American actress Jennifer Joan Aniston was born in the Californian city of Sherman Oaks February 11, 1969. The family of actor John Aniston (born in Crete Yannis Anastassakisa) at that time was growing up the son of John Malik. Later in the family appears one more son - Alex. At the age of 9 years, Jennifer Aniston divorced parents. The girl is with her mother, but constantly to go on a visit to his father in Los Angeles. There John was just not available in the TV series "Days of Our Lives," where he played a major role. His career as an actress, Jennifer began to build in 11 years. It is in this age of Hollywood starlet plays in school drama circle of Rudolf Steiner. Vocational education actor Jennifer Aniston in the school of acting in New York. Immediately after the release of Jennifer participated in several Broadway productions, including «For Dear Life» and «Dancing on Checker's Grave». And the actress received a basic salary, working a courier and telephone marketer.

Seriously pursue his acting career, Jennifer Aniston began in the late 80s of the last century. At first she is involved in radio show of Howard Stern, and then moved to Hollywood and almost immediately gets his first role in the television series «Molloy». Then followed work in the film "Camp Cucamonga." After these works as Jennifer Aniston began offering punctually. Thus, in 1990, she starred in the TV series «Ferris Bueller», in 1992, should work in the film «The Edge», and in 1994 in «Muddling Through». In addition, she played a small role as guest actress in "Quantum Leap," "Herman's Head" and "Burke's Law." However, Jennifer Aniston's career was far from cloudless. Jennifer even considered forget about the wide screen and leave the profession. Such thoughts have visited the actress canceled after a number of series and working in the criticized handling of the horror film "leprechaun".

Popularity with the "Friends"
However, Jennifer Aniston plans changed after she came to the casting of the television series "Friends." Serial movie started on NBC in 1994.

The producers originally wanted to take on the role of Rachel Green actress Courteney Cox, but she said that he sees himself as Monica Geller. After the appearance of Jennifer on the set, it was decided that no one else but her for the role of Rachel Green is not suitable. In this image Jennifer Aniston was 10 years, until 2004. The series has become wildly popular and successful. But the actress, along with his colleagues on the set suddenly became famous. It affected the fee Jennifer. In the last three seasons of the television series "Friends" actress received one million dollars for each series. For his role Aniston was nominated five times for the prestigious "Emmy" as "Best Actress in a Comedy Series", the truth won only once. In 2003, Jennifer won the "Golden Globe" for his work on "Friends." However, in 10 years of participation in the "friends" she does not ignore other offers filmmakers. One of the most notable work was the role, however minor, in the comedy "Only she - the only one." Together with Jennifer Aniston played Cameron Diaz.

Invitation to the major role came in 1997 alone. Jennifer starred in the romantic comedy "Picture Perfect". The film received critical acclaim opposite. However, the professionalism of the actress was out of the question. A little later, the star starred with Sarah Jessica Parker in the film "The Missing ideal", as well as in the film "The Thin Pink Line" and "Office Space." The latter, incidentally, was later called a cult. In 1998, Jennifer has created on-screen image of a woman who is in love with a homosexual in a tragic comedy "The Object of My Affection." Next came a prominent role only in 2002. Jennifer Aniston became plain the cashier at the supermarket in the drama "The Good Girl". This work actress proved that it is able to play a more significant role than comedy.

The peak of popularity
The most successful band with Jennifer Aniston was the comedy "Bruce Almighty, where the actress starred with comedian Jim Carrey. The film has collected only US $ 243 million. In 2004, was followed by a collaboration with Ben Stiller in the comedy film "Along Came Polly."

A year later, Jennifer Aniston plays a major role in the film "Derailed" and "Rumor Has It". The film turned out to be quite successful, each collected about $ 30 million. In 2006, there was a limited release low-budget picture called "Friends with Money". On the screen appeared with Jennifer Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand and Dzhaon Cusack. Next work of the actress in the film "Break-Up" was successful in financial terms (the tape has collected more than $ 100 million in US box office), however, met with criticism now is pretty cool. In 2006, the actress herself has staged his first short film entitled «Room 10", which was played by Robert Wright Penn and Kris Kristofferson. She said that the first work inspired her directorial experience Gwyneth Paltrow.

