Josh Hartnett - a well-known American actor, popular in all parts of the world not only because of its attractive appearance, but also a bright acting talent. Today, this American guy is on top of success. His love of the girl and recognized directors, and so many well-known blockbusters he often gets the central role. This guy seems to have everything - stateliness and charm, talent and unbridled desire for career victories.

Joshua Daniel Hartnett was born on July 21, 1978 in a large and bustling city of San Francisco. His parents belonged to the culture of the hippies, but because for a long time were appropriate lifestyle. The family Hartnett had four children, including our today's hero was a senior. In the relationship of parents felt the spirit of freedom, even when the children were born. In a large family Hartnett all kids have names beginning with J - Josh, his sister Jessica, brothers Joe and Jack.

Parents soon separated, but because all four children stayed with their father and his new wife, Molly. During this period, the native city for Josh Hartnett was the southern town of St. Paul. At this point, our today's hero attended high school and played sports. Josh at school did not differ from their peers. The boy was fond of sports - he played for the school football team and was always surrounded by attention to girls from the support group. It is noteworthy that it was American football has long been the main passion in life a young man. At that time, he even dreamed of a career. But the desire to have to forget because of a knee injury. After sports boy switched to art, it is not bad oriented in the literature, loved music: blues and jazz. And in high school, Josh started playing in the school theater. And even auditioned for the role of Huckleberry Finn in "Tom Sawyer." The young actor enjoyed playing other people's fate on the stage. But in the theater of the young man he lingered all for two years.

In this context, it is worth noting that the original play on stage as soon as Josh started from youthful extremism, trying to prove that he can be the best in everything. But after retiring from football Hartnett began to pay much more attention to the craft of acting, but because very soon the theater became his number one hobby. After school Hartnett went to New York and entered the department of acting and painting to theater conservatory. But having studied only one course, the future actor felt that the modern system of education and theater, he - not allies. Some sources indicate that the cause of his contributions was the devastating article written critically about telling teachers-directors of the local college. Anyway, in New York, Josh Hartnett spent only one year. Leaving the Big Apple, our today's hero has moved one town, which is traditionally associated with the film industry US - Los Angeles.

Career as an actor
In Los Angeles, he began attending private courses, as well as go to various a casting and auditions. Found work quickly enough. First, the actor began acting in various commercials. In 1997, he finally got lucky and the young actor got his first role in the TV series "Dr. Fitz" ("Cracker"). Josh played the role of the son of the protagonist. In this project, Hartnett played long enough. The picture, however, has not received the expected numerous positive reviews from critics.

A year later, Josh played in the short film "debutant". The role, however, was not prestigious, but the actor did not have to choose. But the subsequent role of the actor chosen meticulously so as not to become hostage to a single image. The first big success of Josh's work can be considered in the next part of the famous horror film "Halloween: 20 Years Later" in 1998. The film as a whole and the game Hartnett in particular attracted the attention of audiences and critics. This picture brought him his first success, and with it also the MTV Award in the category of Breakthrough of the Year. After this picture fashionable then director Robert Rodriguez noted actor and invited him to a youth thriller "The Faculty." The painting appeared in 1998, and years later became a cult. Josh coped brilliantly with the role of the bully Zika. Together with the young performer shine Elijah Wood and Jordana Brewster.

A year later, the actor worked on the dramatic history of "The Virgin - suicide" Sofia Coppola. Once again, success! The actor appeared prestigious status of young talent. After such a resounding success, the following year was pretty boring. Josh has not played a visible and prominent roles. Past spectators took the tape "Here on Earth". But in 2001, Hartnett has set its own record. He appeared in the form of Tom in the film "Town and Country", lit up as Brian's "The Barber of English." And later with Julia Stiles she worked at the site of the film "O". These films have become a great help in the career of an actor, but the real fame came to him a little later.

In 2001, the screens all over the world came the cult blockbuster "Pearl Harbor" Michael Bay, the world discovered several bright stars. Cast tandem of Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale and Josh Hartnett instantly liked by the audience and brought the war drama huge success. The film was presented in several categories "Oscar" and later became a cult band in the genre, received the status of the best film of the decade.

