Gerard was born in Glasgow, Scotland, but six months after the birth, he moved with his parents to Canada. In Montreal, Mom and Dad had planned to build your business. But things went wrong, and her parents divorced. The boy stayed with his mother, who returned to Scotland, settled in Paisley and remarried. The boy grew up around the local cinema, where quite often went with his mother. Theatre liked him as a child. A school Gerard was known as the best students, and besides, he took part in amateur productions. Later, Butler even spoke at the Youth Theatre in Scotland, and played at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow.

Failed to become lawyer
After high school, the future actor went to law school at the University of Glasgow. Here gregarious young man was able to quickly take the post of president of the University of the legal community. After university lawyer Gerard began to work, but not for long. At this time in Canada from cancer, his father died, so the young man went to another continent, and after the funeral returned to his homeland. Job lawyer drives him into depression. But once he got an internship at Edinburgh Festival I saw the film "Trainspotting." Here the actor realized that chose a totally wrong profession. 25-year-old lawyer, traveled to London to begin his acting career. Break into the scene Gerard Butler tried for a long time. He was lucky in that moment, when the London cafe, he met with actor Steven Birkoff. He offered him a job in a cameo performance «Coriolanus». But during rehearsals, he was casting a theatrical adaptation of the painting "Trainspotting", from which he was impressed.

Film career
In 1997 came a major film debut Gerard Butler. He got the role of Archie in the film "Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown," John Madden, where there were a number of Billy Connolly, Judi Dench, Antony Sher, Geoffrey Palmer.

Historical drama developed in the 19th century in England. Hero Gerard helped out of the depression of Queen Victoria, who experienced the death of their spouse. Then Butler has appeared in the blockbuster, he had to play a cameo role in the 18th of the Bond "Tomorrow Never Dies". And almost simultaneously appeared two pictures with the actor. This is a "Wrong work for women" and "Rum Punch". Well, the next two years, Butler has gained experience by playing mediocre tapes such as "Tale of the Mummy", "little white lie", "How to become a rock star: a guide for young people." The only thing memorable in 1999, this is a picture "Fast Food," "Please," "The Cherry Orchard", "Another kiss 2". The new century began with Gerard Butler supporting roles in the military drama "Saving Harrison." This was followed by painting "Hands." But later the actor got the first significant work - this is the main role in the movie "Dracula" Wes Crewe.

In 2001, he appears on the screen miniseries "Attila conqueror." Here Gerard played the leader of the Huns. The work, by the way, Butler brought fame. Like his colleagues Stephen Birkoff, Tim Curry and Paversu Booth. The next few months, the actor was disappointed. Painting "Dracula 2000" failed, "Attila" quickly lost interest of the audience. The only consolation for the celebrity - the fans and the fans began to create the Internet fan sites.

To the source
But in the same year Butler appeared before the audience in the role of Gus in the British film "Lucy Sullivan is getting married", and later in the American short film "Jewel of the Sahara." Gerard Butler made a firm decision to stand up, and therefore entered into a contract with another agency and returned to television in Britain. There he worked almost on a specialty. He starred in the legal series "Justice" in 2002. Following Butler was invited to the British-American project, the movie "Reign of Fire." Here he played a friend of the protagonist, Dragon Slayer, played by Christian Bale. In 2003, the actor agreed to the role of an archaeologist in the movie "Timeline" by Richard Donner. Overall, this was the best one for Gerard. Then he appeared with Angelina Jolie in the sequel "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2 - The Cradle of Life."

Phantom of the Opera
After the "Dracula 2000" Butler remarked director Joel Schumacher and invited to play the Phantom in the music melodrama "Phantom of the Opera" in 2004. This Hollywood adaptation of the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In the picture was a small budget, so the film has turned out, they say, the second grade. In the story, the young singer became an obsession ugly secret owner and occupant of the Opera of Paris - The Phantom. His music has charmed and fascinated the young singer. Ghost also was willing to do anything to make her his. This work brought worldwide fame Butler. And the vocals of his hero Gerard, as well as other actors, performed himself. Next work - the role of a stranger in the drama "Dear Frankie" Sean Auerhaba. This is a story about a family of 9-year-old deaf boy named Frankie. According to the boy's mother and grandmother, his father was a non-existent on the ship, which was about to come. Therefore, parents have to get up before a choice - either tell the truth or to seek a stranger to the role of the father.

In his spare time, this work Gerard Balter appeared in various films with dubious prospects. Pictures of the actor did not bring any money or fame, but gave invaluable experience. The list of works was the adaptation of the legend "Beowulf & Grendel" in 2005. The tape does not even collected 100 thousand dollars. And in the same year the actor has worked in sports melodrama "The Game of their lives." Gerard Butler to play the result and showed outstanding talent, so the failure of the tapes is not his fault.

300 Spartans
Audiences and critics paid attention to Butler and after the historical thriller 2006 release "300". The actor played a brave and wise king named Leonid, the present ruler. The action takes place in 480 BC, when 300 Spartans, led by the king stand in the way of the army of Xerxes. Here, despite the preponderance of the enemy, the Spartans were victorious.

With the set Gerard immediately went to play the clerk of the Nile in the thriller "Ransom" in 2007. Hero Butler avenges outraged husband of his mistress. Well, then the actor got the romantic image of the film «PS I love you".

Nim's Island
In 2008 he published an adventure comedy "Nim's Island." Butler starred in the company of Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin. This is the story of 11-year-old girl by the name of Him who lived together with the Pope, a biologist on a desert island. After the disappearance of her father, she wrote the novelist, who was afraid of open space, but still went to help the girl. Next was a fanatical part in the American film "The Untouchables: Capone Formation", as well as the comedy "Spit on a stone," the thriller "Game" and "law-abiding citizen."

Personal life
About Little is known, the actor many times had problems with the paparazzi who were trying to learn something about Gerard Butler. While rarely seen a celebrity with the fair sex. I was in the view of the media only walk with Cameron Diaz, followed by the publication start to attribute to actors novel.

In the privacy of Gerard alone. It is said that he had many romances with celebrities. But the only official beloved actor is his former assistant named Tonya.

Gerard Butler


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He then appeared in Reign of Fire (2002) as Creedy and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) as Terry Sheridan, alongside Angelina Jolie. In the role of Andre Marek in the big-screen adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel Timeline (2003), Butler played an archaeologist who was sent back in time with a team of students to rescue a colleague. In 2003, director Joel Schumacher was deciding on the principal casting for the film The Phantom of the Opera, a film adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical of the same name, and thought of Butler, whom he had seen earlier in the film Dracula 2000, to play the title character. Butler, who had had no musical experience other than singing in a rock band while he was studying to be a lawyer, was surprised at the interest, but immediately began taking singing lessons with a vocal coach. He then did an acting audition with Schumacher, and a singing audition with Lloyd Webber, both of whom were impressed by his performance. The film, and Butler's performance, received mixed reviews, though Butler was nominated for a Satellite Award for Best Actor.