Little-known singer Debbie Nelson at age 15 married her musician colleagues and bore him a son. The boy was named in the same way as his father - Marshall Bruce MetersIII (known as Eminem). When the future of Eminem was only six months, the father left the family. Mom constantly left her son to live with relatives or permanently moved to a toddler. As a result, the family stopped in the area of ​​East Side in Detroit. There Marshal and went to school, however, the lessons are constantly truant. And in the rare moments of change in the visit arranged rap freestyles that consistently win. Marshall was 12 years old when he and his mother finally settled in the East Detroit. And here the future of the rapper appeared in trouble. In fourth grade student terrorized every day a high school student. School had to be replaced every few months. Eminem had no one to make friends, it is difficult to learn and not get in trouble.

In coma
In winter 1983 severely beat the boy, he spent ten days in a coma. It was a difficult childhood and years of suffering and influenced the work of Eminem. A year after the incident, Marshall with his mother back in Kansas City. There's a future celebrity meet again in Ronnie's brother, his mother, with whom the young man became friends. "My uncle was actually my best friend," - says the rapper. Ronnie was a fan of rap music and recorded several cassettes for his nephew. "And I thought, damn, that's what I can do!" - Thought then Eminem. Incidentally, when Marshall was only nine years old, his uncle brought him a cassette Ice T «Reckless», which has changed the presentation of the rap Mathers.

Already in the 13 years the boy begins to record their rap and so interested in rap music, that can not live without it any day. As a result, the future actor in the school acquired a reputation capable rapper. At the same time, and there was the name of Eminem. The 15-year-old Marshal met at the school his future wife, Kim Scott. And then the light appears his first rap group. The 17-year-old Eminem left school and began to try questionable underpaid profession. In particular, the rapper performed live at night in one of the local radio stations.

In 1995, Eminem made his debut in the group Soul Intent. Since it includes DJ Butterfingers and Proof (ex-musician, the D-12, as well as Eminem's best friend). On release, little is known, except that it included a track called Fucking backstabber, which is dedicated to African-American rapper Champtownu. In addition, one of the tracks Biterphobi of public opinion was the best of creativity novice musician. Today, the drive is almost impossible to get his circulation was miserable, because the sponsor could not find the group. In 1996, Eminem released his first album. It was called «Infinite», but went unnoticed because of the oversaturation of hip-hop in Detroit. Moreover, even a musician accused of copying and Az rappers Nas. «Infinite» was an album where I wanted to understand, in what style I will speak, and how I sound, present themselves, "- said the actor.

In the same year, Eminem made a solo artist, an independent company was its album «Infinite». Now the musician sees it as a demo. It then took the cold shoulder to heart. And just for fun began work on their next EP «Slim Shady». According to legend, the dark-skinned rapper Dr. Dre accidentally found Eminem's demo record in the garage of the chief «Interscope» Ayovina and became interested in the young performer. But, nevertheless, the Doctor did not sign a contract with Marshall until until he won the "Ayovina." "In '97, I probably would have walked away from the music, if not for Dre. My daughter was only a year. I was not even afford to buy her a diaper. I had nowhere to run continuously fired. And I did not have a diploma, and had nowhere to go. When I released Slim Shady EP, I told the producers that if she did not become popular, then I'll go from rap and find myself a normal job. I sank to the bottom. I had depresuha and I got hooked on drugs. But Dre heard my tracks and called me. He saved my life "- says Eminem. Dr. Dre considered necessary to re-release formulation «Slim Shady EP». She left in 1999 and became a hit. The popularity of the disk began to grow after the video clip «My Name Is», which filled the airwaves. However, sharp and controversial lyrics Eminem began to cause controversy. Some thought that the musician reveals the social ulcers, others believed that he incites hatred against certain categories (gay woman), and people in general. At the same time, some found his daring and witty, others nearby and rude. "I say things that tend to shock people. However, I do not do that shocking. And I do not try to be Tupac number two, I do not know how many will stay on this planet. As long as I'm here, I try to do in my life as much as possible "- Eminem himself said about it.

2000s The second full-length work rapper «The Marshall Mathers LP» appeared in 2000, and again sparked controversy. On the disc, Eminem spoke on his own behalf and not on behalf of a fictional character. Became popular «The Real Slim Shady» and «Stan». Marshall sang the last song with the singer Dido. It caused a lot of complaints and video for the song. The artist is constantly warmed up passions around him: that he filled the man's face, which, according to him, kissing his wife at the bar, and one of the songs unflattering comments about his mother. By the way, parent to sue him in court. Against Eminem began performing public organizations. For example, the Lesbian and Gay Association said it will boycott the nomination actor for Grammy. But in 2001, the artist received the award three times.

In the same year, Eminem became members of the group D12, which releases its first album entitled «Devil's Night». Singles «Fight Music» and «Purple Pills» became wildly popular. In 2002 there is a new clip «Without Me». Musician it pounces on Limp Bizkit and Moby, and then released the album «The Eminem Show». The album became brilliant, worldwide sold over 20 million copies. Several months later, the rapper appears autobiographical film "Eight Mile". It Eminem appears in the form of a beggar rapper Jimmy Smith. The film audience greeted warmly, and the soundtrack «Lose Yourself» brought the musician "Oscar".

In 2004, Eminem appears again as a part of «D12» and releasing records «D12 World». She, along with a clip «My Band» is gaining popularity. The fifth studio album, «Encore» published in November 2004. This album is not got no one "Grammy" awards, almost all nominations ahead of the rapper's new hip-hop star Kanya West. Further, the light comes a collection of the best songs «Curtain Call: The Hits». And at the end of 2006 comes a compilation of tracks in which the rapper is new musicians that Eminem is the public new artists Boby Creekwater and Cashis.

Creativity was quiet until 2007. Then Eminem recorded with T.I. composition «Touch Down». And then again silence and a half years. In early 2009, Eminem has once again asserted itself. He recorded a song with Dr. Dre and 50 cent song «Crack a bottle». A few weeks later, he won the Billboard Chart. This was followed by four mixtape: two in 2009 - «Black America» and «Screwed & Chopped», one in 2010 «On Road To Recovery» and one in 2011 «Straight From The Vault EP».



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After his debut album Infinite (1996) and the Slim Shady EP (1997), Eminem signed with Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment and subsequently achieved mainstream popularity in 1999 with The Slim Shady LP, which earned him his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. His next two releases, 2000's The Marshall Mathers LP and 2002's The Eminem Show, were worldwide successes, with each being certified diamond in U. S. sales, and both winning Best Rap Album Grammy Awards—making Eminem the first artist to win the award for three consecutive LPs. They were followed by Encore in 2004, another critical and commercial success. Eminem went on hiatus after touring in 2005, releasing Relapse in 2009 and Recovery in 2010. Both won Grammy Awards and Recovery was the best-selling album of 2010 worldwide, the second time he had the international best-selling album of the year (after The Eminem Show). Eminem's eighth album, 2013's The Marshall Mathers LP 2, won two Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album; it expanded his record for the most wins in that category and his Grammy total to 15.