Elena Jane Goulding - British singer, songwriter, actress. She is better known in the world as Ellie Goulding. Gained popularity due to win in the competition «BBC Sound of 2010". As a young singer won in the category "Critics Choice" in the BRIT Award.

Ellie was born in the province Layonskholl, not far from the capital of the county Hirfordshir Herford in the south-east of England. As the second in a family of four children, Ellie has two sisters and a brother. Her father - Arthur Golding was an undertaker, like all his ancestors, and his mother Tracey Golding worked all her life in a supermarket. Income family was not easy, sometimes hard enough even for food.

When she was five, his father left them, and the little girl with her mother, brothers and sisters went to live with another man. At the age of nine young Golding began studying clarinet, fourteen have already had great guitar, and fifteen for the first time began writing the first songs.

Dorothy studied at a school for girls in Hawkins Kington Herfordskom and then in college. The girl was a good student, but did not differ by good behavior. Golding tells herself that she and her boyfriend Niall often staged minor mischief. She enjoys playing theater studio at the school, it's a hobby later led her to acting classes.

After school, she studied Ellie at Kent University in the department of political science and English. She enrolled only through their own knowledge, completely without any help. In addition, she has written to "heartbreaking" (as says Ellie) letter describing their history. She did not believe in a long time that it took, but it was so. There, the future singer won the contest singing, after which decided to seriously develop their career in the musically.

Hoping to write debut single, Ellie moved to the capital of Great Britain, and in 2009 Golding finally got the coveted contract. Immediately after recording «Under the Sheets» young singer won the admiration of all the critics of his country.

Gorgeous voice, my dear, and an English accent truth boundless charm did the trick. In 2010, Ellie took first place in the competition «BBC Sound», which is held every year in order to highlight the truly gifted singers. But the triumph of the already famous singer is not over. A few months later, she received the «BRIT Awards» in the category "Critics Choice". The next single, it was called «Stary Eayed» - is the most popular of its work now and the fourth most popular single in the UK.

Next came already serious LP «Lights». He got on top of the British charts. Only one UK album spread circulation of almost 700,000 copies. The single «Gunts and Horses» gave the world an opportunity to see a little bit different Golding. It even contains "country-motives". Great clip strengthened the popularity of the album, and the already famous singer became a worldwide star.

The year 2010 was truly eventful for Golding, as published in November cover of the famous song «Your Song» Elton John. Critics tend to be most cruel to a cover, but Ellie passed this test successfully. In the interpretation of this song if Golding has found a new life and become a symbol of all lovers of the year. The song «Lights» completed a self-titled album, which accounts for the fifth single Ellie. After her release, Golding became known as the "Queen of hipsters," which is considered to be very, very respectful nickname.

It is logical that after a year of hard work should be possible to take a break, relax a bit, but not Ellie. In early 2011, the singer announced that it has started recording a new album. In addition, she created the song not only for themselves but also for Dayany Vikerz, Gabriella Cilmi and others.

In 2010, Dorothy was her boyfriend Greg James. At that time he worked on BBC Radio 1 DJ position. Golding told that although the separation was difficult, she was glad to finally get rid of this relationship, because Greg is always something it did not like.

After the break, she wrote the song «Anything Can Happen». Ellie thought she long time is not yet able to start a new relationship, but met "him" could not stay in the same opinion. In 2012, Golding said publicly about the relationship with renowned producer, musician and DJ Skrillex.

Ellie emphasizes that it has a special sense of humor, very similar to her own, and it also plays a special role. But unfortunately, this relationship did not last long due to the fact that they lived on different continents, consequently rarely seen.

Ellie Goulding NOW
At the beginning of 2011 the singer was awarded the title of "best performer" in the BRIT Awards. A few months later Ellie accepted an invitation to sing at the wedding ceremony the newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton. Newlyweds claimed to be big fans of her work. For most it was Ellie is a great honor. She sang covers of several well-known songs and some of his hits.

October 5, 2012 released her second album «Halcyon». Two years later, he won a seat in the first row in the UK Albums Chart, becoming the second for Golding leader of the hit parade of the United Kingdom. In February 2014 three Golding won in the nomination "The best British singer" award at the 2014 Brit Awards.

Nowadays, Golding did not stop working. That's the third album will be released, and a big number of new songs and a cover makes it impossible to list them all. This bright personality will not soon fade away, as the crowd of fans and countless new ideas (as she says) just will not let her do it.

Ellie Goulding


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Goulding's debut album Lights was released in March 2010, reaching number one on the UK Albums Chart and number six on the Irish Albums Chart. Its singles "Starry Eyed", "Guns and Horses", and "The Writer" peaked at numbers 4, 26, and 19. As of June 2012, the album had sold over 850,000 copies in the UK and 1. 6 million copies worldwide. In August 2010, she released a second EP, Run into the Light, containing remixes of songs from Lights. The album was supported by Nike and was released through Polydor as a running soundtrack in an effort to get her music taken up by the running subculture. In November 2010, Lights was re-released as Bright Lights, with six new tracks added. It was originally announced that the lead single from Bright Lights would be the new edit of the title track with a release scheduled for 1 November 2010. This plan was ultimately scrapped to allow her cover of Elton John's "Your Song" to be released in conjunction with the John Lewis Christmas advert in the UK in 2010. The single became her second highest-charting single to date, reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart. It also charted in some European countries. In January 2011, it was announced that the title track from Lights would serve as the second single from Bright Lights.