Jason Momoa (full name Joseph Jason Momoa Namakeaha) - American actor, producer and screenwriter. He was born on August 1, 1979 in the capital of Hawaii - Honolulu.

CHILDHOOD of Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa's parents were of different nationalities. According to fans of the actor that played a key role in the formation of its exotic appearance and impressive natural abilities as an actor growth is 199 centimeters. From his father he inherited Hawaiian roots from his mother went to Irish and German blood, but the family of Jason lasted very long. As a result, educate and take care of your mother Chad Jason had alone.

As a child he and his mother moved to the town of Norwalk, Iowa, where, in fact, he spent his childhood. There he and his peers finished elementary school and continued his studies at the college, where he had gone on the last year of study and returned to Hawaii. There he continued to receive an education and eventually graduated from a prestigious college.

Career, filmography
Jason Mamo different uncharacteristically handsome features, a great toned figure and high growth. All this played into the hands of the future actor since he was noticed by Takeo Kikuchi - known designer of the rising sun. It was he who in 1999 led Mamo in the modeling business and made it to the real star of this field. The scale of achievements as a model in their native land, in Hawaii, says Jason recognition model, and its invitation as a leading beauty contest «Miss Teen», which took place in Hawaii. In addition, 1999 was a landmark for Momoa due and such an important event as the beginning of his acting career. First as an actor from Hawaii might envy any aspiring actor, because Jason was invited to shoot 10 and 11 seasons of the famous series "Baywatch." The debut in a big movie was obviously a success, as the next film where Jason got the part, became a full-length comedy Christopher Erskine called "Johnson Family Vacation." The film was released in 2004. Much more notable success Momoa to come in his future endeavors. This popularity came to an actor after the shooting in 2005 in the series "Stargate Atlantis," where he is shooting for five years played the role of Ronan Dex. It was she who gave impetus to its further development as an actor with a worldwide reputation. His first major role was Jason Momoa in 2007 during the filming of movies Alan Jordan called «Pipeline».

In 2010, following the film starring Jason was the fantasy series "Game of Thrones" tells the story of an epic struggle for power in a vast fantasy country. The actor got the role of one of the most colorful characters - the role of the barbarian Khala Drogo. As a result, this drama series, broadcast on the popular American channel HBO, became a cult classic. A kind of recognition and confirmation of acting Jason Momoa was his invitation to star in a film about the legendary Conan the Barbarian. Apparently it was the harbinger of the great acting Momoa of "Game of Thrones." Such an event as the fact of Jason in the footsteps of the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, the modern movie world could not miss. With this role, the actor won the "Rising Star 2011" Film Festival CinemaCon, held in spring 2011 in Las Vegas. In addition, Jason had the opportunity to work on a film set with famous Hollywood luminary like Mickey Rourke. He, by the way, he played the father of Conan. As a result, in 2011, came a remake of the film adaptation of "Conan the Barbarian", where Momoa brilliantly played the role of a fearless and tireless war. One of the last works of Jason began filming "The Expendables", where the main role played by Sylvester Stallone.

Jason Momoa NOW
In 2013, the actor took part in the shooting of such films as "The Path to Paloma" and "Wolves." This "short films", which went under the supervision of the production company Pride of Gypsies, whose founder is Momo. Not long ago, the actor admitted that most likes to play good guys with a not very good reputation. According to him, this type is the most love for the audience.

PERSONAL LIFE of Jason Momoa
During the filming of his first TV series "Baywatch" Momoa met with the actress Simone Jade McKinnon. With it, the actor was very close and even lived together for a while with MacKinnon. At the moment, Jason's love bonds linked to actress Lisa Bonet - former wife of famous musician and artist Lenny Kravitz, which have left a daughter Bona. Also Jason and Lisa live in a civil marriage, and have children together - daughter Lola Iolani, born in 2007 and son of Nako, Wolf Manakauapo Namakea born in 2008. This is an unusual name he got an ulterior motive. Due to the fact that the boy was born in Los Angeles at night during a terrible storm, the parents gave him this name: Nako means "fighter" Mana - "fortitude", Kauai - "rain", and on - "dark" .

HOBBIES of Jason Momoa
Not last place in the life of Jason takes religion. According to their beliefs, he is a supporter of Buddhism. In addition, he often visits the Tibetan temples where gladly learns Buddhist spiritual teachings and practices. Also an actor in his spare time likes to go on leisure in the mountains, go canoeing, ride a mountain bike, in-line skating and snowboarding. Jason is not alien to the sense of beauty, and, moreover, it is even a fan of art. At one time, the actor was engaged in Paris pastel painting. Despite the fact that all life is connected with the film industry Momoa, he categorically did not watch the movies he loves. Watching movies, he prefers reading literature. Especially actor captures Japanese poetry, the works of Charles Baudelaire and other literature. Moreover, it is practically not watching TV, do not use e-mail and do not like talking on the phone. Besides reading books actor likes to play guitar and take care of their children.

Jason Momoa