Jessica Biel - is a talented actress and beautiful girl. Her role in the movie is always vivid and memorable. And so to the person of the US sultry beauty all the time riveted public attention. But who is it - another beauty, to break into the world of big movies, but thanks to its pretty appearance, or a bright actress with extraordinary acting talent? To understand this, we can look at least a few films with the participation of today's heroine. However, there is an easier option. To find all of the most interesting facts from the life of Jessica Biel, you can read our today's article devoted to the creative and career paths of the brightest American actress.

Jessica Biel was born in the most ordinary American family, unrelated to the professional cinema. Her father - Jonathan Edward Biel - was quite a successful entrepreneur. Mom - Kimberley - a housewife.

Our today's heroine was the eldest child in his family. Three years after the birth of a future celebrity was born of her younger brother, Justin. Early childhood future celebrity consisted of permanent relocations. Trying to find the necessary market for the business of his father, the family moved first to Texas and then to Connecticut and Illinois. Ultimately, the future mother of the family of the actress became a small town Bouldren located in the central part of the state of Colorado. At this point, the girl went to a new school, and then recorded another and singing lessons. It is noteworthy that it is the first vocal lessons led our current character to the stage. Even in early childhood Jessica Biel was noted in several bright musicals, which were put on the stage of the Municipal Theatre Bouldren city. In twelve years, it is one of the most promising actresses in the city, were sent to a conference of the International Association of models and talents where Jessica noticed representatives of big modeling agency, soon offered her a lucrative long-term contract. Since then, the life of a little beauty has changed dramatically. It became part of filming for a variety of videos, as well as advertising posters. Most notable in this list can be called collaborations with companies and Pringles «Deluxe Paint». Some time later, the actress once again played in the musical. At this time, such was the low-budget television film "It's a digital world", which, however, was never released in theaters and still gathering dust in the archives of their creators.

On the seventh sky
At age 14, Jessica Biel came the first big fame. After a series of unsuccessful tests the young actress has played Mary Camden on the television series Aaron Spelling's "Seventh Heaven" for the WB. Directed noticed that Jessica's natural talent and the first acting experience was very successful. A year later, Bio character played by Peter Fonda's granddaughter in the film "Gold Uli." Work, of course, noticed the criticism - and that's led to think seriously about the producers of Jessica as a promising actress. The girl was awarded the prize Young Artist Award. In addition, the famous company «L'Oreal» immediately invited the actress to become the face of the company. It helped, and L'Oreal to make money and build a career Biel.

Jessica attended a private school Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, after graduation went to study at the University of Tufts University. But Bill had left school on the eve of a degree, to devote himself to an acting career.

Underage nude model
In 2000, 17-year-old Jessica posed nude "topless" for a glossy magazine «Gear». Young actress believes that such candid shooting provoke breach of contract with the TV series "Seventh Heaven" - the girl bored with her kinoobraz. However, the opposite happened. High grade girl jumped even higher, as well as indicators of the series. Jessica became popular and recognizable, came back into the picture, and starred in it until 2002. But later, the actress began to pay attention to a great movie. Debut for the actress took it in 2001. Bill played a cameo role in the movie "Summer Games". However, even on the big screen actress it was difficult to get away from the legacy of "Seventh Heaven". In 2002, Jessica was invited to the film "The Rules of Attraction." There she had to play the heroine of the most TV shows Mary Cadman. Following Bill started work in 2003 film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Greater attention of critics tape did not deserve, and this despite the fact that in the US box office picture has collected $ 80 million with a budget of 9 million. Career Jessica is clearly developing well. She starred in several films a year. Only one in 2004 she played in the film "Blade: Trinity," "This is a digital world", "Cell."

Movie Star
In 2005, viewers saw Jessica in the movie "London" with Chris Evans. Later, the screen will display a strong, beautiful and profound film about love "Elizabethtown," Cameron Crowe. And then Rob Cohen invited Beale fiction thriller called "Stealth".

