Fergie - a singer in all respects admirable. She is beautiful, artistic, talented and original. It is because of these qualities, our today's heroine became a star of world size. Much of her music career is associated with the group Black Eyed Peas, but at a certain stage of his career, actress proved that it can be successful, popular and in demand as well as a solo performer. Fergie - a singer, which can talk endlessly. For this reason, today we decided to dedicate our article to her.

Stacy Ann Ferguson, now known under the name of Fergie, was born on March 27, 1975. Her family home was the American California. Perhaps it is this fact determined the whole life of the artist.

The fact is that in nine years, our heroine today passed a difficult audition and landed a job scoring the actress. The girl gave her voice to two characters of the animated series "Pea" (Celli and Lucy). It is this small success has allowed Ferguson to plunge into the atmosphere of creativity, which later became to her the meaning of life. In addition, a child Fergie became very busy dancing. In this field it has achieved good progress, and therefore very soon began appearing on various children's contests and competitions. With its striking external data, and the ability to dance in the near future the young celebrity attracted the attention of the producers of children's project Kids Incorporated. Clearly describe the essence of the TV show is quite difficult. As a general rule, the project is described as a mixture of comedy and musicals, but it also contains features characteristic for different reality shows. Either way, it is possible to Kids Incorporated young actress for the first time seriously to make themselves. It has become very popular among children of his age, but because the producers soon invited her to join the newly created group «Wild Orchid». In addition, even in childhood Fergie time to try himself as a co-host of TV program "Great Pretenders".

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Thus, at the beginning of joint performances with the group The Black Eyed Peas our current heroine has already had considerable experience of musical performances. Her beautiful vocal and bright external data produced a good impression on the other members of the group, and in 2002, the year Fergie became a full member of the entire team.

By the time the artist joined the team, The Black Eyed Peas could already boast two albums. However, it was with the arrival of Fergie's band's popularity has taken a completely new level. In the next few years, Stacy Ferguson took part in the recording of six new albums hip hop collective. In this project she was the real star. He came to her well-deserved success and fame. Having traveled half the world on tour, Fergie has got a lot of personal fans and become a real style icon for many millions of women. She tried to imitate, but she still remained all also unique. In between recording an album with the band The Black Eyed Peas our current heroine engaged his solo career. In 2006, the artist presented her first solo album «The Dutchess», which immediately went platinum in the United States. On several songs from the album were taken popular clips, and the song «Big Girls Do not Cry» and did become the 14th in the list of the most popular songs of the last decade. Subsequently, these advances have led to the fact that the singer's debut album reached triple platinum status and brought the actress a whole scattering of a variety of awards.

Fergie TODAY
At present, the personal collection of Fergie has eight Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Award in Australia, Japan, and many other awards list that are not currently possible. In addition, parallel with musical creativity Fergie is also active in other areas. It creates designer shoes, is the company's new fragrances for Avon, but also often in films. Thus, in particular in the period from 2006 to 2009 the actress (yes, that's right) starred in such acclaimed films as "Poseidon," "Planet Terror", as well as in the famous musical "Nine", where her partner on the set began to Marion Cotillard and Daniel Day-Lewis. As a guest star, our heroine today also often appears in various television series. Among these projects are allocated "Married ... with Children", "The Cleveland Show" and several others.

In addition multifaceted Fergie is also active as an artist of sound. In particular, her voice can be heard in such famous animated films like "Madagascar 2", "Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard", "Marmaduke", as well as some others. Despite all the advances of today's heroine on all other walks of life, the main activity for it still remains musical creativity. Currently, the singer is working on the creation of new hits, one of which can already enjoy all the light. The composition «A Little Party Never Killed Nobody» has already become a hit in all parts of our planet. As the artist herself, striking new compositions are also just around the corner. So, fans of the singer have to wait quite a bit.

For quite some time Fergie admitted his bisexuality. She said she had a long love affair with both men and women. In January of 2009 our current heroine married actor Josh Duhamel (known for the films "Safe Haven", "Transformers 3"), and even took his name. Today the couple lives in the south of the United States and brings the joint son - Axl Jack - who was born in 2013, the year.