized their relationship, and August 14, 2001 Johnson became parents of a beautiful girl Simone Alexandra.

But in June 2007, Dwayne and Dany made an official statement that they file for divorce, and the daughter stays with her mother. Every month on living expenses Alexandra Simon Dwayne pays 22 thousand dollars, not counting another five thousand for her education. Despite breaking a couple managed to keep a friendly relationship. After the release of the film "Hercules" Johnson attributed the affair with co-star, top model Irina Shayk who allegedly because Hollywood actor threw a football player Cristiano Ronaldo. But this information has not been confirmed, and soon tabloid photographer Irina lit with no less famous actor Bradley Cooper.

As for Dwayne, he found in 2007 with singer Lauren Hashiyan. Roman began after a divorce the star with his first wife.

In the fall of 2015 the press reported that the addition of a couple waiting at the beginning of next year, after 9 years of living together.

Dwayne Johnson TODAY
In the summer of 2014 in the world rolling out the film "Hercules", in which the role of the protagonist played Dwayne Johnson. In April 2015 the audience was presented a film about 7 riders outlawed "Fast and Furious", which along with the actor starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jason Statham.

At the current moment, Dwayne Johnson's tight shooting schedule. In 2016 exits the screen action-comedy "Central Intelligence". Work has already begun on the movie "Fast and the Furious 8 'Felix Gary Gray on the post of director, hire a new part is scheduled for 2017.

A Disney studio chose Johnson for the lead role in the film "Jungle Cruise" based on the popular rides (output movie also announced in 2017).

Dwayne Johnson


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Like his father and grandfather, several of Johnson's other (non-blood) relatives are or were professional wrestlers, including his uncles, Afa and Sika Anoaʻi (The Wild Samoans) and his cousins, Rodney (Yokozuna), Solofa (Rikishi), Matt (Rosey) and Eddie (Umaga). When Johnson declared his intent to become a wrestler, his father initially resisted, but then agreed to train him himself, warning that he would not go easy on him. Veteran wrestler Pat Patterson got Johnson several tryout matches with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1996. Under his real name, he defeated The Brooklyn Brawler at a house show and lost the other matches to Chris Candido and Owen Hart. After wrestling at Jerry Lawler's United States Wrestling Association as Flex Kavana and winning the USWA World Tag Team Championship twice with Bart Sawyer in the summer of 1996, Johnson signed a WWF contract. He received additional training from Tom Prichard, alongside Achim Albrecht and Mark Henry.