Jennifer was born in a family of speech therapy and medical equipment, so even a hint of the fate of the actor's daughter was not. When she was 8 years old, she moved with her parents in Garland Texas. Even then, she studied music, ballet and dance, constantly speaking in various children's programs.

Operating childhood
The 10-year-old Jennifer and her mother set off to conquer Los Angeles. Here, the young talent was planning to continue to build an acting and musical career. Even then, the schoolgirl started acting in commercials as well as in the television series Disney «Kids INC». Acting operations, which started at such a young age has brought quick results. Two years later Love Hewitt to record your own video with a set of exercises for girls. Magazine called "Dance with Barbie." And in 1992, Jennifer won the role in the film «Munchies».

A year later, the young actress has played a role in the comedy "Sister Act 2". This work is considered to be the debut Jennifer Love Hewitt. However, the picture is not glorified the female adolescent. Popularity came only in 1995, when the screen appeared the series "Famous Five". There, the actress played the role of protagonist girlfriend Sarah Reeves. By the way, for the work of Jennifer she won the award, and became the highest rated show of the youth drama on television.

Queen of shouts
To achieve the desired fame, Jennifer continued to work tirelessly. She starred on the television, but the real breakthrough was still in the movie. In 1997, Love Hewitt starred in the thriller "I know what you did last summer." It was a pretty high-profile projects 90s, using her popularity ascended to the top, and the director and the actors, who got the main role. Jennifer played the main character Julie James. Together with her co-starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was a friend of Julie. "I know what you did last summer" we took off on a wave of fame painting "The Scream". And the script was a bit like. In general, the tape has collected $ 125 million in worldwide box office, Jennifer also has become one of the most popular actresses and independent America. After the release of the thriller she got the title of "scream queen".

Due to the success of the film in 1998, it was decided to withdraw more and continued under the name of "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer." And that's when Jennifer realized that runs continuously in the same role. The actress decided immediately to try yourself in a different role. Therefore, further work was followed by the comedy "I can not wait!". And after it, and youth series "Dawson's Creek." In 1999 followed by a role in the film "Kings of Rock." However, all these films have not brought tangible box office, but the reputation as the best young actress as a singer. The next couple of years were very productive for Jennifer. In 2000, she has been working on a biographical TV films "The History of Audrey Hepburn." His way, Love Hewitt has produced itself. For professional performance as a leading TV news, from which left the bride, actress praised by critics.

His charisma, a gift and acting skills Jennifer Love Hewitt is fully used in 2001 on the set of romantic hit "Sertseedki", where she became a partner worthy of movie stars Sigourney Weaver. And this time the critics were favorable, the audience simply could not ignore a talented play, dedication actress. And it was clear that comedy is quite different from the paintings of the last decade.

In 2002, Jennifer was entrusted a major role in the action comedy "The Tuxedo." At this time, a partner of talented girls became infamous Jackie Chan. In this film Love Hewitt has gone through everything: shooting and fighting. And despite the fact that on the set treated with little or no doubles. Actress withstood all the difficulties of the process with dignity, along with the inimitable Chan. At this time the proposal on Jennifer fell in abundance. Every year there are new pictures with the actress. This was followed by another series of success, but rather conventional film, it is, for example, "The truth of love" or "Garfield", where the girls began to colleagues Dougray Scott, Breckin Meyer and Jimi Mistry. But the next few years, the actress has worked tirelessly. As a result, several paintings: "Ghosts of Christmas", "The Diary of careerists Katya Livingston," "If only," "100 Greatest young stars." However, the desired height kinoolimpa Jennifer has not reached at this stage. Piggy Feed Jennifer significantly enlarged in 2007, when the actress took part in the directorial debut of Alec Baldwin. He put the picture of "The Devil and Daniel Webster." It Love Hewitt played brilliantly seductive devil.

Further, a successful choice of a role and a role in the action movie "Tropic Thunder," Ben Stiller. Courage and naive characters who fall into an unexpected situation, Jennifer plausible communicates the Azlinni with Valerie and Robert Downey.

Japanese idol
Jennifer persistently engaged in an acting career, but do not forget about his passion for singing. In 1992, she released her debut album, "Songs of Love". Three years later he introduced the second album «Lets Go Bang», which is lightning dispersed across America. In 1995, Jennifer presented the third album "Jennifer Love Hewitt". He was very popular in Japan and Europe, but not at home.

Personal life
Jennifer's parents divorced when the baby was only six months. And when the young actress went to live with his mother in Los Angeles, it has long led a life quite adult. It is said that Jennifer had an affair with Enrique Iglesias. Relationship fastened after the actress co-starred with hot Latino in the clip. Members of shooting said that kissing in front of the cameras of the stars were very real.

Since 2005, the actress met actor Ross McCall. In 2007, the couple announced their engagement, but a year later broke up.

Interesting Facts
His name Jennifer has received from his older brother, who asked to be called the name of his beloved sister at the time. The second name of Love girl got from her mother, who wished that her daughter was lucky in love.

Jennifer Love Hewitt