At the end of 2008 there was a wide screen picture of the "Marley and Me." Jennifer Aniston, this time played in a pair with Owen Wilson. The picture has collected more than $ 240 million. The next job for the actress became a romantic comedy titled "Promise - not to marry." Only during the first week-end tape has collected nearly $ 30 million and has taken a leading position in the chart. Reviews of the picture was mixed, however, the evaluation of the actors were only positive. One of the last paintings featuring Jennifer Aniston was the picture with Gerard Butler "The Bounty Hunter, which premiered in the spring of 2010. Critics have carried a picture to the nines, but the film is still not a bad cash collected - about 130 million. But the following picture "more than one" failed at the box office. In 2010, the premiere and the romantic comedy "Just go with it." Jennifer Aniston plays a secretary that the chief, a successful plastic surgeon (Adam Sandler), asked to pretend to be his wife, to prove the honesty of his girlfriend.

And in the summer of 2011 is planned release the comedy "Horrible Bosses," which, in addition to Aniston, Jason Bateman played, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, as well as Jamie Foxx. Jennifer played a sexually-anxious female dentist. In the autumn of the same year to be released film "The Passion to change places" Davila Wayne. The film tells the story of a couple who decided to move from the metropolis to the countryside.

Personal life
At the dawn of his career, Jennifer Aniston met with musician Adam Dyurits, and then try to build happiness with actor Tate Donovan. Serious and most discussed in the press relations were the actress with Brad Pitt. The couple married in the summer of 2000 in Malibu. Five years later, the couple broke up. Media excitedly wrote that the reason for the divorce was the novel Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Additionally, Aniston did not want to give birth to her husband's children, however, the actress has denied this fact. Jennifer was going through a very painful divorce and has not been able to forget the former spouse. We could distract the girl only yoga. After the divorce, Aniston tried to build a relationship with actor Vince Vaughn, and then John Mayer. Then the media began to discuss the relationship of the actress with her new chosen - a colleague in the film "The Bounty Hunter" - Gerard Butler. In 2011, the film "Thirst wandering" Jennifer Aniston twisted romance with a little-known actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux. In 2012, on his birthday, he made a proposal to the star of the series "Friends", but the wedding this was not followed. Press for a long time to settle and breed lovers, periodically appearing reports of pregnancy Aniston. Only in the summer of 2015 finally married lovers. Preparations for the wedding was the coded: Star friends were invited to another birthday groom. Imagine their surprise when they realized that they came to the wedding of Jennifer and Justin. These things event on 5 August 2015 in the mansion of actors in Los Angeles. Bridesmaids became Courteney Cox. The wedding was attended by about 70 guests, including Tobey Maguire, Orlando Bloom, Rachel McAdams, Lisa Kudrow and Emily Blunt. After the party the couple went on their honeymoon in Bora Bora.

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Aniston's biggest box office success to date was her appearance in the comedy Bruce Almighty (2003), in which she played the girlfriend of Jim Carrey's title character. [49] Aniston then starred in the romantic comedy film Along Came Polly (2004) opposite Ben Stiller. [50] Aniston appeared in two major studio films, the thriller Derailed (2005), and the rom-com Rumor Has It. . . (2005). [51][52] Aniston appeared in the low-budget drama Friends with Money (2006), which was first shown at the Sundance Film Festival and received a limited release. [53] Aniston's next film was the romantic comedy The Break-Up (2006) alongside Vince Vaughn which received mixed reviews. The A. V. Club's Keith Phipps gave the film a negative review stating, "It’s like watching the 'we were on a break' episode of Friends stretched to feature length, and without the blessed relief of commercial breaks or the promise of Seinfeld around the corner. "[54]CinemaBlend gave the film a positive review stating, "In an era of formulaic romantic movies that bear no resemblance to reality, The Break-Up offers a refreshing flipside. "[55] It was released on June 2 and grossed approximately US$39. 17 million during its opening weekend. The film was successful at the box office grossing US$204 million worldwide. [56]