American actor and leader of the alternative band 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Joseph Leto also known under the pseudonym Bartholomew Cubbins. Under this name, which, incidentally, is borrowed from the book «The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins» Dr. Seuss, directing music videos. Link and the ability of art Jared Leto in the blood. It was passed to him from his mother Constance. She strongly supported initiatives like Jared and his older brother Shannon. His father left the family when the boys were young. But after his second marriage and the birth of two more children the man died. Mother's second husband adopted brothers Carl Leto, but later divorced mother of children. The parents gave the children of the second marriage of two sons and a sister summary. Incidentally, the latter - not the boys of my own blood, after her divorce from Charles Constance married a woman with a child. Stepsister Jared and Shannon - Malissa Lafski, who last worked as a lawyer and is now a writer. He says the woman, relationship to the brothers Leto she failed.

Jared Leto has been enterprising enough and confident child. The first job he got as much in 12 years. Future actor worked as a dishwasher, and four years later he was moonlighting as a janitor. As a child, Jared traveled extensively with his family. He lived in places like Colorado and commune in Haiti. Change places, explains Jared, were the norm. Since the singer's grandfather served in the air force. After high school, Jared Leto went to study at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. There he specialized in the study of fine arts, namely painting. However, later he took their summer university documents and transferred to New York University Fine Arts. Student Jared wrote and starred in his own film titled "Crying Joy".

CAREER of Jared Leto
In 1992, Jared Leto moved from New York to Los Angeles with the intention of becoming an actor. Behind, by the time the boy had little acting experience. The really famous Jared once played Jordan Catalano in small series "My So-Called Life." After the cancellation of the filming has become a summer playing notable feature films.

MOVIES of Jared Leto
In 1994, Jared Leto, along with Alicia Silverstone played in the independent film "Cool and the Crazy." And after that, he starred in "Quilt" in 1995. On the big screen he appeared with Winona Ryder. In 1997 Dzharel Summer got the part, which was originally intended to Tom Cruise in the film "Prefontaine." This kind of description of the life of the legendary runner Steve Prefontaine. A very successful as an actor began in 1998. He appeared in the film "The Thin Red Line" by Terrence Malick. There was involved a powerful cast. In particular, the film starring Nick Nolte, Sean Penn and George Clooney. And after that, Leto played a major role in the film "Urban Legends." Jared Leto's next appearance on the big screen were in 1999. The actor has worked in the film "Fight Club" and "Girl, Interrupted." A year later in life celebrities appearing drama and psychological thriller - movie "American Psycho" and "Requiem for a Dream." The last picture, by the way, became an instant cult. In the first picture Jared Leto was a supporting actor, but in the second it is approved for the lead role. The actor plays a young Brooklyn boy who struggles with his addiction to heroin. On the set of Jared crossed with celebrities such as Ellen Burstyn and Jennifer Connelly, the future winner of the "Oscar". Well it has done its work, and is organically fit into the two paintings Jared director David Fincher's "Fight Club" and "Panic Room." The role of the garrulous and clumsy robber actor had to play in "Panic Room." The draft also means Jared's historical epic "Alexander," Oliver Stone's thriller "Lord of War", as well as the drama of John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman "Chapter 27".

By the way, after Jared was cast in the film, he decided to approach as close as possible to his hero Mark David Chapman. For the art of the actor gained weight by 27 kilograms. For this summer sitting on a special diet. But the actor was given this difficult, because he is a staunch vegetarian. Every evening, Jared melts the ice cream in the microwave, add to it the soy sauce and olive oil. The mixture was drinking before bedtime. During filming, always tighten Jared Leto greatly interfered with the extra weight. Therefore, immediately after completion of the work, he began to lose weight. Actor few days, drinking only water with maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. In 2009, Summer appeared on the wide screen in the film "Mr. Nobody". The film won the "Golden Osella for Best Technical Support" at the Venice Film Festival in 2009 and the award for best game biographical tape. "Mr. Nobody" was also nominated for the "Golden Lion". In 2013 came the film "Club of Dallas customers," based on the true story of Ron Woodruff, played by Matthew McConaughey, Jared played a role in it transseksuala Reyona, for which he was awarded the Oscar for "Best Supporting Actor".

Jared Leto is not reached in a small film, but he is now positioning itself as a musician. The artist sings alternative rock band "30 Seconds to Mars». The team organized by his brother Shannon in 1998. In the group, except for Jared, who is the author of texts and music, vocalist and guitarist, drummer Shannon has, bassist Tim Kelleher, keyboardist Braxton Olita, as well as Croatian violinist and guitarist Tomo Milicevic. The Group is only the live concerts, that is, only live.

The first album "30 SecondstoMars» released in 2002. He received the straightforward title "30 SecondstoMars». The release of the second disk «A Beautiful Lie» took place in 2005. But the third album was given to the team with difficulty. The album «This Is War» went after the courts with the record company of the group in 2009 alone. After that, the team went on a world tour titled «Into The Wild Tour» and addressed, in particular in Russia, specifically in St. Petersburg at the festival Tuborg GreenFest.

Jared Leto has always been famous for its love affairs, of which he had plenty. The young man for a long time met with Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson. There was even a brief relationship with Paris Hilton. However, this he never spoke openly. According to the media Jared met with Lindsay Lohan once met her on the set of "Chapter 27". And then the paparazzi began to notice the summer with the Danish model Katharina Damm.

Interesting facts about Jared Leto
Jared Leto has a tattoo. On the right wrist of the actor is a graphical indication of his group, and the symbols on the left of the second album - a cross with a circle. Second, by the way, made famous tattoo artist in Los Angeles Kate von D. In calves singer adorn two arrows, and tattoos on both elbows with the symbol of the third album of the band 30 Seconds to Mars - a triad. On collarbone written in Latin Provehito in Altum. Jared himself srezhessiroval clips to the songs «Closer to the Edge», «The Kill», «From Yesterday», «Hurricane», «Kings and Queens» Summer starred in commercials. It is the fragrance of Hugo Boss «Just Different».

Jared Leto


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Jared Joseph Leto (/ˈlɛtoʊ/; born December 26, 1971) is an American actor, singer-songwriter, and director. After starting his career with television appearances in the early 1990s, Leto achieved recognition for his role as Jordan Catalano on the television series My So-Called Life (1994). He made his film debut in How to Make an American Quilt (1995) and received critical praise for his performance in Prefontaine (1997). Leto played supporting roles in The Thin Red Line (1998), Fight Club (1999) and American Psycho (2000), as well as the lead role in Urban Legend (1998), and earned critical acclaim after portraying heroin addict Harry Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream (2000). He later began focusing increasingly on his music career, returning to acting with Panic Room (2002), Alexander (2004), Lord of War (2005), Lonely Hearts (2006), Chapter 27 (2007), and Mr. Nobody (2009). In 2012, he directed the documentary film Artifact. In 2016, he played the DC Comics supervillain Joker in the DC Extended Universe film Suicide Squad.