Ian Somerhalder - is an actor who just a few years has become one of the most important Lovelace in the world of show business. Women in all parts of the world literally go crazy for him, but because an excessive interest in the main star of the series "The Vampire Diaries" is largely explained. Do not succumb to the charm of the starry handsome incredibly difficult, because at the moment we decided to talk more about his life and destiny. Because of the mysterious gaze of our today's hero, for sure, it is hiding a lot of interesting things.

The early years, childhood and Ian Somerhalder's FAMILY
Ian Somerhalder was born on December 8, 1978-the year in the provincial town of Covington is located in Louisiana. His family was the most common - the father worked all day on a construction site, and my mother worked as a masseuse at a local medical stores. As for the more distant relatives, in this context, it is worth noting that the main "vampire" of today is not only American, but also British, French and Irish roots. In addition, in the veins of our today's hero flows as a small fraction of Indian blood. Perhaps that is why in early childhood Ian loved to ride horses and spend a lot of time fishing in remote places.

However, at some point in the life of a young man appeared and some other hobbies. After moving to the seaside town of Mandeville (where, in fact, passed all his childhood), Ian Somerhalder began to seriously pursue modeling. Already at the age of ten, he often went to shoot in New York, where he worked with the best modeling agencies representing the interests of children and adolescents. Thus, even at a young age he was able to break into the modeling world of art, and therefore are often subsequently began to work with a variety of prominent brands. In particular, our today's hero represented brands GUESS, Calvin Klein, Versace, Persol, Esprit, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, as well as many others. In addition, he took part in fashion shows, speaking on the runways of Milan, London, Paris and many other cities. A little grown up, Ian Somerhalder also began to get involved in the art of acting. He has performed on the stage of one of the drama club, and cooperated with the local acting troupe. In seventeen years, our today's hero was determined for himself that he wanted to become an actor, and therefore did not hesitate, went to New York. In the city-that-never-sleeps young man began to hone their skills in groups such renowned teachers as William Esper, Anthony Eybson, Daveni McFadden.

GREAT SUCCESS as an ACTOR, filmography
Diligence and hard work of the actor brought his results pretty soon. Our today's hero appeared in the movie «Black & White», and also starred in Woody Allen's "Celebrity." However, surprisingly, after the character Ian was cut from both strands.

But the talented American guy and thought to be upset. He walked steadily toward his dream, and soon was able to still get their roles. In 1997, he starred in an episode of the project «The Big Easy», and two years later - to appear on the show, "It's now or never." The first really notable work actor was the role of Hamilton Fleming, and the project "Young Americans." This series has not had much success on television, but he Iain still managed to check in once in eight episodes of the TV project. In the next few years, our today's hero is often continued to appear in various television serials. Thus, in his movies was the film «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," "Secrets of Smallville" and several others. However, the greatest success Yenu Somerhalder brought yet cinematic role. In 2001, the actor received the award of "Young Hollywood" for his role in the film "Life as a House." And later also earned a lot of whist for the role of homosexuals in the dingy comedy "Rules of Attraction". The last of these roles for the first time Ian has made popular. But the real star, he became later. In 2004, our today's hero played the role of a guy named Boone in the popular television series "Lost." After this role, he began to learn on the streets. Although he has repeatedly called on Ian, very disappointed that his character. It is only towards the middle of the season the character actor was noticeably change for the better. He became deeper, brighter and "adaptation to the environment." Because of this, he quickly gained a lot of personal fans, and has received several prestigious awards. Because the death of Boone in the twentieth episode was seen by many as a small tragedy.

Later, after leaving the show Ian Somerhalder began to appear frequently in film projects. In the next few years, the actor appeared before the audience in the movie "Competition for survival" and "The Sensation of Sight" and also starred in several other tapes, which he himself had repeatedly called in an interview insignificant. However, the new starring role not long in coming. In 2009, our today's hero appears before the audience in the form of a charming and mysterious vampire Damon on the series "The Vampire Diaries." Very soon, the project has become very popular, and the Ian immediately made him the "rating" character. The girls just go down on it with the mind, but because very soon our today's hero was the real star of American television.

Ian Somerhalder TODAY
For his role in "The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder has received the award« Teen Choice Awards »in the nomination" Best Villain, "and then once again awarded this prize as" Best Actor fiction series. " In addition, the talented American repeatedly appeared among the nominees for the many other awards. However, the most important award for the actor, of course, was an international love. His name was on the list is constantly most eligible bachelor of the planet. A crowd of fans literally bombarded him with letters of love declarations. Currently, Ian Somerhalder continues to star in the TV series "The Vampire Diaries." In addition, in 2014, our today's hero must also play the main role in the sci-fi thriller "anomaly."

PERSONAL LIFE of Ian Somerhalder
In life, the dark-haired handsome man had a lot of bright novels. Over the years, his girls were designer Sarah Maleytesta and "socialite" Nicky Hilton (the sister of the famous blonde Paris Hilton). In addition, while working on the series "Lost" our today's hero was in a romantic relationship with the actress Maggie Grace, who played in the project his sister Shannon.

Subsequently celebrities themselves denied the rumors, but the paparazzi refused to believe him, laying on the internet all the new photos of couples in love. In recent years, Ian Somerhalder met with another actress - a partner on the series "The Vampire Diaries" Nina Dobrev. Their relationship lasted for about a year, but in May 2013th year, the couple announced separation. It is noteworthy that to this day Ian and Nina continue to love to play on the screen.

Ian Somerhalder