Jude was born in a family of teachers. His mother, an English teacher, and my father - a teacher of elementary grades. However, now parents own theater company. Up to 14-year-old starlet I studied in a regular school, but later he was transferred to a private, for bullying classmates.

First steps
Mom and Dad really appreciated Jude House. When the son became interested in the scene, they began to support him in every way. The 6-year-old Lowe had first appeared on the scene in the children's play, and in the 12-Th was in the company of the National Youth Music Theatre. In 1986, Jude appeared on television, in the transmission for teenagers 'pocket money'. And in 17 years, he starred in the TV movie "Tailor of Gloucester" in the role of the groom. By the way, then a young actor dropped out of school and started working on the series "Family." There he played a troubled teenager Neymana Thompson. And the next two years has been busy touring theater production of "Pygmalion." In 1991, Jude Law offered a small role in the TV series about Sherlock Holmes. This was followed by work in the theater in London in the play "The Fastest Clock in the Universe."

Career rise
In 1992, Lowe starred in the short film «The Crane» designed by the British Film Institute. The first major role came in 1994, when the actor starred in the crime thriller "Shopping." This is a picture of the young hooligans who stole cars. The tape fell into the box, but the shooting benefited Judah - he met his future spouse of Sadie Frost.

When Lowe returned to the theater and has appeared in productions of "live like pigs," "Snow Orchid", "Death of a Salesman." In 1994, Jude played in the tragi-comedy "Horrible parents." The work was tinged with scandal as an actor there appears naked. However, the statement has brought Lowe Award for best theatrical debut Laurence Olivier. A year later came staging "Immodesty", she went to Broadway. There Judah became his partner Kathleen Turner. The US theatrical work appreciated. Lowe nominated for the Ian Charotsitona and a Tony Award. After the start of a series of successes in the cinema. It is in many ways defined the actor's role Lowe. In 1996, Jude starred in the melodrama "Love you, hate you," and then in the drama "Addiction." A year later, the actor in the frame of the biographical drama "Wilde" on the famous book by Oscar Wilde. Lowe praised the work of tabloid Evening Standard as the best debut.

After the success at home, Lowe began working in Hollywood films. In 1997 he had a role in the thriller "Gattaca" with Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. The composition did not help save the picture - it failed at the box office, not even recouping budget. Following came the painting "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and "Music from Another Room".

In the fall of 1997 Jude Law married Sadie Frost. And in the same year the actor with friends, colleagues and his wife founded the production company Natural Nylon. It existed until 2004, and is engaged in producing movies "eXistenZ," "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," "Ownership Mahouoni." In 1998, Jude and his wife starred in the drama "The Final Cut". The work was mediocre, unlike the thriller "The Wisdom of Crocodiles." There Lowe became a handsome vampire. A year later, followed by work in the drama "The presence of the spirit." At this time, the actor did not give up the work at home. In 1999, he tried his hand as a director and took pictures of the episode "Subway Stories".

Close success
This recognition Jude Law received in 1999, the actor starred in the film "The Talented Mr. Ripley." The British played a wealthy playboy. The picture became incredibly successful. And collect $ 81 million, with a budget of 40 million. During the game Jude was nominated for the "Golden Globe" and "Oscar".

In 2001, Lowe starred in the Hollywood drama "Enemy at the Gates." Film critics have taken discreetly, especially Russian. The movie has a lot of historical inconsistencies and mistakes that the people of Russia rushed to the eye. Then Jude received offers to star in Spielberg's science fiction "Artificial Intelligence." Lowe became a robot lover and, of course, rose to the occasion. For which he received the "Golden Globe".

In 2002, work on the painting "Road to Perdition." In the film the actor walked away from the usual role - he appeared in the role of an assassin dowdy. Another burst of success brought the painting "The cold is time." The tape was held with success in theaters and collected 173 million dollars. However, the assessment of critics was low.

Divorce with his wife
While Jude Law's career developed rapidly, family life was on the verge of collapse. Marriage to Sadie, who gave birth to two children, actor, cracked at the seams. Lowe's has paid too little attention to his wife. And when the family had a third baby, in 2002, due to the schedule of Jude was able to spend with his wife and newborn only four days. Tension rose in the family, and after the press reported about the novel Jude Nicole Kidman, partner of "Cold Mountain." She just broke up with Tom Cruise. Actors denied the connection, but the marriage Jude and Sadie is not saved. In 2003 they divorced. Sadie accused Jude that her husband's behavior against the background of severe depression appeared. In addition, Lowe's daughter found a pill on the floor of ecstasy, ate it, and was hospitalized. All 2003 press relished the details of the divorce proceedings and a new romance with Sienna Miller.

Again the top
In 2004, Lowe's career went up again - he started work immediately on six films. The truth is in two scenes Jude was involved only episodically - is "The Aviator" and "Lemony Snicket: 33 disaster." In addition, work has been in the comedy "I Heart Huckabees", as well as the main role in the movie "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." However, the last tape is not gained special popularity. World fees amounted to $ 57 million. Then came the role of Lovelace in the melodrama "Alfie." In Russia now we know as "Handsome Alfie, or What men want." Job actor was evaluated reserved. The sixth film of the year - a psychological drama "Closer." The picture has been successful and has collected 115 million dollars. In 2005, Sienna Miller Jude had left after she learned that the actor cheated on her with the nanny of children. After a couple of months, reconciled in love, but finally broke in early 2006. In late 2009, Sienna and Jude yet again agreed.

In 2005, Jude began work on a remake of the film "All the King's Men." A year later appeared on the screen film "Breaking and Entering." This is a dramatic story about the relationship of architect and woman. This was followed by the movie "The Holiday", where Lowe again got the role of a charming man.

Jude Law