CHILDHOOD of Jessica Chastain
Jessica was born in Sokramento - a small American town. Besides her family had four more children. The father worked as a firefighter, and my mother - a chef, specializing in dishes for vegans. My mother was herself a vegan, this is largely affected in the future, and Jessica, to which the mother is the greatest authority. According to the memoirs of the actress, they lived not rich. The same glossy fashion magazine for her was a luxury. Earlier this year, it gave out a hundred dollars that she had to spend on clothes. She had to choose carefully. Most things she acquired low-cost brands, as well as vintage. In the early school years, Jessica did not look particularly attractive. It was awkward redhead girl with short hair. He looks like a boy.

Jessica studied in the most ordinary school with nine years start to dance, and quite successfully. Already thirteen Jessica spoke with a local dance troupe. As a schoolgirl, the girl attended a theatrical circle. She graduated from the School in 1995 and then became a student of the College of Sacramento. For two years she attended Boards. Already in the third year the student participated in production of "Romeo and Juliet". It should be noted that the staging of the play dealt with a famous theatrical organizations - TheatreWorks. Later in the process of studying Chastain repeatedly played in student productions and films. Especially she managed Shakespearean characters. In her desire to try his hand on her acting career has affected to a greater extent is production of "Romeo and Juliet". However, to become a professional actress she had to get special education. She went to New York, where he enrolled in drama school Dzhullyard. Together with her there she studied Michelle Williams. Jessica is so zealously engaged in this school that received a scholarship by Robbie Williams.

Acting career of Jessica Chastain, filmography
Chastain first appeared on screen in the 2004th. She played a small role in "dark shadows". This was followed by roles, mainly in the series. She played in the TV series "ER," "Next to the house," "Veronica Mars," "Blackbeard", "traveler" and others. In the 2008th Jessica appeared in the title role in the film "Jolene". Some time later, this role was awarded the prize Film Festival in Seattle.

Significant role she played in the film "Payback", where she appeared in the form of employee of the Mossad. For the first time a picture was shown at film festivals in the 2010th, and it came out on the screens only in the 2011th year. Extremely productive was the 2011th year. On the screens out several films, and although the actress has played in their supporting roles, but they were all large, with critically acclaimed work.

Jessica Chastain TODAY
Over the past few years, Jessica has become known around the world. The first role that has attracted the attention of her person, was the role in filie, where she worked with Brad Pitt. He left in 2011, the year called "The Tree of Life." After a while, she was invited to another major role in the film "The number one goal", and then "Mama." The films "Salome" actress co-starred with Al Pacino. And the choice of the actress has been made by him. The picture of the "Tree of Life" Jessica also recommend it.

Jessica took the lead role in two films, released in 2013, the year - "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby." It is known that following the work of the actress will be its role in the new version of "Tarzan." If you believe the critics, the actress has a great future. Therefore, in the coming years we can expect a lot of interesting films featuring Jessica. Chastain plays on the stage. Most - a classic setting. She likes to be on stage, because at this time you can feel the energy of the audience, to share it.

PERSONAL LIFE of Jessica Chastain
In mid-2013, Jessica has acquired New York apartment worth nearly half a million dollars. It is located in the center of the city and is located on two floors. This was possible due fees that it has received in the last work in the cinema. The actress also participated in advertising the fashionable perfume Manifesto.

Jessica did not invite the designer, she decided that her apartment will be light-colored walls and wooden furniture. Chances are that she is going to live there with her boyfriend - Gian Luca Passi. Chastain - vegan. Veganism - particularly strict form of vegetarianism. Mother Jessica is also a vegan. They do not eat not only meat and fish, but also honey, eggs, dairy products. The actress has a pet - a dog that has three legs, her half-dead Chastain brought from the street and left. The real name of the actress - Howard. Under this name it was known in the school and in college. In adulthood, Jessica decided to take as a stage name surname of his mother, and began to Chastain. Jessica told me that it was the first time my grandmother introduced her to the theater. Once he came to the premiere, she was photographed with Al Pacino. Granddaughter now stores this photo on the bedside table. The actress said that she was not one of those girls who go to the gym. Once Jessica thought about it before, I do not sit there in her diet, but now she is a vegan and is not afraid to get better. Sometimes Chastain allocates time for yoga.

Jessica Chastain


Wiki info

Shortly before graduating from Juilliard, Chastain attended an event for final-year students in Los Angeles, where she was signed to a talent holding deal by the television producer John Wells. She relocated to Los Angeles, and started auditioning for jobs. She initially found the process difficult, remarking that "being a redhead and not having very conventionally modern looks, it was confusing for people and they didn't know exactly where to put me". In her television debut, The WB network's 2004 pilot remake of the 1960s gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, she was cast as Carolyn Stoddard. Directed by P. J. Hogan, the pilot did not perform well and the series was never picked up for broadcast. Later that year, she appeared as a guest performer on the medical drama series ER, playing a woman she described as "psychotic", which led to more neurotic characters for her. She said, "I played a lot of girls who had something off. Maybe they'd been the victim of some horrible accident. Or they were crazy. " She went on to appear in such roles in a few other television series from 2004 to 2007, including Veronica Mars (2004), Close to Home (2006) and Law & Order: Trial by Jury (2005–2006).