Josh was the fruit of love of physical education teacher and manager for the sale of advertising space. Later, however, the parents of future celebrity divorce. However, the boy's father had not lost sight of, and maintained a relationship with him. Although he lived with his mother and sisters.

Education Josh Duhamel did not profile and performing arts is not connected. The young man went on a specialty "Biology" at Minot State University. The desire to study science nice to get along with the ability to play great football. Josh was a quarterback and defended the honor of the university team. However, plans for the future Josh were not associated with the sport, and not to biology, not even with his acting, and with dentistry. Duhamel had planned to attend dental school, but studied there for one semester. But the fates decreed Duhamel was in the modeling business. At that time he was living in California (I went there after my girlfriend) and began to participate in various shows, as well as acting in music videos. For example, a young man fell into the videos of Christina Aguilera and Donna Summer. And among other things, a handsome man posing in front of photographic objectives, so that after some time got on TV.

By the way, in 1997, Josh Duhamel got the title of the best male models in the international competition. But First Deputy Mr. became not yet known at the time Ashton Kutcher.

His first successful role played by Josh Duhamel in 1999. He played the role of Leo du Pres in the American TV channel ABC soap opera "All My Children." The love story of heroes Byudig Rebecca and Josh Duhamel liked the critics, and in 2003, from candidates nominated in the daily winners of the "Emmy". "In Hollywood, there is a stereotype about the work in soap operas. For me it is a mystery why, as in the series involved are so many really good actors. And no drama classes can not be compared with the work on the television! The actor learns to pose for the cameras, set lights, as well as finding a common language with the crew, including the director. For me, shooting in the series - this is the best thing that could happen, "- says the actor.

And then, until 2004 the actor starred in the television series only. At this time, behind the young actor was already acting school diploma studio Scott sedit. At that time, the piggy bank has replenished Josh works projects such as "Ed," "Las Vegas," "Crossing Jordan." By the way, the hero Duhamel named Danny McCoy from the TV series "Las Vegas", a veteran of the Iraq war and the security analyst at the casino, then helped get the actor to work in the film "Transformers." In 2004, Josh gets the role of the "stars" Ted Hamilton. His he played in the romantic comedy "Rendezvous with the star of" Robert Luketic. This kind and romantic film like the audience and received good reviews from critics. The actor coped well with the role of a bachelor-actor, who won a date with a young girl in the TV from the province.

Dorian Gray
Josh Duhamel raised a wave of success, and sitting on top of it he received in 2006 a pretty big role in the movie. The actor played a characteristic of Dorian Gray in the film adaptation of another of the legendary works of Oscar Wilde "The Picture of Dorian Gray." This picture has put director David Rosenbaum. However, this version was subjected to a rather harsh criticism.

In the same year the actor played another major role. This time the work was in the adventure thriller called "Turistas." Here in the center of the plot was the company of young people who traveled to Brazil. And they have, instead of a full vacation at the beach turned out to be a terrible vacation. Heroes have been drawn into the chase, which barely survived. Guys pursued a group of hunters for human organs.

Revenge of the Fallen
In 2007, the actor was busy as Captain Lennox in an action movie with elements of fantasy "Transformers" directed by Michael Bay. A little later, Josh starred in the sequel to the popular picture of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," as well as "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon." In 2010, the actor starred in several films, including "Life as We Know It," "When in Rome," "Ramona and Beezus". A year later, Duhamel worked on the romantic comedy "Old New Year". But in 2012, Josh has already worked on two pictures. To the output of the finished film «Movie 43" and "Fight fire." It is worth noting that many of the paintings, where he plays an actor, filmed in the genre of romantic comedy. Directors and producers see that the appearance of Josh just has to such roles, so do not miss your chance.

Personal life
Life was an actor for a long time and is currently the subject of journalists and Internet users.

In 2009, he married singer Josh Stacy Ann Ferguson (known as Fergie), lead singer of the popular group The Black Eyed Peas. And for the development of relations between Josh and Fergie a huge army of fans watched with bated breath. In 2004, the singer came on the TV show Duhamel as a guest. After ether affair began. "When she walked by me, I was afraid to even breathe! I always thought, "Lord, what do you do if it suddenly started talking to me ?!". And she stopped. Naturally, I looked like a complete idiot. And the first thing I was able to utter a hoarse with emotion: "You're such hot stuff!". At Stacey, fortunately, it was a great sense of humor. And she said to me: "I know one day I read about it in the publication InStyle. And what I'm in your dreams? ". About love their engagement was announced only in 2007, two years went to the celebrity status of the bride and groom. The wedding ceremony was held Ferguson and Duhamel in Malibu. It is noteworthy that at such an important time for the family star was not allowed extra people. At the wedding there were no reporters or photographers.

Interesting Facts
Actor for his irresistible smile was recorded in the list of the sexiest people on the planet. Josh is a restaurateur. It is known that he owns a restaurant in his hometown, "10 North Main». The institution can taste specialties such as pheasant and elk meat. In his free time, Josh likes to play football, basketball or golf. In 2000, Duhamel posed completely naked for an exhibition of photographs by Greg Gorman.

Josh Duhamel in 2009, became an official driver of the car brand 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Pace Car at the shows in the Indianapolis 500.

Josh Duhamel