Justin Long - an actor whose name is inextricably linked with the genre of comedy. Done in the screen a great many comedy roles, he became an actor, one whose appearance, at times, has itself raises a smile. But is it worth to call this acting role stellar guy mean and one-sided? Of course not. After all, in the filmography of today's hero has a lot of movies, viewing that you would not want to laugh.

So, who is he, this talented guy named Justin Long? Understanding this will help you this little biographical article devoted to this eccentric inhabitant of Hollywood.

Early years: formation as an actor
The future famous actor was born on second day of June 1978, under the sign of Gemini. In fact it is largely influenced the life and destiny of our today's hero. Like everyone else, people born under this sign of the zodiac, Justin Long was always cheerful, sociable, and therefore easy to make new friends. Trying to somehow express the irrepressible creativity (which is also one of the characteristic features of the "twins"), already in high school became an actor often participate in various theatrical productions, which always took away all the leading roles. Do not resist this passion and parents. His father - a teacher institute - personally for his son found a good dramatic section; and my mother - a professional theater actress - strongly helped Justin advice. However, in fairness, it is worth noting that such liberalism both parents of our today's hero appears only in relation to theater lessons. Otherwise, they were quite strict with their children, which was held in harsh canons of Catholicism. In particular, secondary education Justin and his two brothers received a Jesuit school in Fairfield. Seen Sunday Mass was obligatory ritual in their family.

Perhaps, to some extent, such an approach in the education of children was justified. All three sons in the family of Long eventually become professional actors. Damian - older brother Justin - currently often plays in various theater productions, as well as put on plays at the prestigious school Weston High. Younger brother - Christian - often appears in various youth projects. In particular, it can be seen in the movie "Accepted." However, the most impressive successes achieved, of course, Justin himself. After school, Justin Long entered the prestigious Vassar College, which is known in the United States for his ability to prepare high quality comedians. At this point, Justin found a lot of new friends, with whom began to improve his acting skills. Some time later, our today's hero became a permanent member of the troupe comedy "laughingstock┬╗ (Laughingstock), with which began to appear frequently on stage. It is worth noting that the team has become quite popular in some states. The first success has attracted the attention of young actors prominent American cinema, one of which was the casting director of MGM Devon O'Brien. Seeing actor Justin Long play, he invited the young boy to take part in advertising "Pepsi." This little work has brought quite a good actor fee, and brought him on the same site with the great and terrible Clint Eastwood. For a similar experience Justin warmly today.

After a successful role in advertising the actor returned to the theater troupe. However, in 1999 he reappeared on wide screens - this time with a comic strip Dean Parisot "Galaxy Quest." This actor's work has been successful. And very soon, our today's hero has received a proposal to take part in the TV series "Ed." It is noteworthy that before (as a teenager), Justin Long has repeatedly appeared in the television series of the channel NBC, but then he battered very small bit parts.

The TV project "Ed" actor was delayed for a few seasons, but in parallel with it actively build a career in movies. So, at the beginning of the two thousandth actor starred in several bright ribbons, most popular of which was the film "Crossroads," "Dodgeball", "Great grub", "Herbie Fully Loaded." Particularly successful was the role of a young actor in the horror film "Jeepers Creepers." This role brought Justin Long Award nomination for "Saturn" in the nomination "The best young actor." This success has made the name of the actor and provided new and exciting roles. In the period from 2006 to 2010 is often the actor starred in independent films and major Hollywood projects. The most prominent role of this period can be called the movie "The Break-" "Accepted," "Die Hard 4.0", "Bigfoot", "Promise - Not That Into You," "Drag Me to Hell," "Life for face "," Going the Distance, "" The Conspirator. " These movies have made a hero of our today's well-known and recognizable characters in the world of big movies.

Justin Long NOW
At the moment, all the actor also starred in the comedy projects and often works as an actor "voice." His voice speak characters in the film "Planet 51," "Alvin and the Chipmunks," "Alpha and Omega: Fanged Tale" and some others. To date, the main dream Justin Long is the most dramatic role, which could allow him to show his talent and to discover new facets of his personality.

PERSONAL LIFE of Justin Long
Despite the fact that Justin Long has never been recognized as ladies' man, in his life, you can find a couple of novels that are worth mentioning. So, after the film at a distance of love, the actor began a torrid romance with actress Drew Barrymore. The relationship lasted about a year and disbanded for unexplained reasons.

Some time later, in the American media began to appear about the novel Justin Long on the other Hollywood diva - Kirsten Dunst. A few months later, the truth of these rumors are true friends of the actors. Young people themselves are carefully kept their relationship a secret from prying eyes (and in particular from the prying eyes of the paparazzi).

Justin Long