Childhood and adolescence of Gemma Arterton: through the thorns ...
Gemma Christina was born in Gravesend, a small provincial town in Kent. Sally - the girl's mother, worked as a cleaner, his father was a welder. Gemma's birth was not without surprises: from the baby appeared wrinkled ear and six toes on each handle. Fortunately, the doctors were able to quickly correct these deficiencies. The childhood of the future movie star was not serene. Shortly after the birth of a younger sister, Hannah Jane's father left the family, and Sally had to educate the girls alone. Have fun with the groovy Gemma "youthful nails" woke incredible thirst for theater and film, as she hurried to inform relatives. But the sad grayness of everyday life, apparently, was not conducive to the promotion of romantic fantasies, and the girl is simply not taken seriously. But Gemma was not discouraged. Obviously, six-fingered inherent in this case it turned out to be a sign of the incredible persistence and indestructible self-confidence. Little pupil grammar school in saws Road started to study dramatics so seriously that by age 16 decided it was time to start his acting career. Gemma without hesitation boring places left wall and entered the College of the Arts, but he was soon disappointed her. Young talent waived his daring venture. She soon received a scholarship and became a student of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London.

Living away from home was not easy. The young student had to earn a clerk to pay for the rented apartment. The financial stability of the girl managed to find much later, only after the shooting in "Quantum of Solace". A performance of childhood dreams began when Gemma has not completed a course she got the role of Lisa in the TV drama "Capturing Mary" Stephen Poliakoff and Rosaline in Shakespeare's "Love's Labour's Lost" at the renowned London theater "Globe".

CAREER of Gemma Arterton in the film and television
Education Academy was completed in 2007, and soon took the young actress film debut in the comedy "classmate" Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson. Gemma had a chance to play a young rip Kelly, led a team of restless and flighty schoolgirls. This was followed by a role in another successful comedy - "three to take off." Arterton almost "entrenched" in a comedy role.

Everything suddenly changed when the young actress was cast in one of the famous series of "James Bond" - "Quantum of Solace". It should be noted that Gemma was able to compete honorably with countless throngs actresses: the candidates were more than a thousand! In an interview with a British media Gemma said with a smile: "Of course, you want to hear horror stories about how I got this role? I'd like to tell about how it is hard to be a young actress in Hollywood, and that just has to achieve through the bed. But, alas, I do not know about that. I just go on trial. And experts casting apparently can not resist my beauty. " Fearless girl-agent of the British MI6, in combination, the Consul at the Embassy of Bolivia and naparnitsa unfading spy, played by Gemma wore a strange name - Strawberry Fields, conjures up memories of one of the most romantic songs of the legendary "The Beatles" ("Strawberry Fields" - " Strawberry Fields "). So Gemma became popular, as it had often happened with the actors involved in the "bondiane."

Perhaps a gifted actress and without the "James Bond" could brilliantly to build their careers. After the spy thriller Gemma played in serial adaptation of Thomas Hardy's "Tess of the d'Urbervilles," which starred. Then again, followed by the comedy - "Rock-wave", directed by Richard Curtis. Shooting movies were not the only occupation of the actress: from time to time, Gemma returned to the theaters of London's West End.

Gemma Arterton NOW
In 2009, Gemma received roles in "The Disappearance of Alice Creed" and the continuation of her first film - "a classmate and mystery pirate gold." But luck was genuine participation in the blockbusters "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" by Mike Newell and the "Clash of the Titans" by Louis Leterrier. Over the past few years filmography Gemma Arterton replenished with such bands as "Tamara Drewe" (2010), "moving his flippers" (2010), "Byzantium" (2012), "Witch Hunter" (2013), "Va-Bank" ( 2013), "The Marriage Contract" (2013) and many others. Active work in film and on stage continues.

PERSONAL LIFE of Gemma Arterton
Charming, sociable young actress surrounded by crowds of adoring fans from the very beginning of his brilliant career, but Gemma's just never had the time nor the patience for long-term relationship. Among her hobbies was some light animator John Nolan, with whom Arterton broke up after a year of living together. Then, on the set of "Quantum of Solace", fate brought the girl with understudy Daniel Craig, whose name remains unknown to the general public. And this novel was short-lived. While working on "Prince of Persia" actress met Eduardo Munoz, coach riding, which she soon threw mercilessly. After experiencing several short or non-binding novels, actress seemingly met his fate, and was about to settle down. In June 2010, in Andalusia, in Spain, held a secret wedding Gemma Arterton and Stefano Catelli, modest sales manager. However, the couple recently split ...

Talented and freedom-loving Gemma lives in London. Of course, the dark-haired beauty with a soft look beautiful brown eyes can have many ambitious roles - the actress is multifaceted skills. Gemma herself confident that her starring role in front. It is known that besides perfect the art of stage movement, the actress has an incredible amount of useful skills in her profession: she knows how to dance flamenco, Russian dances and dances of the Restoration, the polka and waltz. In addition, she sings well - her soprano, and is able to simulate a lot of emphasis: several regional British, Irish, American. Free time devotes Gemma communicate with friends, painting, music - good actress plays the guitar.

Gemma Arterton


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2017 will see Gemma star in five films. Firstly she was seen in 100 Streets alongside Idris Elba and Samantha Barks, which followed four people with extraordinary stories, all lived out within a hundred London streets. Gemma also seen in Their Finest, co-starring Sam Claflin and Bill Nighy, directed by Lone Scherfig. The story takes place during World War II, where a British film crew attempts to boost morale by making a propaganda film after the Blitzkrieg. The film screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and the BFI London Film Festival last year. We’ve also seen Gemma in French film Orphan, directed by Arnaud des Pallières and starring Adèle Haenel, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Solène Rigot and Vega Cuzytek. It was screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Gemma also starred in The History of Love, as 'Alma' alongside Derek Jacobi, Elliott Gould and Sophie Nelisse. The plot relates to the story of a long-lost book that mysteriously reappears and connects an old man searching for his son with a girl seeking a cure for her mother’s loneliness. 2017 will see Gemma voice the role of ‘Clover’ in the upcoming Watership Down TV miniseries for BBC/Netflix. She will also star in The Escape alongside Dominic Cooper.