Parents of Hugh Jackman Kris and Grace Watson arrived in the 60s from the UK to Australia. The family had five children. Hugh was the youngest child. When Hugh Jackman was eight years old, his parents divorced, my mother Grace went back to England, and the children stayed with their father. Since then, Grace did not maintain contact with ex-husband and children. Hugh met her, but when he grew up. Soon they married a second time. The new family lived in peace and friendship. When Hugh was 11, the family had a daughter. Father raised children strictly, particularly without delving into their problems. Hugh Jackman for a lifetime to remember how the whole family went to the fascinating nature trips. At school, the boy was a willing student. He is also fond of basketball, and for some time was even captain of the school team. After high school, Hugh Dzhekmanpostupil in the University of Technology in Sydney at the Faculty of Social Communications. He received a bachelor's degree in communications with a major in journalism. However, by the end of his studies, he realized that the profession of a journalist it is of little interest, and began to get involved in theater. All this time, Hugh pulled on stage. He wanted to be in the movies. In 1992, Hugh Dzhekmanposeschal acting class «TheJourney» at the Actors Centre in Surrey Hills in Sydney, which absorbed all the knowledge. At the end of actor Hugh Dzhekmanaprinyali courses in West Australian Academy of Arts. In order to study at the prestigious academy, he had to abandon his proposed role in the Australian television series "Neighbours". For uchebuv West Australian Academy iskusstvHyu Dzhekmanzaplatil three and a half thousand dollars. It was all a legacy that he has left the grandmother.

At the scene, Hugh Dzhekmanvyshel still a student. Mostly he played a romantic hero. Since 1994, the actor began filming, and successfully, in the Australian television series. In 1994, after three years of study in the West Australian Academy of Fine Arts (WAAPA), Jackman took part in the filming of the Australian drama television series "Corelli", which tells the story of the female psychologist Dr. Corelli in the men's prison. Hugh got the role of the most difficult of her patient - prisoner Kevin Jones. The actor was able to truly make this patient.

From October 1996 to June 1997 Hugh Jackman starred in the Australian musical "Sunset Boulevard." He played the role of Joe Gillis temperamental, for the execution of which the popular actor twice received the award Mo "best actor." At the same time, Jackman played Gaston balanced role in the musical "Beauty and the Beast." Since 1998, the actor was playing at the Royal National Theatre in London with director TrevoraNanna. For her performance as KёrliMakleyna in the musical "Oklahoma!" Jackman was nominated for a Laurence Olivier theater award. In the same year Hugh Jackman starred in the movie "Hero of her novel," where he played a pathetically seductive Jack Willis. Beautiful looks and acting talent made popular actor Hugh Jackman in Australia. His film career developed rapidly. In 1999, Jackman was named best actor in Australia.

In 2000, Hugh made attention in Hollywood and was invited to a major role in Logan's popular sci-fi thriller about people mutant "X-Men," based on the eponymous comic book. This role has brought multi-million Hugh Jackman popularity and huge fees. Since that time, Jackman was one of the most sought-after actors. In 2003 came the film "X-Men 2", and in 2009 was the premiere of the film "X-Men Start: Wolverine." In 2001, Jackman along with Meg Ryan starred in the romantic comedy "Kate & Leopold". In this movie he played the charming nobleman Leopold. For this role, Jackman was nominated for the award "Golden Globe Awards" in the category "Best Actor (comedy / musical)." In the same year the actor starred in the thriller directed by Dominic Sena "Password Swordfish" with John Travolta and Holly Berry, as well as the comedy "Flirting with the beast."

