Jenna Coleman - a young British actress, whose popularity is now associated mostly with the famous British TV series "Doctor Who". It was this project brought the heroine of today's international popularity. But do not believe that the on-screen work is the only bright spot in the film credits. After Jenna Coleman - is the fate of the girl with a bright and eventful career.

EARLY YEARS, CHILDHOOD AND FAMILY of aspiring actress Jenna Coleman
Jenna Coleman (also known as Jenna-Louise Coleman) was born on April 27, 1986 in a large English city of Blackpool, located in the county of Lancashire. In school, she was an excellent student and round her class. It has always set an example to others, and she pretty much tried not to drop the bar high.

First appeared on the stage Jenna Coleman had a chance in 1996, when she was only ten years old. During this period, she began performing with the theater troupe «In Yer Space» at various festivals across Britain. Our today's heroine and her colleagues accompanied by considerable success, then it is quite early to Jenna decided for myself that in the future is bound to become famous and popular actress. After graduating from secondary school, the actress went to London, where he filed papers to several theater schools. However, surprisingly, I was not able to do any one. This fact was a severe blow for the young actress, but grieve the girl still had long. Everything is as usual, decided banal case. On one of the exams Jenna Coleman noticed the producers of the British television series "Emmerdale" was soon offered the girl the role of one of the regular characters. To refuse such a proposal even our today's hero was not going to, but because immediately jumped at the opportunity presented.

Running a little ahead, we note that the necessary acting training she subsequently never received. This fact, it has repeatedly deplored in his interviews.

Career, Soaps
Filming in the project "Emmerdale" our current heroine began at the beginning of the two thousandth's. This series very soon brought her first glory. The girl was invited to various TV shows, and often ask for an interview. In addition, already acting in TV series "Emmerdeyl" Jenna Coleman has appeared in several other TV projects as a guest star (usually in the role of herself). In addition, the role of Jasmine Thomas, our heroine today was awarded a nomination for the prestigious British Soap Awards in the category "Best Debut", as well as on national television award (as the "Most Popular Newcomer '). But this was not all! In 2009, the year Jenna Coleman appeared among the nominees British Soap Awards and TV Choice Awards in the category "Best Actress." A little later, several major publications girl named "Sexiest actress of the year", and included it in the list of the best of British television drama star. In 2009, the year in the capacity of the current stars of today, our heroine appeared in the BBC project "Street Waterloo." In this television series she again got a pretty big role. So worry about the course of his career, Jenna Coleman was not necessary.

In 2010, the actress also played a role in the TV series "The room above", and immediately afterwards went to Hollywood, where he co-starred with Chris Evans and Tommy Lee Jones in the box office sci-fi thriller "The First Avenger", which tells of the adventures of Captain America . It was during this period in the press began to report that Jenna Coleman is going to move to Hollywood. However, in the end, these news were only the usual gossip. A striking confirmation of this new work became an actress. In 2012, the year our current heroine appeared in the British miniseries "Titanic", and then took part in voicing one of the characters of the English version of the popular game «Xenoblade Chronicles». Immediately after that, Jenna Coleman went to San Diego, where she took part in the legendary Festival of Comic-Con. It is noteworthy that at the time largely due to the fact of the appearance of the actress comic convention with its work on the dubbing video «Xenoblade Chronicles». However, as a result of the appearance of Jenna appeared associated with a sensation.

Jenna Coleman NOW
In the summer of 2012 at the festival Comic-Con young British actress was presented to the public as a new Clara Oswald - companion of the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor Who. Her debut in the legendary project happened in the first episode of the seventh season. Later it was announced that Jenna Coleman will remain in the project and for the entire eighth season (which premieres scheduled for early 2014).

In a manner Clara Oswald woman also appeared in the feature film "The Day of the doctor", as well as in the TV show "Doctor Who: The Companion." In addition, in recent years our current heroine managed to perform and several other prominent roles. In particular, it has become very popular series "Dancing on the Edge" and "Death Comes to Pemberley" the central role that nevertheless again performed Jenna Coleman. Currently, she is working on a new series of the "Doctor Who," and also starred in the film "The power of imagination." How ambitious will be the last of these projects is not yet known. In particular, we discuss an image format and duration.

PERSONAL LIFE of Jenna Coleman
Starting from 2011, the year our current heroine is in a romantic relationship with Richard Madden - the performer as Robb Stark in the series "Game of Thrones."

Jenna Coleman


Wiki info

Although originally announced as beginning her run as companion in the Christmas special in 2012, Coleman made a surprise appearance on 1 September 2012 in the first episode of the seventh series as Oswin Oswald, a guest character who dies at the conclusion of the episode. Coleman subsequently debuted as a series regular in the Christmas special episode "The Snowmen" as Victorian governess and barmaid Clara Oswin Oswald; like Oswin Oswald, she died. At the end of that episode, Coleman is seen playing a third version of the character, a resident of contemporary London named simply Clara Oswald. Beginning in "The Bells of Saint John", this version begins her travels as the Doctor's regular companion, including after his regeneration into the Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, in the 2013 Christmas special episode "The Time of the Doctor. " In the 2014 Christmas special episode "Last Christmas", it was revealed that Coleman would remain in the role of Clara for Series 9. However, the ninth series was her last, as Coleman had decided to leave the show to take on a role as Queen Victoria in an ITV production.