Eva appeared in the family of the Cuban post-revolutionary emigrants. When she was a baby, the family moved to Miami, and from there to the City of Angels. His parents loved her daughter unconscious, and did everything to Eva's childhood was an interesting and happy. Contrary to rumors, in Los Angeles, Eva Mendes has not dreamed of becoming an actress, and a marketer and designer interiors. After high school, the future celebrity went to study at the University of California, just in the specialty of their dreams. And she whiled away the days on campus.

And just here his Majesty the case broke. Eva was in the right time and right place. About Mendes lived amateur photographer who has made good pictures for the beauty of its portfolio. Photos of these caught the eye of Hollywood agent. He became interested in the girl and asked the photographer to give its coordinates. Agent immediately saw Eve in the natural talent to convince her to quit university and start working in a movie. Mendes was initially strongly opposed the movie business, but after a series of auditions and trial it first appeared in the clips «Hole in my soul» Aerosmith and «Miami» actor Will Smith, and then began to accept small and bit parts in television movies and television series. Among them are the "first aid" and "Mortal Kombat." For the first time on the silver screen Eva Mendes shone in 1998. Then she entrusted the role in the film "Children of the Corn 5: Fields of Terror." Well, the next project was the role is quite significant, in the comedy "Night at the Roxbury." In 2000, the actress began to work on low-budget films, among them "fearless disciples" and "My brother Babe." At the same time we presented the tape "Urban Legends 2". There Eva first appeared in the form of brave and sexy girls. This image is involved, the actress and still.

It is in this form of Eve appeared in the action movie "Exit Wounds," where he played more and Steven Seagal. Then there was a real breakthrough in her acting career - a role in the thriller "Training Day" in 2001. After she had a lot of enthusiastic responses. Moreover, the picture has won several awards. But an even greater responsibility on the directors laid actress film "All About the Benjamins." In this picture, also played Ice Cube. After the presentation of the picture Eva Mendes experts talking about how talented divas. Moreover, the girl got a lot of new fans who dreamed that Eve will be a global star.

Mount Olympus
Fly to stardom Eve failed in 2003. Then she signed a contract to shoot the movie "Fast and the Furious 2". And after his performance quickly gained a "star" status. The actress showed absolutely all that she could.

After working with Paul Walker, Eva Mendes about began to speak as follows: "This is the girl who chased the film on the machines!". Yet a few months later I began to mention that "It Eva Mendes!". Surprisingly quickly make the transition from when the actress remembered in the face to the point when he remembered the name of Eva Mendes. However, if you did not have some of the draft recommendations for the Hollywood actress, it took another three big hit with the girls. Smasher was the appearance of Eve in the last part of the trilogy "Once in Mexico" by Robert Rodriguez. He made a picture of a real "Star Cocktail" with Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas. Rodriguez planned to make the tape logical continuation of the first two top stories in the spirit of Latin America - "Desperado" and "Musician". Critics and viewers called the new movie a hit of the absolute, which justified the wildest hopes of producers and directors. Itself Eva Mendes has earned a nomination for the prestigious award «Teen Choice Awards».

Two of the film - a "crush on you," with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear, as well as the drama "Out of Time" with Denzel Washington handsome dark-skinned. In the last picture Oscar winner Denzel Washington is an experienced private portrayed Sheriff who was in deadlock stupidity. But his ex-wife, the female lead, played by Eva Mendes just. It investigates crimes related to the disappearance of people.

"In the first film I was quite difficult to work with Denzel. But now, after the second operation, I can say that he is a fantastic actor. Exciting partner people, I really learned a lot from him. And two paintings with him - it is the same as a real school of acting - says Eva Mendes - only acting school would have to pay me, and then paid me. " It is worth noting that both pictures have the whole set of things to succeed. There was an interesting script, excellent shooting and advertising budgets, as well as a stellar cast and well-known directors. This could not but affect the career Mendes - it has grown to the present Hollywood stars. Immediately actress was invited to the serious work with a fairly strong cast. For example, in 2005 the actress entrusted the title role in the romantic comedy called "Rule removal: Hitch." There Eva Mendes appeared with Hollywood celebrity Will Smith. At the same time it was released and pictures with the actress "Trust the Man" and "The History of Wendell." A little later, the audience saw the film "Ghost Rider" with Peter Fonda and Nicholas Cage.

Personal life
The most frustrating part of the acting profession, according to Eva Mendes, is the need to attend business parties. She admits that she hates them, and prefers to spend time with friends and my boyfriend. At parties she drinks a little, eat sushi and listening to music. Eva loves sports. But she prefers to exercise that do not require and do not bind. She likes hiking, mountain biking and racing in cars. And the girl child is interested in interior design. The clothes Mendes prefers the style of 60-ies. Not hippies, and opposite him. Actress likes bright colors and interesting patterns, and tries to avoid black. Baldeet from scarves and handbags.

Interesting Facts
Eva Mendes takes a learned skill from Ivana Chabbak.

In 2006, the actress went to 27th place in the ranking by the magazine's Hot 100 «Maxim». Favorite Movie Actress - "The Shining" by Stanley Kubrick. She is firm Revlon Cosmetics in television and print advertising. She helps Julianne Moore, Halle Berry.

Eva Mendes