Many Hollywood studios want to work soznamenitym Hugh Jackman, but the actor himself always chose a role, regardless of fees. He wanted to play the role, the image of which is close to him, not only on screen, but also for health beliefs. In 2004, the screens released film directed by Stephen Sommers 'Van Helsing' the best traditions of Hollywood cinema. Here there are chases and acrobatic leaps, fights and pyrotechnic effects, combined with elements of Gothic. Against this background, Hugh Jackman brilliantly presented himself in the title role of the hunter of vampires VanaHelsinga. In the same year Hugh Jackman played the role of entertainer Peter Allen in the musical "The boy from Oz" on Broadway. For this role, the actor received the theater Tony Award in the category "Best Actor Musical". In 2006, Hugh Jackman starred in the comedy "Scoop," Woody Allen. Hugh played a budding politician, son of the Lord, which confused with the serial killer. In the same year, Jackman starred in one of the main roles in the film Christopher Nolan's "The Prestige." He got the role of magicians Robert Anger. Also in 2006, due in theaters the movie "The Fountain." In 2008, there was a box office war drama directed by Australian Baz Luhrmann's "Australia," which tells the story of an English aristocrat, played by Nicole Kidman. Hero Jackman helped her to survive World War II. The shooting took place in the town of Bowen in Australia.

In 2005, together with business partner John Palermo Hugh Dzhekmanosnoval production company «SeedProductions». The first studio project was the series "VivaLaflin" in 2007, in which Hugh has played a secondary role. In 2006, Hugh Jackman sounded just two cartoons. Animated comedy-musical "Happy Feet", which in 2006 won the "Oscar" as the best cartoon of the year. As well as cartoon-parody "Flushed Away." Since 2006, Hugh Jackman became the producer of films in which he participated. In 2009, Hugh Jackman invited to be the host at the awards ceremony film award "Oscar".

In the same year the company Jackman «Seed Productions» produced the spin-off of "X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine". As part of the campaign of the film Hugh Jackman visited Russia. During his visit to Russia Hugh participate in the edition of "ProjectorParisHilton". In September 2011, the actor once again took part in the filming of the program "ProjectorParisHilton". In 2009-2010, Hugh Dzhekmansnyalsya advertising tea Lipton, which is still broadcast on television. In 2011, Hugh Jackman, along with Nicole Kidman 83rd Academy Awards ceremony presenting the award for the best sound in the nomination «ScenicTransitionSound». Hugh Jackman is the only performer in the history of Broadway, which has received all of the major theater award for one season - for his role in «TheBoyFromOz» received from the "Tony" and «DramaDesk», and «OuterCriticsCircle» («triple crown Broadway"). In addition to these awards, he received the award «DramaLeague», edition of «TheatreWorld» Award and Fred Astaire.

Personal life
In April 1996, during the shooting of the film "Corelli" Hugh Jackman met with the actress Deborra Lee Furness, which is older than the actor for 13 years. Soon the couple painted. They became the most famous star couple in Australia.

In May 2000, married celebrity couple adopted a newborn baby boy Oscar Maximilian, and in 2005 to adopt the girl Ava Eliot. Hugh Jackman was the caring father. Hugh Jackman very warmly about his wife and finds her "the best mom in the world." Hugh Jackman loves to wear thin cotton T-shirts and sweaters, as well as he breathes irregularly to leather pants and jackets. In his spare time, the actor likes to play golf, is engaged in transcendental meditation and windsurfing. In addition, Hugh Jackman masterfully plays the piano and guitar and juggling five balls.

Hugh Jackman


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Jackman was born in Sydney, New South Wales, to Grace McNeil (née Greenwood) and Christopher John Jackman, a Cambridge-trained accountant. His parents were English and had come to Australia in 1967 as part of the "Ten Pound Poms" immigration. One of his paternal great-grandfathers, Nicholas Isidor Bellas, was Greek, from the Ottoman Empire (now in Greece). His parents were devout Christians, having been converted by Evangelist Billy Graham after their marriage. Jackman has four older siblings and was the second of his parents' children to be born in Australia. He also has a younger half-sister, from his mother's remarriage. His parents divorced when he was eight, and Jackman remained in Australia with his father and Jackman's two brothers, while his mother moved back to England with Jackman's two sisters. As a child, Jackman liked the outdoors, spending a lot of time at the beach and on camping trips and school holidays all over Australia. He wanted to see the world: "I used to spend nights looking at atlases. I decided I wanted to be a chef on a plane. Because I'd been on a plane and there was food on board, I presumed there was a chef. I thought that would be an ideal job. "