Kate was born in a family of rich and well-known actors of England Bridges Sally and Roger Winslet. But parents, however, special heights in her acting career never reached. However, Kate's future profession and do not have to be determined, she was ordered to follow his father and mother. Since childhood, she walked between the scenery, it was customary for her to see the made-up actors.

Pyshechka Kate experienced childhood weight problems, often due to this she was the object of ridicule classmates. But the chubby girl is the way not to shoot down, she still wanted to be an actress. On stage, Winslet appeared in five years. At first she was playing the Angels, well, or the Virgin Mary. And then grown to a schoolgirl muslin ladies. In 11 years, Kate began to study the basics of acting. She went to «Redroofs Theatre School» and parallel play in the theater, where Wendy successfully performed in the play "Peter Pan." A year later, she appeared in front of the camera. She entrusted the advertising of breakfast cereals «Sugar Puffs». Talent Kate noticed, and in 1990, Winslet appeared on television, the girl got the role in the film «Shrinks». The next three years, she worked on the series.

Acting adulthood
The first major film role went to Kate in 1994. Of the 175 contenders for the role of Juliet in the thriller "Heavenly Creatures" chose Winslet. The young actress played a lesbian schoolgirl, whose connection with the murder of her friend leads to mother of one of them.

Inexperienced while Kate could not distance himself from his character, so much so accustomed to the way that the director had to be constantly reminded that Winslet plays. However, in the future actress constantly fully surrendered roles. This helped to become recognized professionalka. In 1995, Cate played pretty mediocre princess in a fairy tale, "A Kid in King Arthur's Court." And then we went only significant works. In the 95-96 season, the actress starred in the melodrama "Sense and Sensibility," based on the novel by Jane Austen. She got the role of passionate and impulsive middle sister Marianne. Kate gave the work so that several times, even fainting, so the director asked her to be more restrained. Successful steel and two roles in 1996. This work is in the melodrama "Jude" with Christopher Eccleston, where the actress has distanced itself from his character. And then he showered praise on the game Winslet in "Hamlet," where the actress got the role of Ophelia, even without listening.

But all previous roles combined, to any comparison does not go with the high-profile role in "Titanic." Kate Winslet has played a role oskoranosnuyu aristocrat in the film-catastrophe. It is the largest and most expensive film of James Cameron decade. The love story of the ship in a collision with an iceberg Kate was given great. The actress put the passion in your performance character of Rosa, who was in a romantic connection with the character of Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack. After the picture Winslet at one point became a star of the first magnitude. The world learned of the talented actress.

Star Quality
Since that time, Kate Winslet has agreed only to interesting film, even if he had to sacrifice the huge fees. The new title allowed to direct career as an actress as she pleases. She declined the offer on the shootings in two melodramas "Anna and the King" and "Shakespeare in Love." But in 1998, Winslet revealed great image of a single mother in the drama "Marrakech Express". The truth at the box office the film was a failure.

But Kate insisted on her and choose only your favorite role. Thus, in 1999, the actress asked to pick up her role in the low-budget film "Immersion." Winslet even worked almost for free. The film is presented only in 2003. In 1999, she starred in the history of the "Holy House" Jane Campion. Winslet got the role of a young Australian who fell under the influence of a guru during a trip to India. In 2000, Kate Winslet played a symbolic role in his biography. He appeared before the audience in the form of a maid Madeleine in the historical drama "Quills". The film received good reviews from critics, who noted the high quality of the game. But the military thriller "Enigma" flopped at the box office. Critics unanimously repeated that story about the events of 1943 in the UK lacked suspense, so the picture came out dull. But rehabilitated crew in the biographical drama "Iris." Kate was the novelist Iris Murdoch in his youth, and the film tells about the life of the writer. The film has collected a huge number of nominations and awards, as well as favorable reviews from critics and the press.

In 2003, Kate was again an ally of failure. Critics ridiculed crime drama "The Life of David Gale" Alan Parker, which failed at the box office. Although the game was not bad Winslet. The failure to reimburse a year later. Actress, along with Jim Carrey appeared in the film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Strict US critics unanimously gave the highest score impeccable American accent English actress. Another painting was talking about months of life writers Barry James. Ribbon "Neverland" was as successful - in the proof of which was followed by a nomination for "Oscar" and good collections at the box office.

Last works
In 2005, Cate appeared in the musical comedy "Romance & Cigarettes," which got into the competition program of the Venice Film Festival. A year later, she played in the melodrama "Little Children" is the game critics called Winslet is very deep. The audience also felt modern Madame Bovary's fingertips. In the same year, followed by a role in the remake of the Oscar-winning film "All the King's Men." And another successful operation was in the film "Secrets of the underwater world of 3D». Simultaneously with all these ribbons Kate Winslet starred in the successful comedy "The Holiday", the film "The bombs and blockbusters Tinseltauna" and also voiced the mouse in the cartoon "Flushed Away." After a short break, the actress has appeared in the title role in the film "Revolutionary Road", as well as in the film "The Reader".

Personal life
Early in his career, Kate Winslet has lost an important component of happiness - a peaceful married life. In 16 years, the actress began an affair with Steven by Grad on the set of TV series «Dark Season». In 1997 he died, the actress went to say goodbye to a friend, and not to the premiere of "Titanic."

Three years Kate was married to Jim Tripltonom. The marriage was terminated in court. Later, the actress was married to director Sam Mendes. From him in 2000 Winslet gave birth to a daughter. Since then, the actress stopped chasing roles devoted herself to family life measured. In 2004, Kate gave birth to a son.

Interesting Facts
Kate loves jeans "Levi Strauss" and wears T-shirts and sweaters for $ 20. At the feet of actresses - comfortable shoes and moccasins "Harley-Davidson." She did not try drugs, and does not like to be drunk, though not against alcohol. Sometimes Kate smokes cigarettes small, that twists itself.

Kate Winslet


Wiki info

In 1992, Winslet attended a casting call for Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures in London. Winslet auditioned for the role of Juliet Hulme, a teenager who assists in the murder of the mother of her best friend, Pauline Parker (played by Melanie Lynskey). The film included Winslet's singing debut, and her a cappella version of "Sono Andati", an aria from La bohème, was featured on the film's soundtrack. The film was released to favourable reviews in 1994 and won Jackson and partner Fran Walsh a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Winslet was awarded the Empire Award and London Film Critics' Circle Award for British Actress of the Year for her performance. The Washington Post writer Desson Thomson commented: "As Juliet, Winslet is a bright-eyed ball of fire, lighting up every scene she’s in. She's offset perfectly by Lynskey, whose quietly smoldering Pauline completes the delicate, dangerous partnership". The same year from 7 April to 7 May, she appeared as Geraldine Barclay in What the Butler Saw for The Royal Exchange Theatre. For her performance in the play, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress by Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards.