James's parents divorced when he was only seven years old. Sister of actor Joey (by the way, now the singer of Scottish band «Streetside») on the family council it was decided to leave the education of the mother, and James gave grandparents from the mother - Mary and James Johnstone. They, by the way, the boy loved and constantly pampered. By the way, after divorcing parents McAvoy lost contact with his father.

Future priest
In his youth, James McAvoy went to Catholic school. A parallel has been involved in youth theater productions. The boy wanted to become a priest, but he turned out to be, thanks to the liking of the Scottish, in the ranks of the Navy of the United Kingdom.

"I wanted to become a priest as a child, as a missionary, and can even go so far in Africa, there to save people from hunger - says the actor - But once I finally changed his mind. Just imagine that I would have every, every morning to get up before dawn at six o'clock and stomp to the church. Of course, I was not opposed to becoming a priest, in fact, I was categorically opposed to getting up early. For me, it's like suicide! ". And then James started walking towards his destiny - acting. In class one day went McAvoy and David Heyman told a few stories about life on the set. They are so like the future actor, James immediately asked the director to give him a role. Thus, the 16-year-old Kyle first appeared on the screen - in the film "The neighboring room."

Child prostitution
However, in another version, McAvoy out of curiosity to come to the casting director. David Heyman while elective taught in a Catholic school. Celebrity James for a role in his film, and approved. By the way, "next room" tells about the prostitution of children in Glasgow.

Then the young actor began to hone their skills at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. In school a young man entered with ease, despite the large number of people willing and tremendous competition. Institution James graduated in 2000.

In 2001, the young man began to work in the miniseries "gang brothers" of the famous and inimitable Steven Spielberg.

Extremely dangerous
Perhaps the most significant role McAvoy - it is Faun Tumnus in the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia." Another remarkable work - Leto Atreides II - was followed by a small series "Children of Dune." Behind the actor played Wesley Gibson in an action movie called "Wanted". This comic was fantastic Hollywood debut work of director Timur Bekmambetov. Hero McAvoy was a young employee who offered to take revenge for his murdered father. Professionally prepared avenger for action came from partners of the deceased, who played Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. Another actor starred in the film "The Last King of Scotland." This adaptation of the novel Giles Fodena. James played the role of a young boy who is fleeing domestic boredom, so the guide in Africa. There he became the personal physician of the local dictator Amin of Uganda. Home Movie Awards "Oscar" for the film Forest Whitaker got the leading man, who quite convincingly depicted President Amin. However, audiences and critics came to the liking of the game James, so it and remember. The son of a builder and a nurse, who began his film career with a small television series, quickly gained fame around the world. Shred glory added to the treasury of popularity after starring Rory O'Shea in the dramatic movie, "I am the soul of dance."

It is worth noting that James McAvoy was one of the candidates for the role of Bilbo in the famous film adaptation of John Tolkien's "The Hobbit." But the filmmakers signed a contract with Martin Freeman.

Among other things, McAvoy starred in the film "Atonement" and movie "The Jane Austen." For both work the actor has earned rave reviews from film critics. In the first picture, James got the role of a poor man who throws up on the social ladder, but he was accused of a crime, and is absolutely unfair. In the second picture McEvoy got a poor aristocrat who are tired of all the conventions of the world that surrounds him. By the way, the partner of James on the set of the film "Atonement" has got Keira Knightley. And for his work actor he earned a nomination for the prestigious award "Golden Globe".

Refusal of Fame
Around this time, Kyle decided to give up his profession. Verneuil on the part that has to do with the movie. The actor said that it is seriously concerned about the fact that he in Hollywood loses the opportunity to fully develop their talents. A major obstacle to self-improvement, James sees the blockbuster. They are, he says, do not give to be a full-fledged artist. This was the reason for the refusal McAvoy some roles, including and from work in the film "Wanted - 2" Timur Bekmambetov. The actor left America and returned home to Britain. He said that while plans to deal only with theater, and did not appear on the shooting kinoploschadke. However, in 2011, the actor got the role of Charles Xavier. On the screen, he embodied the hero in the first part of the trilogy, "X-Men: First Class."

Personal life
James McAvoy nine years he lived with his classmate named Emma Nelson. However, he broke up with his beloved, and then became addicted to alcohol. Just at this time in the life of the actor began a creative crisis. But life changed after James filming «Shameless». There's a young man met with the actress Anne-Marie Duff Mac. The girl turned out to be older than their counterparts in the nine years. That's it, "James taught to respect life" and assuring him of acting gift. Because Kyle went out of depression and back firmly on its feet. With Anne-Marie Duff, James signed in 2006. And four years later, 39-year-old son's wife gave birth to celebrities. The boy called Brendan.

He was the first child star couple. James and Anne-Marie tried to keep the information about the pregnancy a secret. Therefore, the exact date of birth of the baby is unknown. A happy event in the life of an actor became known after one of the paparazzi photographed the family with a child while walking around London.

Interesting Facts
James McAvoy because of the pregnancy the couple refused to work in the film "I have cancer" by Seth Rogen. On the set, instead of the actor came to his colleague Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

James Mcavoy