Eva was born in a family that had Spanish roots. They, by the way, can be traced to the tenth generation. Longoria's great-grandfather named Lorenzo Suarez de Longoria was born in 1592 and a teenager with his parents emigrated and New Spain. He was a native of a small village, "Longoria", who was in the Spanish municipality of Belmonte de Miranda. Hence, by the way, and there was a sonorous name of Castilian pronunciation actress.

Hailing from the fields
Family Eva Longoria hunted agriculture at its disposal were vast areas of land that are inherited from their ancestors. Despite this, the family was poor, so parents aspiring actress had largely itself to infringe, to save a good education for their children. By the way, Eva is one of all children in the family was able to go to university. She successfully graduated from it and became a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Eva Longoria childhood dream of working in show business. At first, she wanted to be a fashion model and has already sent their photos to a modeling agency, but she refused employment because she was too small in stature - only 157 centimeters.

However, during the student Eva never for a moment forgot about his dream. She went to all kinds of castings, as well as participated in various competitions. Moreover, in 1988, Eva has got the title of "Miss Corpus Christi." This competition for young talents, and brought Longoria in Los Angeles. And here on a stubborn, persistent and hardworking provincial notice. Eva hire a home agent.

Tenacity and stubbornness
His first telerol Eva Longoria received in 2000. She appeared in an episode of "Beverly Hills, 90210" in the image of flight attendants. Next was a cameo role in the TV series "General Hospital." This work and the trodden road starts actress for the role of youth in the popular TV series "The Young and the Restless." The girl got hysterical character Isabella Bran Williams, who appeared in seasons 2001-2003. And at the same time the actress has not stopped looking for another job. And I found it in the series, entitled "Strong network". This appearance and his game, it has proven itself in terms of professional serial actress. Such dubious status Eva Longoria totally confused. On the contrary, it is with a vengeance began to work on themselves and their skills.

Desperate Housewives
In 2004, Eva Longoria found on virtually the entire world. The talented actress appeared in the role of Gabrielle Solis in the hit TV series called "Desperate Housewives." And as a consequence - fame, recognition, as well as a nomination for the prestigious "Golden Globe". By the way, Eve, was rated as "best actress of comedy or musical television series."

Immediately after the release on television screens "Desperate householders' Eve career in film sharply went up the hill. The desired push has been made, but other than that, she is much strengthened its position in the film world. In 2006, Longoria has appeared in the title role on the big screen. Then she played in the detective thriller "guard." Eva shone in the frame along with Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sazrlendom. And immediately after this film celebrity was cast in the film "Harsh Times." This time, the actress worked with Christian Bale and Freddy Rodriguez.

Model business
By the way, a successful film career Eva Longoria has helped to make the jump in the modeling business. Moreover, the actress and model has already named one of the "most beautiful people" in 2003. This status is awarded to girl magazine «People en Espanol». And besides she was awarded first place in 2005 and 2006 in the ranking of "The hottest female celebrities." This is according to the edition of "Maxim". Eva Longoria was the first famous actress, who topped the list as much as two times. In 2007, incidentally, the model was already in ninth place in the same ranking. And in 2010, together with his colleague Eva Victoria Beckham has taken part in an advertising campaign of the new phone company «LG». And in the same year, he appeared in shops on Longoria's fragrance under the straightforward title «Eva by Eva Longoria».

In 2006, Eva Longoria founded her charity. From «Eva's Heroes» get help children with disabilities. As an actress is the company «Padres Contra El Cancer». Longoria, together with Kirsten Darnst participated in a charity event to raise funds for rehabilitation centers for children in Mexico. These charges are held every year. Eva supports several projects and organizations, among them «National Stroke Association», «National Center for Missing and Exploited Children" projects «St. Jude Children's Research Hospital »and" House. "

Longoria is a producer of the documentary film «The Harvest», which is about 500 thousands of migrant children who are engaged in agricultural work in America.

Personal life
Twice Eva Longoria walked down the aisle. The first time the actress married in 2002. For two years she lived with the star of the television series "General Hospital" Tyler Christopher. Eva second time to accept the proposal of marriage in 2006. Then her married boyfriend Tony Parker. It is a French basketball player the NBA, "the San Antonio Spurs." Wedding 07.07.07 played in the Roman Catholic Church of the 12th century, where the combined bonds of marriage French kings.

Interesting Facts
In the suburbs of Los Angeles, Eva Longoria opened a restaurant «Beso». The name is translated from Spanish as 'kiss'. Its doors to visitors institution opened in 2008. A year later, a similar restaurant opened in Las Vegas.

In 2009, Longoria went to study at the master's and began to study Chicano (Mexican) and political science at the University «California State University, Northridge». Then the girl said that the lessons will help you learn better his own people and, in addition, help in charitable activities. The actress advocated the creation of the Latin American Museum in Washington. After finishing work on the series "Desperate Housewives" Eva had settled in France. There her husband bought a basketball club "asvel." Eva enjoys sewing, knitting and shooting.

Eva Longoria