This film tells of how out of control came out perfect stealth aircraft, which controls the robot. Those of skill was to bring the aircraft down, until he provoked the beginning of World War III. The tape does not get more profit, to the surprise of the creators, on the contrary, did not return the $ 99 million. And this time, after a 3 year break Jessica Biel once again appeared in the TV series "Seventh Heaven", what really surprised her fans. In 2006, Jessica Biel played brilliantly in the film "The Illusionist" Neil Burger. Tape has received excellent reviews, as well as took the leading position in the box office. This time the actress was lucky enough to play in a "cinema with a capital" with Edward Norton. And then she appeared in the film "House of courage," the film about the soldiers who have returned from Iraq. Sought after actresses in 2007 appeared in the frame with star Adam Sandler in the comedy movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry." Classy humorous film about friends with non-trivial plot and a good ending. Jessica played by Kevin James and Dan Aykroyd. Comedy got first place in the list of box office, only for the first weekend the film grossed $ 34 million.

In the same year, Jessica, along with Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore worked on the sci-fi thriller "The Prophet." This is a story about Chris, who lived with an unusual gift, earned his gambling and focus. But after learning of the impending attack, government representatives have done everything to find a gifted young man in order to prevent the tragedy. In 2008, Bill worked in two films. This "Oxide" and "Your Mommy Kills Animals." Well, next year pleased Jessica easy film - a comedy "Easy Virtue," directed by Stephen Elliott. The beautiful picture of present English humor, a bunch of bright emotions from the actors: Ben Barnes, Kristin Scott Thomas, as well as Colin Firth. A clear evidence of the popularity of Jessica Biel is the fact that in 2009 and 2010, the years several major American magazine included her among the sexiest women in the world. In the year 2008, accumulated a lot of connections in the world of American cinema, Jessica Biel presented the world a picture of "Hole in the paper sky" on the creation of which she worked not only as an actress but also as a producer. Subsequently, the track record of our heroine today joined two more production work - films "Bigman" (2011) and "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (2013, preparing to leave). In 2010, the year already as a director Jessica Biel introduced the world short film «Sodales», which became the first and only (so far) in this work as an actress. Currently, American Beauty mainly working as an actress. In 2013, the screens all over the world have come out three new tape with Jessica Biel, one of which is already above named film "The Devil and the deep blue sea." The employment picture such stars as Chloe Grace Moretz, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mary Steenburgen.

Jessica Biel TODAY
To date, according to some independent sources, the American actress is one of the wealthiest women in the profession.

Personal life
Conscious life actress and former model took place in the city of Los Angeles. Prior to 2006, Jessica met with his colleague Chris Evans. Lovers together starred in the film "London", "Cell." After Bill had an affair with Adam LaVorgnom. He played in "seventh heaven." Jessica Biel had a romantic relationship with Derek Jetter, star of the team «New York Yankees». Since 2007, the year the actress was in a romantic relationship with the famous American singer and actor Justin Timberlake. In October of 2012, one of the most prominent couples in the history of the United States officially announced the wedding. Justin Timberlake After marriage she attributed to his name and the name of the spouse, which is quite unusual for representatives of show business. At present, all documents American Beauty appears under the name of Jessica Biel-Timberlake. Along with her new husband, our heroine today resides in Los Angeles, which has long been the two of them for permanent employment.

Interesting Facts
After Jessica Biel posed naked for the publication «Gear», she admitted that she was sorry for what he did. Still, she found the experience enlightening.

Instead, Maggie Grace, Jessica had to work in the TV series «Lost», but turned down the role. And not for nothing, the remake was a box office failure. Outside of work, Jessica prefers to play football, ballet, yoga jogging or hiking in the mountains. In 1999, the actress did not get the main role in the film "American Beauty." The work received the Torah Birg.

Jessica Biel


Wiki info

Biel landed her first feature film role as Peter Fonda's granddaughter in the critically acclaimed drama Ulee's Gold, released in 1997. Her performance earned her a Young Artist Award. In spring 1998, during a break from filming 7th Heaven, she co-starred in I'll Be Home for Christmas with Jonathan Taylor Thomas as the girlfriend of Thomas' character. When she was 17 years old she posed for a risque photo shoot that appeared in the March 2000 issue of Gear. Producers of 7th Heaven were outraged, and brought legal action against Gear. She later expressed regret for doing it, claiming she had been used and that she had been shown different pictures than what were published. In 2001, Biel played the love interest of Freddie Prinze, Jr. in the baseball-themed film Summer Catch. In 2002, she starred as promiscuous college student, Lara, in the ensemble film The Rules of Attraction, an adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis novel. The movie received mixed reviews, became a box office hit, and has since gained a cult following.