Jason was the second child in a family of famous lounge singer and a dressmaker, who later became a dancer. The father of the future actor was a part-time boxer and gymnast, so the men taught the same skills to his son. The older brother Jason loved martial arts so often used youngest in the family as a "pear". Later, Statham has become an expert in martial arts, particularly in kickboxing. In addition, the actor is now interested in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. As a child, Jason gave preference to the sport. All his forces went to classes in diving. And in this case he has achieved no small success. For example, he was accepted into the Olympic team. Statham took part in the Games in 1988, which took place in Seoul. And the next ten years, the actor was a member of the National Association of Diving. In 1992 he even took twelfth place in the World Cup.

As a child from his native Chesterfield Jason Statham and his family moved to Norfolk in Great Yarmouth. There, he did not forget the art of their parents. The actor learned the basics of street art.

However, in an interview with Jason she noticed that in addition to acting and sports like that had to earn a living. So the boy got his first money working as a street vendor jewelry and perfume.

Advertising business
At the end of the last century, Jason Statham noted adman who worked mostly with athletes. The young man invited the future actor in the campaign of the European company Tommy Hilfiger. In the end, Jason began to advertise jeans. And from that moment he began his modeling career. However, the work of a young man in front of cameras, successfully combined with trade in the street. Statham was selling stolen and counterfeit goods. However, after some time the owner of the company, promotions which was Jason, became the main producer of the debut film by Guy Ritchie called "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels." As a result, the director Statham recommended as a candidate for one of the roles in the film.

Questionable Past
Guy Ritchie interested questionable past Jason Statham. He even liked the experience of street trading the future actor and model work. Directed by Jason invited to the casting, and as a sample offered to play a street vendor and convince Richie buy his fake gold jewelry. That's what Statham talks about this trial: "Guy was looking for a genuine character - he says - and it proved to me, because such things as he asked and what I can do, is not taught in drama school." In the end, Jason sold Richie did not worth the goods, and as soon as the director tried to return the "jewels", Jason became adamant. Statham was immediately approved by the role.

Next role Jason Statham got back from director Guy Ritchie. This time the actor has played the organizer of clandestine fights boxers. First, the hero Jason was planned as a minor, in the company of Brad Pitt, Dennis Farina and Parliament Serbedzhiya, but while filming the role became more and by the time the pattern in the rental, Statham has appeared on the site of the main narrator. At the beginning of the new century, Jason Statham made a real breakthrough. First, he made his debut in American cinema, playing the role of the British drug dealer in the film "turn up", and then received the title role in the sci-fi thriller "Ghosts of Mars" by John Carpenter. This was followed by work with Jet Li in a fantastic picture of "Confrontation" and participate in the filming of "The Italian Job." But the tape that made a star of Jason - a "carrier". Then the fee was the actor is close to a million dollars. Continued pictures which removed three years later, brought a big box office than the first tape. In the end, Jason Statham Guy Ritchie films glorified, where the actor played a "husky". This film "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", "Snatch", "Revolver." And besides, "Carrier" Jason appeared in American films "Adrenaline," "Death Race" and "The War."

However, the films with the actor does not dazzle with the recognition of the public. However, Jason valued for dark charisma and gave militants. The actor is well aware of this fact and understand that with such a film to a piggy bank "Oscar" it is still far. He admits that the main reward and not seeking. Each fee Statham does not exceed three million dollars, but his film at odds with a bang in the cinema with popcorn. It is worth noting that Jason Statham is one of the three favorite actors Sylvester Stallone. Cult actor even suggested that British counterparts participated in the film "The Expendables," directed by. And in 2010, Jason has received many offers of cooperation. For example, in the movie "13" Gela Babluani and the "mechanics" Simon West. In 2011, the actor played a professional killer in the film "Killer Elite" Gary McKendry. In Russia, this film is known as "Professional". In the same year Jason has appeared on the screens in the role of the actor's film "Without compromises" Elliott Lester.

And then Statham tried his hand as an actor, dubbing. He voiced the character of the cartoon "Gnomeo and Juliet". Later, Jason began work on a sequel "The Expendables." Director of the film at this time was Simon West. Sit actor in films and Boaz Yakin «Safe», Taylor Hackford «Parker», Simon Crane «Echelon».

Personal life
Life Jason Statham is not perfect. Seven years of actor met with his colleague Kelly Brook. Beautiful and almost perfect couple was exactly to the moment, Kelly is not met actor Billy Zane. The meeting took place on the set of paintings "survival sex." After work, Brooke went on Statham. By the way, Kelly and Billy have parted, but the actress with former lover and does not communicate. After Jason Kelly tried to build a relationship with the singer Sophie Monk, but the alliance with it did not take place.

Until 2010, the actor met with Alex Zosman. And now he is trying to build a relationship with the model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The couple lives together, according to rumors, is not far off, and their engagement.

Jason Statham