Hayden Christensen was one of four children in the family. Parents actor are directly related to telecommunications. They are in a private company «Christensen Communications» in the telecommunications business. Hayden spent his childhood in Toronto. Already in the age of eight, the boy appeared in television commercials. Then he offered the audience to try chips «Pringles». And in thirteen years, Christensen began acting in television series. At the same time, Hayden decided to become an actor, despite the objections of his father. After the TV series was followed by several films. However, there he was brought down only a minor role. The most noticeable pattern of the time - "The Virgin Suicides" of Sofia Coppola. But the first real fame, however, among teenagers, came in 2000. Hayden appeared in the role of Scott in a small drama series "Heights." There's a young man revealed his acting talent, playing a teenager who was subjected to sexual abuse by her stepmother. In desperation, the hero Hayden began to seek solace in drugs and wound up with a group of "difficult" teenagers in the summer training camp. In the same year the actor appeared in the television movie frame "into the trap of Purple Haze." In the picture he was playing with his friend Jonathan Jackson.

Star Warrior
However, Hayden will likely continue to appear in the Canadian and American films, which did not add popularity. But Christensen decided not to follow the path of least resistance. The actor took part in a wide casting, which gave George Lucas. The director decided to return to his famous space epic "Star Wars."

The character of the young Anakin Skywalker, the future is the storm All-Star Universe Darth Vader appears in the second series. He wanted to play around 400 actors, at least, come to the casting so much candidates for the role. Moreover, the negotiations were conducted even famous Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the director relished the game and the little-known young Canadian Hayden Christensen. His choice of George Lucas cast of critics in shock. In spring 2000, the director said he felt between Hayden and Natalie Portman, who played the lead female role in the film, really sexy, "alchemy", besides, raw talent of the actor only contributed, in his opinion, the popularity and success of the picture. As a result, after the release of the film on the cranes, the publication «People» Christensen included in the list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

But to the exit of the third picture "Star Wars" under the name of "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" a character Hayden dramatically changed from positive to negative. The actor, by the way, can easily cope with such changes. It turned out that hatred and anger "Revenge of the Sith" were added, and then replaced with kisses "Attack of the Clones." But during a break between filming the second and third episodes of "Star Wars" Hayden managed to play in the independent drama called "Shattered Glass." The picture was published under the auspices of the producer of the notorious Tom Cruise. This tape of really existing young man who worked as a journalist in several respected publications, which specialized in copyright investigations of different events in America. Begins painting the following monologue of Stephen Glass, "among journalists as bouncers, show off and idiots always they have something to sell something to someone lick, trying to pass themselves for who they are not." Stephen came to the fore, but it ended very badly.

Hayden Christensen performed their job pretty good psychological level, he was able to convey all the internal troubles in the fate of the journalist with the undoubted talent that took advantage of their "free" is incorrect. By the way, for his role as an actor was nominated for the prestigious International Academy Press "Golden Satellite". And besides, "Shattered Glass" awarded by the Society for Democracy political film. In general, participation in the "Star Wars" became the best-known achievement of Hayden Christensen. It is thanks to George Lucas's observation about a young actor became world.

Personal life
Hayden fell in love for the first time at the age of 13 years. Choice was actress Kelly Rutherford. With it, Christensen worked in the film «No Greater Love». Well, first girlfriend appeared only three years later. Relationship lovers have come to "no" when the actor left the house. There were rumors that Hayden plays in love with Natalie Portman, not only in the film, but also in real life. However, the actor denies the information. He says that he and Natalie are great friends. "She is beautiful - says Hayden - brighter than any other girl I know. But we worked together and were strictly professional. " "I only want what I wanted my mom when I was brought up - is to be happy - he says, - And for that I do not need to have affairs. And do not even need to achieve a lot of respect in society. I just want to do what he likes, make it fun. Yes exactly. This fact is happiness. "

Interesting Facts
Hayden childhood loves passionate about hockey and tennis. The actor is a fan of the football club of England "Manchester United". Heidi has a habit since childhood loll out of his mouth when he concentrates. This is very evident in his film.

Some friends call actor Dan. And on every birthday friends Hayden kidnapped, taken to the forest where the entire company is riding on dirtbikes day. It is worth noting that with his brother-confirmation Tuvom Hayden owns a production company «Forest Park Pictures». She co-produced the film "Shattered Voice." The actor has lost about 11 kilos for the role in the film "Life as a House." Hayden was sitting on a rigid diet, the menu consisted only of water, lettuce and vitamins. The shooting of the painting "Life as a House" is so strong beat on the wall hand that broke it. When started bleeding, I could not hold back tears.

Christensen is allergic to bees. He is very afraid of them. For career as an actor dropped out the Collegiate-Tennis Scholarship.

Hayden Christensen