Eva Green is working in films and on the podium under his real name. Although few believe it. In fact, France is not blowing from the name because the father of Eve - a Swede by birth. By the way, it works a dentist and my mother, by the way, a famous actress Marlene Jobert. She Algerian Frenchwoman with Jewish roots. However, in recent years he has been Marlene children's literature. Eva has a sister Joy - she twin actresses. Uncle of the girls - the famous cinematographer Christian Berger.

Twin sister
It is worth noting that Eva and Joy did not like each other. They differ not only physically, but also emotionally. Eve though is a natural blonde, but with 14 years of dye his hair brown and Joey remains true to itself and supports your natural hair color - blond. In life, by the way, the sisters do not talk. Moreover, Joey did not even see the game Eve. She just does not like the theater and the head went into business. She is more practical and concrete than her famous sister.

The 17-year-old Eva left France and went to teach English in Kent, in Ramsgate. However, after the girl returned home and continued his studies at the American School. And then Green has decided that he wants to build a career as an actor. That is why, and chose a number of prestigious American and European universities. In them, she took courses of acting and directing. For example, Eva cum Paris School of Dramatic Art Sen Paul, Academy of Dramatic Art in London Weber Douglas, as well as the Tisch School of the Arts, which is located at the University of New York.

However, after studying at the Universities of Eva she returned to her native Paris. There she had planned to start an acting career. And the first steps in her new role as the steel in several theater productions. It is at the stage of the Green and saw the famous director Bernardo Bertolucci. He later called it "obscenely beautiful." Bernardo invited the girl to the shooting of his painting "The Dreamers." Sverhotkrovennaya literally the role of a spoiled Parisian Isabelle, who is interested in cinema, as well as sexual experimentation with the American and confuses his brother instantly catapulted to fame Eva Green.

After the movie "The Dreamers" Eva Green took part in the shooting of another French painting - "Arsene Lupin." But after that, she received a tempting offer from Hollywood. She made her debut actress in a Hollywood-scale production of "Kingdom of Heaven" directed by Ridley Scott in 2005. Eve got the role of Queen Sibylla of Jerusalem, which is deeply in love crusader named Balian. His, by the way, plays Orlando Bloom. Together with him and Green played brilliantly once again proved his talent. It is possible that Eva considers herself the work of the beloved, because it is in the movie "Kingdom of Heaven", she played with his idol, actor Edward Norton. He performed Baldwin. Well, Eve next role has become even more pronounced. She played the legendary Bond girl, her character was named Vesper Lynd. New actress Green chose eminent as directors Broccoli decided that the update is called the cast of the series of 007 Premiere of "Casino Royale", the main role in which played Daniel Craig, came to the end of 2006.

A year later, Eva Green has shone in the film adaptation of the fantastic tale called "The Golden Compass" and then immerse themselves in the work on the first part of the popular book series by Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials". Here, the actress played the role of Serafina Pekkaly - Queen of witches. Eva Green has always carefully chooses his roles. She prefers the fateful character, not the usual, which, according to the actress, had played enough without it. Actress sympathetic to work in low-budget movies. For example, in the film, 2007 "Franklin", which was aimed not at the acting game, starring the talented Sam Riley and Ryan. It's a crazy film about three people who do not in themselves and are considered totally depressed. Eve got just two characters. The first - a heroine Tracy Emin, crazy and exhausted woman, and the second - Mary Poppins, intelligent, humorous and full of life. Another film Eve - "Cracks". The actress was fun to play due to the fact that it appears in the form of a fatal swimming teacher, Miss Gee. And the majority of the audience watched the picture only because of Eva Green. Eva Green would appear in the frame of the film "The Black Dahlia." However, the proposal on the work of director Brian De Palma actress rejected. While on account of Eva Green just over 10 work in motion pictures.

But as a model she worked with well-known companies all over the world as Christian Dior, Lancôme, Emporio Armani.

And now Eva Green advertises products from Breil Jewels, which also pleases fans of his unusual mysterious smile. Eve is the face of the new fragrance Dior Midnight Poison.

Personal life
This milestone complicated life of the actress. In his spare time, Eva prefers to lead a boring life, just walking, walking in the countryside with a dog, go to the movies with friends. By nature Green - old lady. She confesses that he never felt young, moreover, did not feel that they belong to the present. The actress said that would have preferred to be born in a different century, for example, in the XIX century. However, there she wanted to live only in a rich family. On the film "Kingdom of Heaven" Eve became acquainted with the actor Marton Csokas. On the platform played a pair of husband and wife. It so happened that scenario sympathy transported in life. In 2005, Eva began dating Marton. However, before the wedding is not reached. Lovers parted in 2009.

Interesting Facts
Now Eva Green lives in the two countries. She has a house in Paris and London. Favorite actors Eva - is Edward Norton and Isabelle Adjani. According to the actress, on stage it pulled after she watched the film "Story of Adele H.", which played Ajani.

While preparing for the role of Bond Girl Whisper Lin, a tragic figure in the life of the 007, the actress focused on the heroine Lady Macbeth. Eva Green is fluent in French and English.

Eva Green


Wiki info

Green was born two minutes earlier than her fraternal twin sister, Joy (Johanne). She is the daughter of Marlène Jobert, an actress, and Walter Green, a dentist. Her father has acted in film, appearing in Robert Bresson's film Au Hasard Balthazar. Her father is of Swedish, French, and Breton descent, and through him she is the great-granddaughter of the French Breton composer Paul Le Flem. Her mother, a native of French Algeria, later moved to Metropolitan France. Green is Jewish, as is her mother (of Sephardic Jewish heritage). Eva has described herself as “a secular Jew who never attended synagogue as a girl”; she has said "I feel like a citizen of the world. Life and cinema don't have borders. " Green has described her family as "bourgeois", and has said that her sister is very different from her. Green is naturally dark blonde; she has dyed her hair black since she was 15 years old. The French-Swedish actress Marika Green is her aunt. The 1980s pop-star Elsa Lunghini is her first cousin, through their mothers, as is actress Joséphine Jobert, through her father and Green's mother.