Katherine Heigl - a bright American actress, who became famous for her beauty and acting talent. Among her best cinematic works listed a variety of popular blockbusters, but because looking at our current heroine, every reader can hardly have long puzzled over the order in which the pictures it can be seen. With many favorite movies, Katherine Heigl has long viewers seem something of a good old friend. But what do we know about this blonde beauty? The life story of one of the most prominent Hollywood actresses of our time, we have decided to present today.

Katherine Heigl was born in the US capital - Washington Family HR manager Nancy Engelhardt and economist Paul Heigl. In addition to her own in their family they had three children, including our current heroine was the youngest. In the family tree of the family Heigl-Engelhardt intertwined both Irish, American and Scandinavian branches. As for the Katherine Heigl, it is worth noting that even as a child she had to face the reality of the modern world. Playing off the road, was killed under the wheels of the car her older brother. After that, the family of the actress became very religious. Parents become Mormons and began to educate their children in the "black-and-white world."

But Catherine herself never angry at their parents for their choice, in fact - was grateful to them. In one of his later interviews, she admitted that this state of affairs has allowed it to remain a child longer. It is a long time did not meet with the guys, did not smoke, did not drink alcohol and do not even listen to heavy metal music. Today, Catherine is quite far from religion, but does not deny the possibility that one day she will want to return to the bosom of the church. As for the show business, the first steps in the world took another actress in the age of nine. The decisive role in this regard played amateur photos of her aunt in New York, who later accidentally (or not at all) fell into the hands of the famous American photographer. So Katherine got her first job. She posed for fashion catalogs of children's and teen clothing in exchange for a decent reward in the amount of $ 70-75 per hour. Model business at one point resulted in our current character to the world of cinema. Already in fourteen Catherine played her first role in the film "That Night". Immediately after that followed the drama cult director Steven Soderbergh's "King of the Hill." Beyond it, in turn, the new role.

Methodically climbing to the heights of world cinema, the talented American to play all the new movies. "Caused a storm", "Attack of insects," "Under Siege 2", "Prince Valiant", "Make a Wish" - all this is not a complete list of the early works of today's heroine. Over the years, her co-star was Steven Seagal, Daniel Harris, Peter Fonda and some other movie stars.

Career actress has always been quite successful. But the really popular star Katherine Heigl began after the release of the series "City of aliens." This project brought her great fame. Our today's heroine, along with the other actors of the series - Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby - has become a real star. And so then the format of its role has become much weight. In parallel with this Katherine Heigl and has made a significant breakthrough as an actress. In just a few months, her photographs have appeared in major publications like FHM, Life, Teen and Maxim. Several times our current heroine even appeared semi-nude. As for the new acting role, in this respect, a shining example of the success of the actress became the 2000s. During this period, Katherine Heigl starred with Denise Richards in the thriller "Valentine's Day" and starred in the films "100 girls in one lift," "Wuthering Heights," "The Twilight Zone," "Love comes quietly." These films brought her even greater success. So sit without work actress was not necessary. In 2005, the year Katherine Heigl starred in the comedy "Side Effects", which worked on the creation and also as a producer. This experience was the first in her career, but not the only one. Later in the years, American has worked as a producer on the film "The Naked Truth," "Life as We Know It", "One for the Money."

In parallel with this Katherine Heigl continued to delight fans with their new roles. Among the most famous films with her participation is necessary to mention the comedy "27 Dresses," "Knocked Up" and the film "Killers," where her screen partner was Ashton Kutcher. Career Our heroine today took a new height. And so at the end of the 2000s, the actress became one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Several times the name of the actress appeared among the nominees for "Golden Globe", Screen Actors Guild Award US reward on MTV and ... a little prestigious "Golden Raspberry" (for his role in the movie "One for the Money." However, all of these awards went around the actress side. The only award in his career today, our heroine has received for his role in the popular medical series "Grey's Anatomy." The work in this project earned her an Emmy nomination for "Best Actress".

Katherine Heigl TODAY
At the time of this writing, the latest painting featuring Katherine Heigl was tape "Big Wedding". As for the new work, they will also be done. In 2014, the screens should come three films with the participation of celebrities, as well as a Hollywood cartoon ("The real protein"). Top Rated expectations among all the paintings is the drama "North of Hell," in which the main role performed by Jordana Brewster and Katherine Heigl.

PERSONAL LIFE of Katherine Heigl
At the end of 2007 the actress married the North American artist Josh Kelley. It is noteworthy that love is fundamentally not live together before marriage, because they wanted "to married life with something different from the period when they just met." After marriage, the actress and singer adopted a baby girl from South Korea. The child had a congenital heart defect, but later two medical operations allowed to fix it. Currently, our heroine today a lot of time with his family, and is often involved in charity work. It supports donor funds, as well as shelters homeless animals. Several dogs have been picked up on the street, living in her home.

Katherine Heigl


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Heigl was born in Washington, D. C. , in Columbia Hospital for Women. She is the youngest of four children of Nancy (née Engelhardt), a personal manager, and Paul Heigl, a financial executive and accountant. Her father is of German (including Swiss-German) and Irish descent, and her mother is of German ancestry. Her siblings are Meg (adopted), Jason (deceased), and Holt. Heigl lived in Virginia and then Denver, before her family moved into a Victorian-style farmhouse in the town of New Canaan, Connecticut, when Katherine was five, and where she spent the rest of her childhood. In 1986, her older brother Jason died of injuries suffered in a car accident, after being thrown from the back of a pickup truck while out for lunch with some of his high school classmates. His organs were donated by his family after death. Her brother's death led Heigl's parents to convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Heigl was reared in that faith (prior to that, her mother had been Lutheran and her father Catholic).