Despite the fact that the theater works Emilia Clarke has long been noted by European critics and journalists, commonly known the actress came only after the release of the popular television series "Game of Thrones." Her fine acting job Daenerys Targaryen made one of the most popular and beloved heroines of films. She wants to empathize with her and wants to fall in love. After a few seasons of the television series image of a beautiful and fair "Mother Dragon" became the family for hundreds of thousands of viewers in all corners of the Earth.

Appearing in the film adaptation of the cult novel, Emilia Clarke instantly captivated the public and made the whole world to wonder: "What actress breathed life into the image of such a favorite with all the character"? To find the necessary answer we will try today to bring to your attention the story of the life path of the famous British actress.

Childhood and adolescence of Emilia Clarke
The future star of the series "Game of Thrones" was born in the bustling and vibrant London, but spent her childhood away from the British capital - in the provincial Berkshire. Mum Emily Clark was engaged in business, and his father worked as a sound engineer in one of the local theaters. As she remembers, even in the age of three for the first time my mother brought her to the "dad to work." World lurking below the scenes are so amazed and enchanted the young girl that later she just could not imagine my life without theater. From the earliest years, Emilia attended St. Edward's School in Oxford. Here she comprehended the intricacies of the acting profession. Here she first came on the scene, having featured in two theater productions. After high school, Emilia Clarke after a long interval came back to London. In the British capital the young actress was admitted to the London Drama Center (Drama Centre London). It started its formation as a professional actress.

The first work of Emilia Clarke at THEATRE
While still a student Emilia Clarke noted several significant roles on the stage of London's theater. In 2007, the actress won the role in the adaptation of Anna Petrovna early Anton Chekhov's play "Wild Honey" (in the CIS countries more widely known as "Fatherless"). Acting debut was received with enthusiasm by all the critics and teachers, and then Emilia Clarke was one of the main actresses in the London Drama Centre.

Also in 2007, she noted in yet another important statement, playing the role of Eliza Doolittle in George Bernard Shaw's play "Pygmalion." From that moment on, many directors began sending her own script, vying inviting the young actress in the performances. In 2008 and 2009, respectively actress participated once in eight different productions. The most significant works of the period for the actress began to play "Emilia Galotti", "Awake and Sing", "Midsummer Night's Dream." Most notable has stood its cooperation with two Russian director Oleg Miroshnikov (play "The Government Inspector") and Vladimir Mirodanom ("Changeling", "Hamlet").

Further career of Emilia Clarke
In 2009, while still a student at the theater center, Emilia Clarke appeared on television for the first time. The first work of the young actress was a small role Saskia Mayer in the TV series "Doctor." TV debut was difficult to call failure, but great fame this role the actress has not brought. And some time later, she again began to play in the theater. After graduation, Emilia Clarke left London and went to Los Angeles. There, in the city of movie stars, the actress went to work in the oldest non-profit theater in Hollywood - Company Of Angels. The first and the only work of this period for a young Englishwoman was the play "feeling", which has been very successful. Taking a little time out, she again attempted to break into the cinema screens. At the beginning of 2010 she started starred in "Attack of the Triassic period," in which she performed the role of a brave and bold Savannah - a young girl, forced to desperately resist suddenly revived dinosaurs.

This work has brought her success. And along with it, and offer to play the role Daenerys Targaryen in the TV series "Game of Thrones."

Rise in popularity
The resulting role for Emilia Clarke became a real breakthrough. The series became one of the most popular on American television and soon became televised in all corners of the Earth. At the popular "Game of Thrones" has grown in popularity and Emily Clark. It is noteworthy that initially the role of "Mother of Dragons" was approved by another actress (Tamzin Merchant), but she willingly gave up shooting just a few weeks before they begin. Thus, the chance to prove himself fell Emilia Clarke. And she used it in full. After two series actress was offered a contract to shoot the second and third seasons of the picture. Directors and critics were crazy about her acting and did not hesitate to put forward its various television awards. So there was a statue of her collection EWwy Award, awarded to the magazine Entertainment Weeklu and several other awards. In addition, in 2012, Emilia Clarke was among the 99-year-most desirable women on the planet's version of the portal Ask men. Interested in Emilia Clarke and major Hollywood producers. Even today, the actress is working on the movie "Hemingway House", in which it will co-star Jude Law.

PERSONAL LIFE of Emilia Clarke
Since September 2012 the actress met with renowned Hollywood director and animator Seth McFarlane. Their relations have developed rapidly, but in March 2013th couple announced their break. According to some journalists, the reason for this was the supposed romance with actor Emilia Clarke Keith Harrington, known for his role as John Snow in "Games of Thrones".

In a short time, the network appeared together two photos of celebrities. Although the official confirmation of a love affair between the partners shoot yet. Well, we will closely monitor developments.

Emilia Clarke