Jim Carrey - a man who taught the world a laugh. His signature antics have become a real hallmark of Hollywood, and actor made an idol of millions of people in various parts of the world. Jim Carrey - successful and recognizable. The paintings with his participation has long been included in the golden fund of world cinema. But everything we know about the favorite actor? It is to make people laugh, but, as so often happens, he did not laugh as much as it might seem from the outside. Because life and the fate of the famous comedian not always been designed in the genre of comedy.

Early years of Jim Carrey and early adolescence
Childhood actor is hardly rosy and bright. Early life Jim Carrey is not promised guy popularity and success. His family was quite poor. My mother was a housewife actor. But the father, cherished lifelong dream of glory saxophonist, worked as an accountant, to somehow feed a large family.

Since childhood, Jim Carrey, his brother and two older sisters were brought up in the strict Catholic canon. Trying to give their children a traditional upbringing, my mother has determined them to the School of the Blessed Trinity, in which the future comedian spent a long two years. Perhaps his training here would last longer, but soon moved to the family of the young comedian and Jim had to change schools. Running a little ahead, we note that future actors have yet time to change their place of study. In the biography of Jim Carrey were Aginkortsky Institute Norsvyu secondary schools and some other schools. Thus, the future school years, several celebrities were stretched, and the guy had to "storm" milestone tenth grade within three years. However, this was not the only issue of his childhood. When Jim was fourteen, his father lost his job, and the whole family had to move to a small town called Scarborough. Here the mother and father of the actor was able to find a job cleaner and a night watchman at a local factory. I had to work and children couple Kerry. Giving the plant "Titanium wheel" all its available forces Jim for eight hours a day working as a security guard and then went to scrub floors and toilets, performing for the parents of their responsibilities. That is why the school lessons in the afternoon, he mostly slept and almost no contact with their peers. But such vicissitudes of fate to some extent, did the actor stronger.

Jim Carrey began his career in film and NOT ONLY
From early childhood, Jim Carrey was drawn to the big stage. He parodied teachers, friends, world celebrities. It is noteworthy that one of his first parody was a parody of Leonid Brezhnev. However, the actor had it not particularly stand out.

With 11 years, with the support of his father, Jim began sending their numbers in various comedy shows, but videotapes of his performances tended to be overlooked. In 1977, fifteen Kerry with his father wrote a comedy monologue with which he made his debut on the stage of the famous club in Toronto Yak-Yak. But the performance was a failure. Booing audience, Jim Carrey suffered greatly failed, and therefore decided to return to performing only two years later. This time the scene for the artist became club Litraysa Spivak, where Kerry spent all his evenings. His performances were a success, and in 1981 Jim became a real hallmark of this place. In the wake of the first major success, the artist moved to a club called "Comedy Store." This is where the performances of Jim Carrey and saw his future partner on stage Rodney Dangerfield, suggested the young guy to speak his "opening act". This step was a new step for the artist to stardom. His name became well-known and recognizable in certain circles, and in the near future Kerry moved to Los Angeles and became a solo act. In 1984, the magazine «People» of the young impersonator named one of the best comedians of the United States.

In the early eighties Jim Carrey decided to move his family to Los Angeles, but this step was for him a big mistake. Trying to take care of his family (especially his mother, who has been diagnosed with hypochondriacal syndrome), the artist began to pay less attention to the work. He soon lost the location of producers and two years retired. Jim Carrey became depressed. But a protracted peak helped him get friends.

One of them was directed by Tom Shadyac, without hesitation invited fading impersonator impersonate eccentric detective named Ace Ventura in his new belt. Despite the small budget and a skeptical mood of the majority of producers, the film was very successful. Box office exceeded 100 million. Dollars, and Jim Carrey instantly became one of the most popular comedians in Hollywood. This was followed by roles in other popular comedies - "Dumb and Dumber," "The Mask," "Liar Liar," as well as more serious tape - "Batman Forever," "Man on the Moon," "The Truman Show." Jim Carrey has become one of the most popular actors in North America. His roles were marked by dozens of various awards, including the prize of the Berlinale, and two Golden Globes. In 2003, already in the rank of the current Hollywood star Jim Carrey made several attempts to break the comic role and move beyond the traditional to a genre, starring in the dramatic film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "I Love You Phillip Morris" and in the psychological thriller "The Number 23". For his outstanding services to the world cinema Jim Carrey awarded a star on Canada's Alley of Glory, as well as its own figures in Madame Tussauds museum. Printing his hand there is also on Hollywood Boulevard. Ten of his works brought Jim Carrey fee of more than $ 10 million.

Personal life Jim Carrey was marked by a large number of all sorts of intrigues and romances. In 1987, even performing in clubs, the actor married a waitress, "the Comedy Store" Melissa Womer, which a year later gave birth to his daughter. But soon the couple broke up. In interviews, the first wife of the actor has repeatedly called him a fool, and said that living with him - the same thing, to live with Mickey Mouse. However, loneliness, Jim did not stay long. New girlfriend was a young actor Renee Zellweger, which was later changed Playboy model Anine Bing. In 1996, the artist married again. At this time, the wife of Jim Carrey Lauren Holly became an actress, known for her role in the movie "Dumb and Dumber", but their marriage lasted only 10 months.

Behind followed a long relationship with model and actress Jenny McCarthy. Loving couple have been together for five years, but still parted for unclear reasons. The last chosen one of Jim Carrey has become a Russian student Anastasia Witkin. In mid-2012, the actor said that the re-thinking of the wedding.

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Carrey believes the MMR vaccine causes autism, which is contrary to scientific consensus. In 2009, he wrote an article questioning the merits of vaccination and vaccine research for The Huffington Post. [78] With former partner Jenny McCarthy, Carrey led a "Green Our Vaccines" march in Washington, D. C. , to advocate for the removal of toxic substances from children's vaccines, out of a belief that children had received "too many vaccines, too soon, many of which are toxic. "[79] The rally was criticized by David Gorski, an American surgical oncologist on Science-Based Medicine blog for being anti-vaccine, not “pro-safe vaccine”[80] and by Steven Parker on WebMD website for being "irresponsible". [81] On July 1, 2015, after the signing of a new vaccination law, Carrey called California Governor Jerry Brown a 'corporate fascist' who was poisoning children by signing into law the vaccination requirements. [82] The new law precludes religious and philosophical reasons to exempt from vaccination. After his words, he was criticized for being "ignorant when it comes to vaccines" by Arthur Caplan, head of the Division of Medical Ethics, at New York University,[83] and by Jeffrey Kluger, senior writer at Time, who described his anti-vaccination statements as "angry, dense and immune to reason. "[84]