CHILDHOOD of Jensen Ackles
The boy was born in Dallas. Parents do not just choose the name of his son. They wanted to give a child is not the most common name. My mother (Donna Joan Shaffer) leafing through the church hymnal to find something original. In the name of his son was the name of one of the authors of hymns. Since childhood, the boy grew up admiring his father, Alan Roger Ackles, who was a famous actor. He has always been an idol for his son. Jensen studied the script, I knew all of his work. Jensen has a sister and a brother. The family had decided to go to church. Actor nefanatichnym calls himself a Christian. He grew up on the teachings of the Bible and, as he put it in an interview, faith is always with him. Until the age of four the boy often appeared in children's advertising. Then followed some break, and only 10 years old, he again went on to appear in advertisements.

In high school, Jensen spent much time on sports, playing baseball and lacrosse teams. When he began to attend for the fun of acting lessons, he was there only athlete. After school, the future star of the screen decided to go to university. He has already chosen it for a set of disciplines interested in his specialization. Jensen wanted to get the profession of physiotherapist, and was even registered for admission. At that time, he was offered to play in one of the projects. Future actor went to Los Angeles to see what it actually was. He auditioned. He was offered to play a guest on the show, but he was not going to stay in the city, unwilling to retreat from their future plans. Eccles went home to consult with parents. He always consulted with them when I had to take some difficult decision. As a result, Jensen returned to Los Angeles, where he became a member of the project, thinking that may well stay there for one or two semesters, and if nothing happens, will always be able to return home. It was September 1996. Family support budding actor. So his grandmother had sent her grandson once a week card, so it is not very homesick.

Career as an actor of Jensen Ackles, filmography
The first roles were only occasional. The young actor has appeared in the TV series "Cybill," the comedy "Mr. Rhodes" and "School in Sweet Valley." In the comedy film "Mr. Rhodes" he played a student. There Jensen filmed for eighteen weeks. It was his first permanent job, thanks to which Eccles immediately began to provide for themselves. As he later admitted in an interview, his own life at a young age the actor considers his greatest achievement in life.

One year later, he appeared in "Days of Our Lives" getting the role of Eric Brady. His participation in the project lasted from 1997 to 2000, the first year, until he decided to leave, to be able to star in other TV series. Even then, he got a lot of fans, a letter which the actor received daily. During the filming of "Days of our lives", he was invited to take part in the filming of the movie "Never Been Kissed." The invitation was made at the request of Drew Barrymore shot there. Unfortunately, this proposal was abandoned Eccles, as both films filming schedules coincide.

Jensen Ackles NOW
In 2000 the actor starred in the film of Marilyn Monroe entitled "Blonde." His next work was the shooting in the series "Dark Angel", which together with him to play Jessica Alba. Working with James Cameron in the film, he finds it very memorable. A good professionally for Jensen became the 2003rd year. He has worked in the film "Dawson's Creek" and several episodes of the "Good Life". The 2004th Eccles in the "Secrets of Smallville" played the beloved heroine, played by Kristin Kreuk.

Jensen played a major role in the 2005th in the "Devourer of Souls", where he had the opportunity to work with his idol - his own father. At the same 2005th he was invited to the TV series "Supernatural", with the main role. In this movie he played the mystical Dean Winchester. His main partner in the project was an actor, too, starring Jared Padalecki. This survey is particularly remembered Eccles. There he made friends with Jared, though the four years his junior. The 2007th actor was fortunate enough to play on stage with Lou Diamond Phillips. The play was staged at the theater Casa MaƱana city of Texas, his name - "A Few Good Men." So Eccles first played on stage. With the project "Supernatural" from actor bound as his first directorial experience. He took four episodes of the sixth season. In 2011, he again made the director now three episodes of the seventh and three episodes of the eighth season.

PERSONAL LIFE of Jensen Ackles
Jensen is married to a photo model, actress and gymnast Danneel Harris. In mid-2013 they became proud parents of a little daughter. She was given the name of Justice Jay Eccles. Eccles said his father highly professional actor, and always turn to him for advice. Father has always been and remains a hero. Actor glad to communicate with fans, especially when they do not ask about him personally, and played on the roles and work. This, he says, he was flattered.

Jensen Ackles


Wiki info

Ackles worked steadily throughout 2003. He joined the cast of the WB's hit show Dawson's Creek during its final season, playing CJ, Jen Lindley's lover. Afterward, Ackles filmed several episodes of the unaired series Still Life for Fox before it was abruptly dropped. He also had a small role in the 2004 short film The Plight of Clownana. Ackles was the producer's first choice to play Eliza Dushku's love interest on the second season of Tru Calling, Ackles turned down the role, which was then offered to Eric Christian Olsen and the character's name was changed to "Jensen" because the producers of Tru Calling liked Ackles' name. Ackles returned to Vancouver (where Dark Angel was filmed) in 2004 to become a regular on Smallville playing the assistant football coach Jason Teague, who was also the newest romantic interest for Lana Lang (played by Kristin Kreuk). He also had a lead role in the 2005 film Devour in which Ackles' father, actor Alan Ackles, also had a role playing the father of Ackles' character, Jake Gray.