After the release of this painting our today's hero was the first time the opportunity to feel the current star. In his personal piggy bank dropped another premium channel MTV ¬ęBest Actor" and his name was often glimpsed in various rankings of the sexiest actors in Hollywood. Josh was the face of several fashion brands. Since then, the actor often works as a model. In the same year, Hartnett got the role in the drama "Black Hawk Down" Jerry Bruckheimer. The picture, based on real events, has received good reviews.

These two pictures were taken almost simultaneously. Therefore, the actor literally torn between the two set. During his time he spent a lot of physical and emotional strength, at times, worked as a last effort. This even earned the respect of senior colleagues on the shop floor.

After such a busy schedule allowed himself to relax actor and starred in the low-budget short films "Member" and "The same." But further back Josh Hartnett hit a real barrage of offers, so it day was painted literally seconds. Then the young man appeared in the film "40 Days, 40 Nights" by Michael Lehmann. This romantic comedy for young people. A little later, followed by roles in the film "Halloween: Resurrection" and in the TV movie "Graham Norton Show". Portion of admiration from the audience and was received in 2003, after the release of a criminal painting "Hollywood Homicide." Josh played the role of an opera with Harrison Ford. Detectives investigating the murder of a famous rapper. In 2004, rolling out the cult hit called "Obsession", where his partner was Diane Kruger. A year later, the actor shone in the no less famous thriller "Sin City." Here, Josh got a minor role, but it only added bit of popularity in the treasury Hartnett.

It is worth noting that the talented American, did not participate in the pictures just for the sake of financial gain. He always refused tempting offers. The actor wanted to play only in the movies that he himself would be interesting to see. Constantly lucky Josh partners. On set, the directors drove him completely with Hollywood celebrities. In 2006 Hartnett worked on two fighters. This is a "Lucky Number Slevin" and "The Black Dahlia." In the first of his partners were Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu and Morgan Freeman. And during the filming of the second movie, he worked with such venerable actors like Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank and Aaron Eckhart. Directors and producers Josh prized for the artistry and talent, well and most importantly, it attracted the attention and responsibility of the executive, at the same time take into account all the wishes of the creators of the paintings. In 2007 Hartnett played at the same time in the sports film "Resurrecting the Champ" and the horror film "30 Days of Night." A year later, the actor was lit in the French film "I Come with the Rain" and the drama "August."

PERSONAL LIFE of Josh Hartnett
The idol of millions of girls from around the world trying not to show his personal life. But we know that the actor appreciates his freedom. In his dreams - safely surf, watch the country and the city. But in the first place for him always - friends and family. Josh'm sure they'll never rushed and will not betray. Close argue that life Hartnett ordinary person and absolutely not a superstar.

With regard to relations with the fair sex, the time Josh Hartnett met with Scarlett Johansson. With an actress he met while working on the film "The Black Dahlia." After this novel a young man was seen with the beautiful Penelope Cruz. However, in relations with the opposite sex Josh appreciates freedom. And because his novels are usually transient. Most long-term relationship with actor tied only an ordinary girl Ellen Fenster, with whom he was in love with in high school. Young people have been together for several years, but eventually broke up in 2012 at the Hartnett had a short affair with Amanda Seyfred, but at the request of the actress relationship came to naught because of the great distances that separate young people.

Josh also not grieved long: in the film "Out of Time" he met aspiring actress Tamsin Egerton. Lovers try not to publicize their relationship, but now and then get into the lens paparazzi.

Josh Hartnett TODAY
In 2014 on the screens of the world should get out a few new films with the actor. The highest rating is waiting thriller "Out of Time", as well as a fantastic melodrama "one billionth of."

Moreover, today it is known that in 2014 the talented American actor for the first time in many years, to star in the TV series - design "Horror on the cheap." This serial film, uniting such stars of world cinema like Timothy Dalton, Eva Green and Josh Hartnett, now known as one of the major television hits of the season.

Interesting facts about Josh Hartnett

Actor loves Dostoevsky's novel "The Idiot". Josh is interested in painting, yoga, playing guitar. He is a vegetarian. Hartnett does not want to be perceived as a guy from the blockbuster. He has his own production company.

Josh Hartnett