Do the brilliant Julia Roberts thought that the day of 10 February 1991 will give her a great continuation of the unique acting talent, whom the actress has. This day was born Emma Roberts, which family connections niece beloved "beauty." Tiny Emma was born as the fruit of love of actor Eric Roberts (brother of Julia Roberts) and actress and model Kelly Cunningham. However, the happiness did not last long. Just after the birth of her daughter left Eric lover holding a baby, and when the child was 7 months and deprived of all his mother with a child shelter. Julia act outraged brother, immediately rushed to the aid of Kelly. She bought a niece and daughter failed a house and began vigorously protect the rights of her daughter Kelly, as Eric wanted to take the baby to him.

As a child, Emma was loved by her mother and her aunt Julia Roberts star. The latter supports the family spent a lot of time with the little girl, often takes her with him to the set. In 2001, Emma appeared stepfather and soon was born Gracie - stepsister. The family of a father, Eric Roberts, who married a well-known actress and producer Eliza Simons shortly after discord with Kelly, also had children. Eliza was previously married, with whom she had a son and daughter Keaton Morgan. So Emma has another sister and brother.

Career of EMMA ROBERTS, filmography
The dream of becoming an actress possessed girl in early childhood. Over time, the solution is increasingly grown and strengthened. At age 10, after a debut in the drama "Cocaine", which starred Ted Demme and where Emma was lucky enough to play with themselves and the incomparable Johnny Depp Penelope Cruz, the desire to be an actress finally strengthened. The role of the daughter of a drug dealer Cristina Yang failed Emma exceptionally well, and she moved to Los Angeles, where he combined his studies at the School of Usher "Archer School for Girls" with the shooting in the cinema.

Emma's mother is not very welcomed the choice of his daughter. She wanted to Emma more relaxed life and teenage years filled with carefree fun with her friends. However, with stubborn and assertive character that distinguishes all of Roberts, the girl was able to defend the howl of view. A little later, Kelly also gladly accepted the decision because the bright appearance and extraordinary charismatic figures, a talent inherited from acting dynasty, Emma promised a great future. In 2002, there were the shootings of two films - "Grand Champion" and "Chimpanzee spy." Both tapes filmed by director Barry Tubb. The "great champion" Emma perfectly played the role of the main character Buddy's sister, and "Chimpanzee spy" mastered the role of the daughter in the past a secret agent Michael Muggins.

EMMA ROBERTS universal recognition, work in the TV series
At the age of 13 years, Emma Roberts was the star of the series "Unfabulous". Comedy depicting the life of the protagonist Eddie Singer in all the vicissitudes of teen age, became the most popular, which prompted producers to the idea is not limited to one season. So began filming the second season, and then a third. It was the most successful project of the channel 'Nickelodeon'. TV viewers watched the show from 2004 to 2007. Eddie Singer (Emma Roberts) was in the film to compose their own songs, perform them and playing guitar. The melodious voice timbre is so talented girl like the producers that they have seriously thought of a musical career of Emma.

The series "Unfabulous" has brought a rising movie star adulation of millions of teenagers nomination 2005 TeenChoice Awa, and the Young Artist Award, where she was nominated twice. Musical ability is reflected in saundtrekek Disney movie "Ice Princess" and the first album "Unfabulousand More: Emma Roberts". In 2006, the grown-up, charming, very much like her aunt Julia, Emma Roberts began her modeling career with the company Dooney & Bourke. In the same year we went shooting together with Sara Paxton and Joanna Levesque in "Aquamarine". 2007 was marked by the film "Nancy Drew" played a tremendous role lovers of adventure puzzles and detective Nancy (the main character).

Emma Roberts has achieved stellar fame through hard work. To it came really luxurious life in the film - invitations to the main role more than she could dream about it. The film "Luxury Life" where the lead actors are Alec Baldwin and Emma Roberts, was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. And he turned out to be prophetic. Today Emma in the top ten most promising stars of Hollywood, and in 2010 the young star appeared on the screen, along with Julia Roberts in the romantic comedy "Valentine's Day".

Emma is young and very young, so the personal life is not associated with a particularly serious hobby. She dated actor Alex Pettyfer, then fascinated by the famous skateboarder Ryan Sheckler.

On a more serious affair claimed relationship with Evan Peters, whom she met in 2012. However, the couple announced the engagement gap in summer 2015. Emma, ​​having a wayward and obstinate character, it is hardly in a hurry to put on a wedding ring on his finger. Now it is thought most career takes. She really wants to Julia Roberts, which awakened in the little girl's dream of becoming an actress, she was proud.

Emma Roberts


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In 2004, she began starring as the lead character Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous, which debuted in September of that year. The sitcom earned Roberts a Teen Choice Award nomination and several Young Artist Award nominations. The series focused on a seventh grader, Addie, and her two best friends. It aired for three seasons (2004–07). The show also spawned TV movies, including The Perfect Moment. Also in 2004, Roberts guest-starred in an episode of the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh titled "Honor Council". After her run on Unfabulous, Nickelodeon had considered giving Roberts a kick start into a music career. In 2006, Roberts returned to the big screen, starring alongside Sara Paxton and singer JoJo in Aquamarine. She won a 2007 Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Young Actress in a Feature Film for her role in the film. The film Aquamarine took fifth place at the box office in its opening weekend making $8 million. In early 2006, Roberts finished shooting her title role in Nancy Drew. The film was released to theaters on June 15, 2007, and grossed over $7 million in its opening weekend, though the film was not well received by critics. Roberts was set to reunite with Nancy Drew director Andrew Fleming on both Rodeo Gal and a Nancy Drew sequel in 2007, but these films were never made.