Emily Blunt was brought up in a family of four children. Large Mom and Dad - a lawyer and a teacher. Mum Emily herself in his youth was an actress until she married, she worked in television. Star loved growing up very engaged in singing, music, especially playing the cello, as well as fond of horse riding. However, to go in the footsteps of his mother and his acting pursuits Emily Blunt prevented a significant drawback - the girl stuttered. However, the future actress was under the care speech therapist. The doctor is not only engaged in the treatment of Emily, but also helps to learn to imitate someone else's schoolgirl voices. Therefore Blanc coped with speech defects, which helped her future career.

While studying in high school, Emily Blunt went on to study acting, and after only six months she was casting and got a role in the production of "The Royal Family" by Sir Peter Hall, where he played Jedi Dench. After this work, the young actress newspaper «The Evening Standard» awarded her the prestigious status of "best aspiring actress." Emily continued to strengthen its success, then she played in the play "Romeo and Juliet" at the 2002 Chichester Festival. There, she got the title role of Juliet. Flexible and blue-eyed beauty had furious energy, and this is what has allowed Emily in 2003 to get on TV, where she was given the role of the Queen's daughter-warrior named Alex Kingston in the television series «Boudica». This series was the American TV show «PBS». Following Blunt played a whole series teledram, including she embodied on the screen the image of Henry VIII's fifth wife Catherine Howard in the series «Henry VIII». Here, the young actress has worked with Ray Winstone.

After Emily was awarded the role of spoiled socialite, who was waiting for a rather unpleasant fate in the thriller «Death on the Nile» based on the novel by Agatha Christie.

Contact with prisoner
After the success of such laws Emily Blunt almost shocked critics for his skill in translating role in the film «My Summer of Love» in 2004. Here she played a young woman controlled, communicating with a former prisoner. This film got the prize BAFTA, thereby inevitably attracted attention to itself actress. This fact let's hope Emily Blunt on offer to larger roles on the big studios. In 2005, the actress played a vestal virgin in a small historical series "Rome" channel ABC. And then it got very good reviews after his work in the Australian film «Irresistible», where she played the title role, a young woman who, in the opinion of others, trying to seduce someone else's husband. On set with Emily worked as Sam Neil and Susan Sarandon.

And in the same 2005, Emily returned to television. Immediately she won the "Golden Globe" for his portrayal of a teenager who is famous for tense relations with their own parents. In «Gideon's Daughter» together with the actress played the famous Miranda Richardson and Bill Nighy.

The Devil Wears Prada
But Hollywood debut for Emily Blunt was the picture of "The Devil Wears Prada." The actress played a girl who is afraid, and at the same time the steel worships his boss, played by Meryl Streep. The heroine of the latest make life unbearable heroine Emily and unhappy. Game Blunt collected only positive reviews, and some critics have even offered to nominate an actress for the "Oscar" for qualitative Actress. A few years Emily worked hard until the "devil" to change the rating, but after a successful painting at Emily started to pay attention to the world's largest film studio. Whatever it was almost comical role in "The Devil Wears Prada", he gave a head start to other roles that were also "real" to the extreme. This, for example, social disorder teacher pond in 2007, the film "Jane Austen Book Club." And in the same 2007 Emilie she starred with such famous actors as John Malkovich in the movie «The Great Buck Howard» or Tom Hanks in the film «Charlie Wilson's War». In addition, the actress got the main role in the horror film called «The Chill», and then followed by a small role in the comedy film "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan" Steve Carrel.

Personal life
And at the same time behind the scenes of the novel, rapidly developed an actress with the popular jazz Maine Michael Bublé. This fact made Emily object of gossip and a number of articles in the tabloid press. In 2007, Emily has performed one of the songs titled «Call Me Irresponsible» in the album Michael. However, three years, the couple was happy, and then broke up. A little later, Emily fell into the arms of the star series "The Office," John Krasinski. In 2009, the betrothed couple.

Meanwhile, Emily Blunt's career continued to develop. So, in 2009 came just five pictures with the actress. This British costume drama «Young Victory», where Emily played a young Queen Victoria, whose twisted romance with Prince Albert. This work was appreciated by the critics and even the actress nominated for "Golden Globe". This was followed by the role of reckless loser in tragicomedy «Sunshine Cleaning». The heroine of the picture sister helped organize a business cleaning crime scenes. In after Emily got the role of an object of adoration love killer, played by Bill Nighy in the British comedy «Wild Target». He graduated from the actress busy year working on the film «Wolfman» with Benicio Del Toro. The actress got the role of werewolf lover.

Interesting Facts
In 2009, Emily Blunt engaged in dubbing 20 episode season of the popular TV series "The Simpsons." His voice gave character actress Juliet Hobbes, is a new friend of Lisa Simpson. Viewers saw the piece of the picture after a couple of weeks.

Emily Blunt still lives in his hometown. Emily considered the candidacy for the role in the movie "The Dark Knight." There, the actress could play Rachel Dawes.

Emily Blunt


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In November 2001, Blunt made her professional debut opposite Judi Dench in Sir Peter Hall's production of the play The Royal Family, in which she played the role of the granddaughter Gwen to Dench's Fanny Cavendish. Critic Tom Keatinge hailed the production, writing that "Peter Hall's direction and Anthony Ward's tremendous set combine with all this to make The Royal Family a terrific night's entertainment," and that "More importantly though, it provides a vehicle for acting of the finest quality, with strong performances from the whole ensemble. . . " For her performance, Blunt was named "Best Newcomer" by The Evening Standard. She went on to perform as Eugenie in Nicholas Wright's Vincent in Brixton at the National Theatre, and as Juliet in Indhu Rubasingham's production of Romeo and Juliet at Chichester Festival Theatre, both in 2002. In 2003, Blunt made her screen debut in the British television drama Boudica, about the life of the ancient Celtic warrior-queen who fought the Romans. That same year, she was praised for her performance as the 16th-century queen Catherine Howard in the two-part British television drama Henry VIII.